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Transforming Education with Technology - blog
This blog contains many articles that show ways educators can use Google tools and other technology in their teaching and learning efforts. This link points to one example.

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Understanding Racial Wealth Gap - A Black History Month activity?
The Illinois Asset Building Group, a program of Heartland Alliance, has created this racial wealth gap timeline as an educational tool that documents a history of policies and institutional practices that denied access to the tools we all need to build financially secure lives. policies and practices, “The Racial Wealth Gap Timeline” is intended to promote awareness of the need for smart, practical solutions to racial wealth inequality such as an automatic retirement savings accounts for all workers.

Build this into your Black History Month (February) activities as well as year round learning.

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Videos showing how to use music and rhyme to teach English
This site has a number of creative videos that parents, tutors and classroom teachers can use to engage youth in learning English.

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Visual aids for reading. Dolphin Producer
From the web site: "This web site talks about computer software that is used to help people affected by print impairments and dyslexia. Dolphin Producer combines a simple word reading tool and a revolutionary DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) creation tool. It allows on-screen information to be converted into audio and read back directly from the computer, as well as quickly converting the on-screen text into a fully synchronised text and audio DTB the perfect solution for anyone affected by print impairment.

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Why is US Still Fighting the Civil War? - article
This article points to efforts since the Civil War by "southern elites who sought to “take blacks out of the electorate and segregate public space” in order to “redivide the black and white core” of the south’s working class and small farmers." Add to your reading list to understand how deeply entrenched these problems are.

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Wikipedia about African American History
Wikipedia page with extensive links and articles about African American History.

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Wikipedia about African Americans
This is Wikipedia article about the U.S. population of Americans of African ancestry.

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WNET Education resources
From the web site: "WNET’s award-winning Education Department (collectively representing the station efforts of THIRTEEN, WLIW21, and NJTV) is a local and national leader that engages the education community (formal and informal) through the development and delivery of high-quality and innovative media and services that are designed to enhance learning, enrich lives, and extend the impact of public media content."

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World History - Comprehensive Site
This site is an extensive resource for studying world history. Browse the site and see how it categorizes world historical events into many topics. Hosed by UK org.

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Write Through Chicago - Resource for Teachers, Students
From the web site: "Write Through Chicago offers both teachers and students a unique opportunity to connect with Chicago and its remarkable history. Young writers will mourn at Lincoln’s Chicago Funeral, marvel at the Columbian Exposition, gather with the crowd at the Haymarket Riot, drive to Riverview Amusement Park, chomp down on the first McDonald’s Burger, and celebrate at Grant Park as Barack Obama delivers his presidential acceptance speech. They’ll craft a wide range of written forms, from stories and poems to polemics, monologues, diaries, letters and more. All Write Through Chicago writing activities align to NCTE & Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and are supported by a website that provides students with ready access to specifically selected research materials. This unique design leaves teachers free to concentrate on helping students truly “learn about a city by writing about a city.”

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