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Donate to support Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute, LLC

A donation to the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC helps keep the Tutor/Mentor Connection available to Chicago. The T/MC supports this web site and the work we do to help all tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago..

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Giraffe Hero - Dan Bassill, Founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection
The Giraffe Project recognized people around the world for "sticking their necks out" to solve local and world problems Dan Bassill was nominated in 1997. Through this web site the Giraffe Project draws attention to their Giraffes just as T/MC does to various tutor/mentor programs in Chicago. We're proud to be a part of this.

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Give This Man a Genius Award: Dan Bassill of Chicago's Tutor/Mentor Connection
2014 introduction written by Steve Sewall on his blog.

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Have Fun Do Good, non profit blog exchange
This is a blog shares many ideas that non profits can use to build more effective fund raising strategies. The article this link points to is one where the writer points to the Tutor/Mentor Connection, as part of a "Non Profit Blog Exchange".

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Holiday 2009 video - Cabrini Connections

This video shows the students and volunteers at Cabrini Connections as they give thanks to each other during the holidays.

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How to Build Culture of Empathy - interview with Dan Bassill
This is a 2012 interview with Edwin Rutsch who leads the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
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Interns at Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

This blog has links to many other pages and blogs where we show the work interns have been doing since 2006.

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Interview with Nellie Deutsch on Wiz IQ (2012)
This is a brief recording from a one-hour session hosted by Nellie Deutsch in 2012 on WizIQ.
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Linked In - Support for Volunteer Based Tutor/Mentor Programs
This is one group I host on LinedIn to connect leaders, volunteers and supporters of tutor/mentor programs. Linked in is a space where  you can connect with other business and professional people.
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Mapping for Justice Tutor/Mentor Maps Blog
Since mid 2008 the T/MC has been creating new maps every few weeks, to tell a story of how business and professional leaders, or media, can point volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in different parts of the city.  This is written by Mike Trakan, who works part time making maps for the Tutor/Mentor Connection.
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The MapTogether project provides free map-related training and tools for community and nonprofit groups around the world.  Its resources include  software, data sets, online mapping services, documentation, and training resources.  In addition, its geographers provide free in-person "community mapping clinics" in cities across the United States and Canada.  The MapTogether team is also available for private consultation and training as well as full-scale GIS application development and hosting.

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Network Weaving on About
This is a growing community of people who network to help each other. 
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Northwestern Tutor/Mentor Connection blogs

At this site students and alumni from Northwestern University are sharing experiences with a goal of building greater involvement of the NU community in the strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

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NU Public Interest Program blog 2008-2009
Articles about Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connection, written by Northwestern University graduates serving one  year fellowship.

See strategies, Tutor/Mentor Connection ideas, knowing the research, to read some of the articles focusing on global strategies.

See Cabrini Connections, student and volunteer spotlights, and college and youth leadership sections to read articles more focused on a single tutor/mentor program.

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Policy Link Study - Bridging Organizational Divide

This 2001 report describes innovative uses of technology in the non profit sector.  The Tutor/Mentor Connection is mentioned on page 24.  Much has changed since this report was written. The only thing that has not change is the access to funding to be able to innovate these uses of technology at Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.


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Public Innovators Blog
Public Innovators is a nonpartisan Root Cause initiative that introduces policymakers and government agencies to social entrepreneurship and guides them in identifying and advancing innovative, results-oriented solutions to pressing social problems.

Building on two Root Cause reports that offer research findings and policy recommendations, this blog focuses on advancing knowledge in the field, connecting stakeholders to a supportive network, and providing practical support and guidance to public sector innovators committed to advancing social entrepreneurship.

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SI Career Services Blog, University of Michigan

This is an example of how we seek to interact with departments at various universities around the country to share our ideas and connect volunteers, interns, faculty and alumni with the work we are doing.

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Social Entrepreneurship Forums

Social entrepreneurship is emerging as a category of innovation and problem solving. This link points to some sites where the T/MC shares ideas and learns from others.

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T/MC use of maps - article on Social Butterfly

Writer talks about Tutor/Mentor Connection maps and says " I look forward to sharing Dan’s work with you as I think Dan is doing a fantastic job of creating a 1, 2 Punch when it comes to tackling giant issues (i.e. poverty and education) through mapping technology."

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TakePart - Waiting for Superman site

TakePart is an independent online community that connects its members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection coordinator blog 2007-2010
The articles in this blog primarly focus on tutoring/mentoring programs in the Chicago region, including Cabrini Connections, as well as efforts by the Tutor/Mentor Connection to connect these programs with each other via conferences, on-line forums, and capacity building events.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection Daily

This is a newspaper format showing comments posted by Twitter people that I'm following.  Launched 3/8/2011

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Tutor/Mentor Connection in Relational Poverty Network library
The Relational Poverty Network promotes uses of GIS mapping in solving local/global problems. It's based at the University of Washington. The Tutor/Mentor Connection was added in June 2015
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Tutor/Mentor Connection on Facebook
Tutor/Mentor Connection is now part of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. Same goals as before. Hopefully more ways to generate revenue and share ideas. Join our Facebook Group or invite us to be part of your group.
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Tutor/Mentor Connection on hosts networking space so we've set a Tutor/Mentor Connection space up in order to meet people who come to this forum.
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