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Advocacy for General Operating Support
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Opportunity to Learn Fund - The Schott Foundation

The Schott Foundation and its philanthropic partners have launched a five-year, multi-million dollar Opportunity To Learn grantmaking strategy to increase resource accountability and ensure that race is no longer a significant predictor of educational resource access or outcomes.  Visit the web site to learn more about the resources it has aggregated.

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Pay What It Takes Philanthropy - article on SSIR
This article starts with "A new grantmaking approach is needed - one that provides enough money for nonprofits to pay for all their operations, not just programs and services. The first step toward achieving that is for grantmakers to realize that different types of nonprofits have different cost structures." Finding ways to convince donors to fund on-going, full-costs, of youth serving organizations can improve staff retention, organizational knowledge, and long-term impact.
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The Overhead Myth - campaign to end reliance on overhead measures
This site, supported by three leading sources of information on nonprofits – GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance – seeks to end the Overhead Myth and start supporting nonprofit INVESTMENTS IN sustainability and success.
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Building Public Will - Fund Raising Pyramid
Metropolitan Group is a full-service social change agency that crafts and integrates strategic communication, creative and resource development services that empower social purpose organizations to build a just and sustainable world.
The Fund Raising Pyramid on this web site provides ideas that every non profit might integrate in their actions and collaborations with others.
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End Non-Profits and Support For Purpose Organizations
This is an idea that would revolutionize how social benefit (for purpose) organizations are supported and how well they can do their work. As you read this visit Dan Pallotta's web site and read his ideas.
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Forefront (formerly Donors Forum) commitment to advocating for full-cost funding
From the web site: "his statement on our commitment to full-cost funding represents over two years of dialogue and discussion at Donors Forum about the importance of funding overhead costs of nonprofit organizations. Working in Illinois, with foundation and nonprofit leaders, and with others in the field nationally, we are collectively trying to shift the focus away from arbitrary limits on overhead and other organizational expenses in order to focus on measures of nonprofit effectiveness such as outcomes and impact. It is necessary for funders to adopt funding policies and practices that will allow the nonprofit to achieve those desired outcomes, without unrealistic expectations as to what it actually costs to achieve them."

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General Operating Funds, admin expenses, and why we nonprofits are our own worst enemies
This article and others by Vu Le addresses the challenges non profits face, and challenges leaders to change how NPOs communicate message to funders.
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Non Profit Revolution Now - why fund marketing
This site is dedicated to bringing marketing resources into the non profit sector. Take time to review it.
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Social Marketing Institute
The Social Marketing Institute is being created to advance the science and practice of social marketing. Social marketing is the use of commercial marketing concepts and tools in programs designed to influence individuals' behavior to improve their well being and that of society. It is an innovative approach now being implemented by groups as diverse as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Cancer Society, the U.S. Agency for International Development, AARP, and private sector companies whose strategies incorporate both business and social objectives.
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The Revolution in Nonprofit Capacity
This article exposes many of the challenges non profits face in finding support from donors and it offers some recommendations.
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The Value of Investing in Youth
The price of investing in our children is nominal compared to the gains that all of us would receive - safe and healthy children, hardworking students, stable families and neighborhoods, strong workforce, increased productivity, and a sustained economy for years to come. This essay was prepared for the Morino Institute by the Brookings Institution Center on Urban & Metropolitan Policy.
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Things WE (NPOs) Need to Do.
Nancy White's blog article gives advise to NPO leaders that should be embraced by donors as well.
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Why Nonprofits Need General Operating Support
Search on the web site under the title: "Not All Grants Are Created Equal" to find a PDF titled : "Not All Grants Are Created Equal: Why Nonprofits Need General Operating Support From Foundations".

This report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy explores the ongoing debate about whether foundations should provide operating support to pay indirect expenses of nonprofits such as rent, mortgage, salaries and office supplies, which are needed to deliver on projects. If this issue is important to you, discuss ways to increase General Operating Revenue, in the Discussion Forum of this site.
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