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Thursday, February 23, 2012
Turning attention from G-8 and NATO to social problem solving
By tutormentor2 @ 3:01 PM :: 7735 Views :: Article Rating :: Advocacy, Funding and Philanthropy, Planning, Technology, T/MC, Volunteering

I posted this idea on a Facebook page for a group organizing the SOCAP Design for Change Conference being held in early May 2012.

While the SOCAP conference will be held in early May in Europe, the G8 and NATO Summits are being held in Chicago May 15-22.  I propose that we look for ways to engage young people and professional designers in an effort building up to these events that draws more attention to different social enterprises around the world, and creates greater clarity of the strategies being deployed to solve some of the problems that will be discussed by the world leaders (or the protesters) who will be gathering at these conferences.

I’ve use a Rest of the Story strategy for many years to follow media stories of violence with maps and graphics showing how leaders in business, faith groups, universities, etc. could use their resources in multiple locations to help kids move from birth to work.

I’ve engaged interns from local colleges and Asia to help visualize and communicate the ideas of the Tutor/Mentor Institute – These animations are examples.

I propose that others who are planning to attend SOCAP look for ways to create visualizations that illustrate problem solving strategies of different social benefit organizations in various countries and share these via Facebook, blogs and other media during March-May in a “Rest of the Story” effort to leverage the public attention focused on the May G8 and NATO events as well as the goals of SOCAP and similar gatherings being held around the world.

The July 2011 -January 2012 effort that led up to the world with JellyWeek is a good example of what we might do to involved hundreds of different people and organizations in this effort, resulting in a) many more new “designs for change” being created and shared; b) more attention for these design ideas; c) more media attention , d) more leadership and celebrity involvement; and f) more 2012-2013 support of on-going problem solving efforts already taking place around the world.

When SOCAP and G8/NATO are held next year we could point to many actions that we’ve done to address the issues they are talking about, and initiate a second round of “design and collaboration for social change”.

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