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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Samples of LINKS in the LINKS library
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The information on this web site seeks to support the reflection, understanding and actions of any group of people who want to help children and youth escape their birth in extreme poverty through education and the support of extended networks of caring adults.

If you would like to help the T/MC maintain this information, or would like to lead discussions in the T/MC forum, to help others find and use these links, we would be happy to have your help. You don't need to be in Chicago to take this role. We're looking for colleges and universities who would like to share this responsibility as a teaching and collaboration process.

The T/MC adds new links to this site each week. However, we choose links to organizations who are also constantly updating information on their sites and adding new links to other organizaitons.

That means that your best use of this site is to know it like your local library, and to browse the sections regularly to see what's been added. Here are a few links that you can find on this web site (use the search feature to find these web site links):

POVERTY NET. This site includes extensive resources that intend to provide information and resources to people and organizations that seek to understand and alieviate poverty.

EDUCATION WEB SITES NOMINATED FOR WEBBY AWARDS. These sites exemplify the very best that the Internet has to offer in educational web sites: BrainPOP, sodaplay and The New York Times Learning Network . &

The web site of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy is one of many philanthropy resources. is another fund raising resource. You can also find web sites of the Funders Network and The Alliance for Regional Stewardship.

The America Learns web site is among many organizations supporting tutoring and/or mentoring in America. America Learns is constantly working to to increase the impact of literacy tutoring and mentoring programs, offering inexpensive, high-quality and highly-customizable services to monitor, evaluate and support tutors and mentors.

International Conference on Education (IBE) Educational Practices Series is a valuable tutoring resource that parents and teachers can also find useful.Published by the IBE in collaboration with the International Academy of Education, the booklets of the Educational Practices Series describe in simple language ten or twelve universally applicable principles in specific aspects of education identified by research and scolarship. Titles include: Effective educational practices, Improving student achievement in mathematics,Tutoring, How children learn, Motivation to learn, Academic and social-emotional learning,Teaching reading, and more. All publications are FREE and can be downloaded from the IBE site.

Finding ways to work together to achieve common goals is essential for leaders of tutor/mentor programs. In the Program Management section of the LINKS library, are numerous links to organizations that teach concepts of collaboration, knowledge management, innovation & creativity, and e-learning. If you visit these sites, you can learn to apply these concepts in your own organization, by learning from experts such as the National Network for Collaboration and others.

Note: At the T/MC site you can Rate the Links and help others learn which are the most valuable. You can also suggest new links that you've found valuable. In the Discussion Forums, we invite you to talk about links that you've added, or that you've found useful. Invite others from your network to gather and use this resource and it will be even more beneficial to your organizaiton.

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