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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Using Technology for Knowledge Management and Innovation
By nsbyrer @ 4:37 PM :: 4027 Views :: Article Rating :: Technology
This section describes our goal of having a few people do research that millions can benefit from. It describes our goal of building an infrastructure that will support better decision making by anyone working to help youth born in poverty move more successfully through school and into careers

The Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) has grown rapidly in the past 12 years because our efforts intend to help EVERY program be a best practice, and every neighborhood have as many programs as are needed to help every child move from school to a career.

The T/MC constantly searches for best practices, or any form of information that can be shared to help any person in America help make a tutor/mentor program work better for the children, volunteers and family it serves.We encourage others to do the same. Searches can be conducted from universities as part of student classwork or intern projects. They can be done from business sites. They can be done as project 5th graders do from elementary schools. The goal is that the work of a few bring benefit to the many.

We hope to organize this information in a Tutor/Mentor Learning Network, where "libraries" of information serve as "hubs" for specific knowledge important to tutor/mentor stakeholders. The HOT LINK section of this web site demonstrates our efforts to organize of information by category.

Sometimes it's difficult for others to understand our vision from all of the information we post o­n our web sites or the many ways we try to describe it.
Therefore, we use links to other organizations to help illustrate some of our ideas. In the links below you'll be able to learn what we mean when we use terms like deliberate creativity, organized knowledge, or Decision-Making Support Systems. You'll see how a Geographic Information System (GIS) helps communities and organizations make better decisions. And, hopefully, you'll understand the potential of these systems to help tutor/mentor programs grow and you'll want to help us find the resources to develop these systems for use by all tutor/mentor stakeholders.

Visit the VIRTUAL INFORMATION section of this web site for more links to collaboration and virtual information web sites and networks.The Tutor/Mentor Connection is a "virtual organization" with a small staff based in Chicago and with partners and volunteers based all over the country. The knowledge of the T/MC is distributed via multiple web sites. We and our volunteers manage a few of these sites. Most are hosted by other organizations that we feel have outstanding value to add to any tutor/mentor learner.

On this web site you can join discussion groups, add links to the information and program library, or view the Organizational History and Tracking System (OHATS) where you and others can document actions you take to expand the availability and quality of tutor/mentor programs in your city.

Here are two other sections of the Links Library with ideas and strategies for innovation:
Decision Support, Kowledge Management, GIS and Tutor/Mentor Program Planning

Boosting Education to Career Performance Through Creativity & Innovation

Note: Join o­ne or more of the Tutor/Mentor Connection planning discussions and add your time and talent to making these innovations available to the Tutor/Mentor Connection and to tutor/mentor programs and networks around the country.

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