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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Content: How Many Programs are needed? Where are they needed most?
By nsbyrer @ 4:35 PM :: 2819 Views :: Article Rating
Every day in America, a child's life is needlessly lost. Some die by bullets. Some by abuse. Some by neglect. Too many die from lost hope because America has not provided the tools, education, adult support and resources.

While not every story appears in the newspaper or o­n TV, many of these tragedies do make the news, sometimes with front page emphasis that lasts for weeks.

Oftentimes, these stories are followed by call for "everyone to be responsible" and dig behind the headline to the poverty that is at the core of these tragedies. Seldom do newspapers run a follow-up story or sidebar to say "these are the programs working to help kids learn, stay out of gangs, and develop marketable skills."

The T/MC web site intends to model how media and others can more consistently provide "the rest of the story." We will use maps, just like the 10PM weather reporter o­n TV, to show where the "news" happened. We will show the demographics, the poverty, the condition of schools in that area. And, we will show if there are any tutor/mentor programs serving that area. In addition, we will provide contact information so that anyone following this story can offer the help these programs need to "fix" these problems.

Our maps will pinpoint potential partners for tutor/mentor programs in these areas, such as businesses, hospitals and churches. We will show expressways -- demonstrating the accessibility to the neighborhood and the tutor/mentor site to all those who use it each day. This means that o­ne day a week, someone could stop at a tutor/mentor site to serve as a tutor, a mentor, a role model, for kids who don't have as many adult friends as they need. Visit the TMC MAP LIBRARY for examples of the REST OF THE STORY.

Visit the Program Locator to see how these maps are connected to a searchable database. Join the GIS discussion group to help the T/MC make this advocacy campaign a reality.

Note: Our vision is that some day in the future when a journalist reports a story, he/she will automatically end it with web links that point to "The Rest of the Story".  Such a strategy will lead people from negative news to positive actions that change the future for kids living in poverty.  Join the media strategies discussion group and share your ideas for how to make this a reality.

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