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Listening Post Project learns challenges to NPOs
From the web site: "The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies is a leading source of ground-breaking research and knowledge about the nonprofit sector, social investing, and the tools of government. Working in collaboration with governments, international organizations, investment innovators, and colleagues around the world, the Center encourages the use of this knowledge to strengthen and mobilize the capabilities and resources of the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors to address the complex problems that face the world today"

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MCCormick Foundation Initiatives
The Robert R. McCormick Foundation focuses on many related issues. Visit this page to learn about each issue. Make this a resource even if the Foundation is not a donor to your cause.

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Men Who Give a Damm - Philanthropic group
From the web site: "We’re a bunch of guys who care enough about our Chicagoland to want to make a BIG impact. We meet quarterly, hear about the great work of three local charities, and then we choose the one who needs our help the most. The charity with the most votes walks out with a $100 check from every member." Looks like there are chapters in many cities.

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Minnesota Council on Foundations -Collaborative Philanthropy
From the web site: "The Minnesota Council on Foundations expands and strengthens a vibrant community of diverse grantmakers who individually and collectively advance the common good. MCF members represent three-quarters of all grantmaking in the state, awarding more than $1 billion annually." Many of the resources on the site, such as this page on collaborative philanthropy, can be useful in other states.

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Mott Foundation
From the web site: "The Mott Foundation supports efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society.
In each of our program areas — Civil Society, Education, Environment and Flint Area — we aim to inspire and empower individuals to work with their communities in ways that will help them achieve more than they could ever accomplish alone."

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National Center for Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center
From the web site: "The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to families who give and those who work with them. We provide the resources, expertise and support families need to transform their values into effective giving that makes a lasting impact on the communities they serve. Together, we make great things happen."

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NEO Philanthropy - focus on social justice
From the web site: "NEO Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) public charity committed to building strong social justice movements. As an intermediary, we bridge the gap that often exists between funders and organizations doing the work, through collaborative funds, fiscal sponsorships, donor services and capacity building." Visit the web site to learn more.

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Network for Good - Free Fund Raising Resources Library
From the web site: "Network for Good is a hybrid organization—a nonprofit-owned for-profit. Network for Good’s nonprofit donor-advised fund uses the Internet and mobile technology to securely and efficiently distribute thousands of donations from donors to their favorite charities each year.

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News for Non Profit Sector - Inside Charity
This group launched in late 2017 or early 2018 and aggregates news from the non profit sector. It claims no bias. Take a look and use what works for your organization.

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Nonprofit Quarterly - Resource for NPO sector
This is an on-line publication and meeting place for members of the non profit and social sector. Subscription may be required to view some sections and articles.

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NonProfit Sector Leadership Report 2016 - pdf
This report by The Concord Leadership Group identifies major challenges facing non profit sector. Leadership isg number one.

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NonProfit Times
This is a business publication for nonprofit management that delivers news, business information and original research on the daily operations of tax-exempt organizations.

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NonProfit Works -
From the web site: "America's nonprofit sector employs the third largest workforce of any of the 18 industries into which statistical authorities divide the American economy. What is more, it is adding employment at a rate that exceeds that of the country's business sector. Yet, due to the way national economic data are kept, these facts are unknown to most policymakers--as well as to most leaders in the nonprofit sector itself.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies' Nonprofit Economic Data project (NED) has created NonProfit Works (2017) to share previously untapped source of data generated through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) with the general public." Browse the site to learn more,

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Office of Justice Programs - Funding Resource Center
From the web site: "he Office of Justice Programs (OJP) provides innovative leadership to federal, state, local, and tribal justice systems, by disseminating state-of-the art knowledge and practices across America, and providing grants for the implementation of these crime fighting strategies. Because most of the responsibility for crime control and prevention falls to law enforcement officers in states, cities, and neighborhoods, the federal government can be effective in these areas only to the extent that it can enter into partnerships with these officers."

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On-line Donation Services
This web site is home of a consulting firm called Affinity Resources, which helps non profits with marketing, on-line fund raising and capital campaigns. On this page they show a comprehensive matrix that lists many of the major online donation web sites available and breaks down the associated costs.The form looks to be from 2012.

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Philamplify seeks to maximize impact of grant makers
from the web site: "Philamplify is an initiative of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) that aims to maximize the impact of our country’s grantmakers. By providing a modern, user-friendly space to gather straightforward feedback from everyone involved in philanthropy, the project brings together voices that have traditionally been unheard." Browse the web site to learn more.

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Philanthropic Collaborative - case studies
From the web site: "The Philanthropic Collaborative (TPC) is a non-partisan organization that brings together foundations, charities and elected officials to provide information to policy makers and others about the economic and social impacts of foundation grantmaking. TPC promotes understanding about the important role foundations play in America's communities and how their grantmaking generates substantial and widespread benefits for all Americans." This link points to a page with case studies from different parts of the country.

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Philanthropic Initiative, Inc.
From the web site: "The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. (TPI) is a nonprofit advisory team that designs, carries out and evaluates philanthropic programs for individual donors, families, foundations, and corporations. Since it was founded in 1989, TPI's goal has been to help clients to invest in their own values, communities and societies for maximum impact. TPI also encourages a positive climate for philanthropy and actively promotes effective giving through our work with community foundations, Regional Associations of Grantmakers and others."

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Philanthropy - Needs Radical New Habits
Article titled "In Philanthropy, Who Is Actually Broken?" States: “Philanthropists need more than ‘big ideas’ about how their profession could and should change. They need radically new habits — or these ideas just become bold in theory.”. Add this to your understanding of challenges facing non profit organizations.

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Philanthropy Awareness Initiative - archive
From the web site: "The Philanthropy Awareness Initiative is a short term R&D project that works with foundations and philanthropy associations to improve communications and outreach to influential Americans. We aim to accomplish this purpose primarily by tracking how influential leaders see foundations and identifying, developing and sharing ways foundations can communicate about their unique role, work and impact in American society."

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Philanthropy Center at Brandeis University
From the web site: "The Sillerman Center engages in research about social justice philanthropy, the impact philanthropy can have on public policy and philanthropy education. Center research has direct application in the field. Applied social science is used to shed light on emerging issues in the field of philanthropy. An interdisciplinary perspective aligns perfectly with the study of philanthropy, an area inherently interdisciplinary in nature."

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Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement - archive
PACE is building a learning community comprised of grantmakers who will invest time and resources in building their own knowledge and sharing knowledge with others about ways to strengthen democratic practice in communities across the nation. Our members share the belief that broad and informed public participation is the bedrock of a free, democratic, and civil society.

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Planned Giving and Bequests - example
This is the Planned Giving page for the Stanford University Humanities Center. If non profits can duplicate this on their own web sites, would they have success in attracting bequests?

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Planned Giving Resources
From the web site: "Planned Giving Design Center, LLC is a virtual publishing company that was founded in 1998 to help create collaborative relationships between charitable and not-for-profit organizations and members of the professional advisory communities. The PGDC does this by providing the largest body of content found anywhere on the Internet on the subject of charitable gift planning. The PGDC also provides planning tools that advisors and gift planners can use to help their clients and donors design, implement and administer their philanthropic plans."

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Polk Bros. Foundation
The Polk Bros. Foundation provides grants to youth serving organizations in the Chicago region.

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