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Gang Violence. Has the threat been exaggerated?
This link points to a comprehensive article about gang violence in America and an extensive resource for understanding gangs and violence. Take time to learn what's on the site.

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Gangs in Chicago - maps show distribution
This WBEZ91.5 web site article provides maps showing gang distribution in various neighborhoods of Chicago.

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New Responses needed to Violence in Chicago
This Crain's Chicago Business article by Teresa Cordova of the UIC Great Cities Institute points to new research that focuses on changing gang structures.

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Study uses network analysis to predict gunshot violence in Chicago
This study is titled "Modeling Contagion Through Social Networks to Explain and Predict Gunshot Violence in Chicago, 2006 to 2014" and includes a variety of charts and visualizations. Take time to read and reflect.

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The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago - UIC Research 2019
The full title of this pdf report is The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago: A Research-Based Reorientation of Violence Prevention and Intervention Policy.

From the report: "The nature of gang violence in Chicago has been changing, but policies and practices toward it have not. This was the main conclusion of “The Fracturing of Gangs Conference,” held at the Great Cities Institute in Spring 2018. This report shares insights from that conference along with an array of conversations since then."

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BUILD, Chicago - focuses on Prevention, Intervention, and BUILDing Futures
From the web site: "BUILD's ( Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership Development) mission is to engage at-risk youth in the schools and on the streets, so they can realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the stability, safety and well being of our communities.

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California Cities Gang Prevention Network - resource page
The site points to a list of resources that anyone can use to build a better understanding of Gang Prevention issues.

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Chicago Gang History Project - pre 2000
From the web site: "This site focuses on Chicago Gang History and public housing pre 2000. This site is not meant to glorify street gangs or encourage kids to join gangs, it is only meant to educate the public about how this all came to happen and what factors caused these gangs to start up and develop."

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Chicago Gang Research Web site
Extensive information and resources about Chicago street gangs. Visit this section to find interactive maps showing racial segregation in Chicago neighborhoods.

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Gangs in Chicago
The article is extracted from the Encyclopedia of Chicago, narrating the historical development of Chicago gangs.

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