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African Americans in STEM - Wiki site
This site is a growing list of past and living African American heroes in technical fields. (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Created as part of a collaborative hack-a-thon organized by the White House in Feb. 2015.

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American Panorama - Atlas of US History
From the web site: "American Panorama is an historical atlas of the United States for the twenty-first century. It combines cutting-edge research with innovative interactive mapping techniques, designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in American history or a love of maps."

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Atlas Obscura site opens wonders of the world to web travelers
I found this site by looking at this article showing a 1940 map of immigration patterns in the US. Social studies teachers might use this to expand the curiosity and world view of their students.

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Black Quotidian - Everyday History in African American Newspapers
From the web site: "Black Quotidian is a digital project designed to highlight everyday moments and lives in African-American history. By emphasizing the ordinary or mundane aspects of history I hope both to call attention to people and events that are not commonly featured in textbooks, documentaries, or Black History Month celebrations, while also casting new light on well-known black history subjects."

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Building Community Through Creativity - student engagement activities
This blog has a great list of activities that could take place in a classroom, an entire school, or in neighborhood non-school tutoring and/or mentoring programs.

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Chicago City of Learning - open to all Chicago youth
From the web site: "The first effort of its kind to take place in a major city in the United States, Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) is a groundbreaking initiative that joins together learning opportunities for young people in a way that allows them to think about, pursue, and develop their interests. CCOL breaks down the false barriers between learning that happens in school and learning that happens outside of school. Through CCOL young people can take new paths of discovery, explore the city's rich resources and find out what they can learn, make, do, and ultimately become.

CPS students already have accounts waiting for them! All they need to do is visit and enter their name and CPS ID# (located on report card or ID card) to claim the account. Those who are not CPS students should visit and click on SIGN UP to create an account."

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Consumer Finance - resources for parents and caregivers
From the web site: "Children learn from watching you earn, shop, save, and borrow – you’re the top influence on their financial lives. And you don’t need to be a money expert to help them start out strong.

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Creating Story Animations Using Inkscape and Animatron
Volunteers in tutoring, mentoring programs could teach youth how to create stories using free applications like inkscape and animation, and might teach themselves at the same time. Here's a blog article with tutorials and suggestions.

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Games for Change - use games to stimulate learning
From the web site "Founded in 2004, Games for Change facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.

We aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good. To further grow the field, Games for Change convenes multiple stakeholders, highlights best practices, incubates games, and helps create and direct investment into new projects."

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How to spot fake news - slide presentation
There are many resources to help you spot fake news. This presentation is one.

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Is freedom real or fake? - blog article
There are countless articles focusing on fake news, as a result of the 2016 US elections. Here's one that I value.

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KQED Teach - expand your media skills
From the web site: "KQED’s online professional learning platform dedicated to engaging participants in a hands-on approach to learning digital media literacy skills. This is the space to practice and collaborate with your fellow educators to learn and bring media making your learning environment."

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Letters to the next President, 2.0
During 2016 a series of events will encourage youth throughout the US to write letters to the "next president". Read this blog to learn more about the event and you you can get your own students involved.

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Map of New York City, showing buildings from late 1800s
Students doing research projects might find this map useful, and interesting. More than 8000 photos from the late 1800s are plotted onto a Google map showing where the buildings were located. Introduce this to your students and let them browse the site.

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Reading Rockets - Multi Media Literacy Initiative
From the web site: "Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help."

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String Games, A Simple, Powerful, Teaching Tool - video
In this Google Hangout Fred Mindlin shares his passion for string games. By the end of the one-hour video, tutors, mentors and teachers, especially those working with elementary school kids, will see that this is a powerful tool that they can use to engage with kids.

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Teaching Tolerance - apply in classroom, non-school program, home
From the web site: "Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation's children. We provide free educational materials to teachers and other school practitioners in the U.S. and Canada. Our self-titled magazine is sent to 450,000 educators twice annually, and tens of thousands of educators use our free curricular kits. More than 5,000 schools participate in our annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day program."

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The Invisible Threads of Gender, Race, and Slavery
This article starts by saying "any attempt to remember the enslavement of African peoples is incomplete without considering women’s experiences in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade." Read the full article.

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The Wonderment - learn and create with kids throughout the world
This site offers a world of creative exploration and learning for kids from any place. Here's intro from the web site: "In the Wonderment, kids participate in collaborative creative experiences with other kids across the globe and turn their shared imagination and interaction into a currency backed by brands and donors to support social good projects benefiting kids around the world. It’s a place where kids can find their creative voice, connect it to others and use it to make a difference." This is a project of Kidnected World.

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To Boost Higher-Order Thinking, Try Curation
This article shows how to engage students in higher level learning experiences using curation activities.

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Web Literacy Teaching Activities - from Mozilla Foundation
Tutors, mentors, teachers, parents, etc. from anywhere can use these teaching activities to help youth (and adults) build web literacy.

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Young Writers Project (Vermont) - Daily Writing Challenges
From the web site: "Young Writers Project is dedicated to helping young people develop the confidence and communication skills needed to shape their world." Browse the site and find ideas to apply in classroom or in non-school tutor/mentor program.

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"Teaching With Tech" from International Literacy Association
This is one of many articles on the International Literacy Association web site. In this case it focuses on "Collaborative writing with wearable technologies" and shows how this was done in a summer learning program.

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16 great education apps
This site points to recommended learning applications that can be used in the summer, or throughout the year to keep kids engaged in learning.

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50 Ways to Tell a Story - wiki full of useful ideas
As part of the 2013 Education Technology and Media MOOC many ideas were shared for digital story telling. This wiki compiles many of the tools in one place.

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