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Poverty, Race and Inequality
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From Poverty to Power - how active citizens and effective states can change the world
This web site could fit in the philanthropy section of this web site, or in the social entrepreneur section. Since it focuses on poverty and international development, it's placed in this section of the library. This is a blog based on the book titled From Poverty to Power, that "argues that a radical redistribution of power, opportunities, and assets rather than traditional models of charitable or government aid is required to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. The forces driving this transformation are active citizens and effective states." Subscribe and read the articles.

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Global Inequality—A New Approach for the Age of Globalization
This article on the Stanford Social Innovation Review highlights a new book by international economist Branko Milanovic, focusing on global inequality. Worth reading if looking for strategies to fight inequality in America.

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Heartland Aliance Poverty in Illinois report
The Heartland Alliance web site includes a "well being" report Index that "highlights counties that are experiencing particularly negative conditions and trends on four key indicators: poverty, unemployment, teen births, and high school graduation. This year, 39 out of 102 Illinois counties are on either the Poverty Watch or Poverty Warning lists."

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Homelessness, Employment & Learning Project (HELP).
From the web site: this UK based organization's mission is " to create life changing learning, employment and enterprise opportunities, enabling people and communities to realise their potential and reduce inequalities. We aim to co-create and deliver innovative programmes that increase personal and household incomes, improve learning outcomes and enhance wellbeing and resilience.

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How stress affects rich and poor people differently -
This is another article by that helps build an understanding of how inequality and gaps between rich and poor have negative impact on poor people.

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Impact of neighborhood poverty - Next City article
This article refers to a 2015 Pew Charitable Trust report showing the impact of poverty in neighborhoods with high concentrations of poverty.

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Impact of Poverty - Academic Pediatric Association 2013 report
According to the Academic Pediatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the most important problem facing American children today is the effects of poverty on the health and well being of young people. This report offers a road map to address this issue.

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From the web site: "Welcome to the Web’s leading portal to data, analysis, and commentary on income and wealth inequality. has been tracking inequality-related news and views for nearly two decades. A project of the Institute for Policy Studies since 2011, the site aims to provide information and insights for readers ranging from students and educators to activists and policy makers."

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Inmates Returning to Society - Huge Challenge
This Christian Science Monitor article talks about the problems we face with "roughly 700,000 ex-cons are hitting US streets each year" without the skills and work habits needed to find work and avoid returning to prison.

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Issues related to Black Male Employment in Milwaukee - 2010 pdf
This report is intended to create "a better understanding of the causes of, and solutions to, black male joblessness" in Milwaukee.

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LIFT helps families out of poverty
From the web site: "LIFT’s mission is to help community members achieve economic stability and well-being. We are working to establish a new standard for holistic and enduring solutions in our country’s fight against poverty."

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London's Poverty Profile (2011) pdf
This is an extensive report full of maps and charts. It would be useful to compare poverty reports of big cities in US and other parts of the world with London to understand differences and similarities in problems, root causes and solutions.

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Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City
Description of web site: "University of Iowa historian Colin Gordon is the author of Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City: a book that investigates how Saint Louis changed during the twentieth century. In his research, Gordon utilized archival records as well as GIS techniques. He also created this series of four interactive maps as a companion to this book. Each of these maps illustrates a different phenomenon that shaped Saint Louis: white flight; laws and policies that deliberately created racial segregation; municipal zoning laws; and laws and policies that fit under the umbrella of "urban renewal." Each of these four maps includes a timeline accompanied by a short explanation, which allows visitors to learn how certain policies and laws impacted demographic trends." Similar practices took place in most other US cities.

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Mass Incarceration’s Collateral Damage: The Children Left Behind
This 2014 article from The Nation, shows the negative impact incarcerations have on children.

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MercyCorps - focuses on relieving poverty and suffering around the world
From the web site: The Mission of Mercy Corps is to "Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities." Mercy Corps focuses on "places in transition, where conflict, disaster, political upheaval or economic collapse present opportunities to challenge the status quo and build more secure, productive and just communities."

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Multidimensional poverty and race in America,
This is one of a series of articles on the web site that focus on poverty, place and race. Many of these include interactive maps that enable viewers to zoom into different parts of the country.

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Poor White Kids Falling Behind - a UK article
In the US there is so much public attention to Black Lives Matter and the disadvantages of minorities, that there is little study of the declining prospects of poor white kids. This article focuses on kids in England.

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Poverty - Public Education's Biggest Problem - Washington Post article
Two articles by Valerie Stauss in the October 18, 2013 and October 17, 2013 show the impact of poverty on education for poor kids and the impact of policy being driven by "elites" who have no personal experience with living in high poverty.

One paragraph reads "But education has a powerful role to play in combating poverty and its various manifestations. Not just by exposing children to career-advancing skills, but also by exposing them to a full range of potential interests and pursuits, by affording time and resources to discover what they care for and what they are good at, and by supporting creative thinking and creative action."

This type of support can be offered by non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs, even if it is not being fully offered in the local school.

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Poverty growing in suburbs: Are Cities Prepared? - article
In depth 2017 article shows how poverty is growing in suburbs of big cities, but that infrastructure not in place to support those who need help.

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Poverty USA - US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Poverty in America is on the rise. This web site hosts a library of information that encourages citizens to educate themselves and others about the true state of poverty in America. It's goal is to empower every American to do something to help end poverty.

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Poverty, inequality in Baltimore, other cities
This Brookings Report article shows that while the overall economic vitality of Baltimore, which suffered race riots in 2015, is higher than many US cities, it still has areas of concentrated poverty, segregation and inequality, as do many other US cities. Read the report. Look at the maps.

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Race and Poverty in Chicago - Organizing for diversity and opportunity
From the web site: " is a digital outreach and organization web community that convenes stakeholders and decision-makers in policy issues around race and poverty, sharing news, fostering collaboration and promoting the work of social justice organizations, volunteers, and donors. If we are to transform America into a land of integration premised on equal dignity and opportunity, we must accelerate the pace of information sharing so that the best ideas about how to bridge our social and economic divides can rise to prominence and come into practice."

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From the web site: "Our mission is to create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change. We combine the voices of our passionate grassroots activists with strategic grass-tops efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give low-income people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive."

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Rich, Poor have huge mortality gap in US - 2015 study
This MIT article describes new research showing that wealthy and more affluent people live longer than poor people, and that this affect is different in different parts of the country.

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From the web site: "—a project of the Center for American Progress—is dedicated to covering poverty in America by lifting up the voices of advocates, policymakers, and people struggling to make ends meet."

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