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Thursday, January 5, 2017
Build Business Case for Investing In Mentoring - National Mentoring Month
By tutormentor2 @ 9:35 PM :: 3509 Views :: Article Rating :: Advocacy
January is National Mentoring Month, when the nation celebrates and promotes mentoring in many different formats.

I focus on volunteer involvement in organized on-going tutoring and mentoring programs as a strategy to help young people living in high poverty areas move more successfully and safely through school and into adult lives, jobs and careers.

Making mentor-rich programs available to youth in every poverty neighborhood is one challenge I focus on. Helping programs attract talent, ideas, dollars, technology on an on-going basis is another.

Thus, presenting mentoring as a workforce development strategy that benefits the current employee as well as a future employee, and/or customer, would align mentoring with the profit goals of a business or industry, and perhaps attract more consistent, long-term investment.

I've created a series of concept maps to illustrate this strategy.  The map below is a guide to "recommended reading" that company leaders might browse to build support for their own strategic, long-term involvement with volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in communities where they have facilities or do business.


This map, and several others can be found in this blog article.   It's part of a series of concept maps that I posted on this blog between October 2014 and February 2015. The first article in that series is here

I encourage you to read them all and use them in classroom discussion and in business strategy development sessions. Create your own versions. Animate them. Add voice over. Add new links.  Just share with me what you create so I can share them with others and learn from your own efforts.

Do this and you do more to make mentoring available to more youth throughout the year.


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