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Tutor/Mentor Connecton use of maps. YouthToday
This article in YouthToday features Tutor/Mentor Connection use of GIS maps.  You need to be registered to read full article.
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Tutor/Mentor Leadership & Networking Conference
Every six months since May 1994 the Tutor/Mentor Connection has hosted a conference in Chicago. (Nov. 06 will be the first year we've not hosted this event due to lack of funds, and a host to donate space for a site). 
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Tutormentorteam on Twitter
Follow the Tutor/Mentor Connection on Twitter.  We started using this in mid June 2009.
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Use of Maps -2009 YouthToday article focuses on T/MC work
This article focus on the Tutor/Mentor Connection's use of maps. When you go to the YouthToday site, do a search for "tutor/mentor" to find more articles where the expertise of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is drawn upon.
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Webheads Discussions featuring Tutor/Mentor Connection
Webheads is an international group of educators formed in the late 1990s. Members meet on-line weekly to network, share ideas and learn new ways to use technology in learning. Dan Bassill of Tutor/Mentor Connection (1993-2011) and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC has been part of the group since 2004. This links points to an archive of some events Bassill participated in.

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What made me who I am - first 20 years of Dan Bassill
This is an article posted on the I-Open blog that shows my growth from a volunteer offering one hour a week, to a leader devoting countless hours to helping youth tutoring, mentoring and learning programs grow.

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Youth Today: Afterschool Programs Learn to Tutor - Interview with Dan Bassill
This article, titled After School Programs Learn to Tutorappeared in the July 2006 issue of Youth Today.

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