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Poverty & Crime Mapping
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Chicago Poverty Data and Maps - 2015
This page of the Workforce Information and Resources (WIRE) web site presents official poverty measures for different areas in Illinois, as well as alternative ways of understanding poverty.

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Child Poverty in US - 2015 interactive map
This Children's Defense Fund web site includes an interactive map with child poverty data for each state in the USA.

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County Health Rankings in US - interactive maps
This story on Fast Company (from March 2014) draws from data in the County Health Rankings web site. See

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Crime in Chicago - web visualizations
From the web site: "Crime in Chicago is a data visualization by Open City that lets you explore crime trends in Chicago's 50 wards. It was built using open data about Chicago crimes released by the Chicago Police Department."

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Crime Mapping and Analysis
This web site uses GIS maps to illustrate where criminal activity takes place in different parts of the US. The MAPS program supports research into spatial aspects of crime, spatial data analysis, mapping and analysis for evaluating programs and policy, as well as development of mapping, data sharing, and spatial analysis tools. MAPS also sponsors conferences and workshops and publishes reports.

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Crime Mapping resource
From the web site: "The GeoCommunity has gathered a number of GIS/Crime Mapping Resources and have decided to make them available to you, via hyperlinked image maps. These resources are mostly local and State police departments, however, there are also pointers to crime related organizations and other agencies providing Crime Maps or crime statistics."

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Exploring the Nation of Poverty (2015) - Flowing Data web site
Poverty is growing in US cities. View story and visualizations on this site to build your understanding.

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GIS resource helps Chicago Community
This link points to the web site of "Rob Paral and Associates". This company uses GIS mapping to help organizations deepen understanding and relationships with their community. Visit the web site and you can find a variety of maps providing new demographic, social and economic information, and by determining attitudes, experiences and program usage among the populations served by there clients.

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Global Distribution of Poverty - Poverty Maps
From the web site: "The Global Poverty Mapping Project seeks to enhance current understanding of the global distribution of poverty and the geographic and biophysical conditions of where the poor live. Additionally, the project aims to assist policy makers, development agencies, and the poor themselves in designing interventions to reduce poverty."

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Illustrating Chicago's Crime
This site provides a wealth of illustrated data about crime in Chicago. Use it in your own civic engagement and efforts to reduce this problem.

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Indiana Gov map shows meth labs in statge
This site maps data showing meth labs in Indiana. It's an example of how state government can share data that citizens can use to help solve problems.

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Justice Atlas of Sentencing & Corrections - Build your own map
This site hosts an interactive mapping tool that enables users to create their own map for different parts of the United States, showing incarceration, reentry, and supervision in places around the country.

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Los Angeles Crime Mapping web site
From the web site: "The LA Times’ database of Los Angeles County crime reports. Crime L.A. delivers the power of neighborhood crime analysis to your computer. Using data from the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Crime L.A. creates maps and reports for the hundreds of cities and neighborhoods covered by these agencies."

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Map showing segregation in Chicago
Maps like this help understand some of our social and economic challenges better.

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Map visualizes complex conflict in Congo
This article demonstrates the potential of maps to help understand complex problems in the US, and the World.

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Mapping Crime Data in Chicago at Neighborhood Level
This article describes how civic tech developers are creating computer applications that are enabling neighborhood residents to play a greater role in improving their communities. Link in the story points to new site.

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Mapping Crime: Principle and Practice (pdf)
This extensive 206 page guide introduces the science of crime mapping to police officers, crime analysts, and other people interested in visualizing crime data through the medium of maps.

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Mapping key demographic and socioeconomic data - New York City
From the web site: "The Center for Urban Research prepared a paper on behalf of the NYC Districting Commission discussing how "communities of interest" might be considered, measured, and understood in the context of drawing new City Council lines in the 2013 districting process. In this report The Center for Urban Research has mapped and analyzed hundreds of measures that might be taken to indicate some aspect of community of interest."

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Mapping Prisoner ReEntry: An Action Research Guidebook
The Reentry Mapping Network (RMN) is a collaborative effort by community-based organizations and the Urban Institute, designed to create community change through the mapping and analysis of neighborhood-level data on prisoner reentry.

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Place Matters - maps showing class divide in Chicago region
This article uses maps to show the class divisions in Chicago. Follow the links in the map for a similar article about New York City.

The interactive map enables you to zoom into specific areas, and is similar to the interactive Tutor/Mentor Program Locator map at except that the Tutor/Mentor map also includes information showing poorly performing schools, locations of tutor/mentor programs, assets, etc.

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Place Matters for Health in Cook County - Where you live makes a difference.
This report is loaded with maps of Cook County, Il showing demographic and social/economic and health disparities. Share it with your friends, family, faith group and use it to mobilize involvement in tutor/mentor programs and other efforts that reduce some of these negatives.

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Poverty and Race in America 1980-2010
Use interactive map to understand changes in poverty and race in the US.

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Poverty and Unemployment Data for Chicago
This web site provides a listing of poverty figures for different geographic levels in the state of Illinois (state, county, city, community area, etc.), and additional tools for understanding poverty in Illinois.

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Poverty Moving to Chicago Suburbs
This article from Chicago magazine includes an interactive map showing how poverty areas have changed from 1980 to 2010 and how poverty is growing in the suburbs.

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Relational Poverty Network -
From the web site: "The Relational Poverty Network convenes a community of scholars, working within and beyond academia, to develop conceptual frameworks, research methodologies, and pedagogies for the study of relational poverty. Launched at a historical moment of dramatic income inequality and enforced austerity in the global North, the RPN thinks across geographical boundaries to foster a transnational and comparative approach to poverty research. In doing so, it pays attention to new global geographies of development, new forms of regulating poverty, and analyses from those often marginalized by poverty debates. Building on a long tradition of critical work on poverty, it shifts from thinking about ‘the poor and poor others’ to thinking about relationships of power and privilege. "

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