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Funding civic tech models that "do good" but don't generate revenue
This article could be put in the Social Enterprise links section of this library, but I've put it in the "challenges facing non profits" because those who are seeking to build a tech-based solution to solving social problems are often expected to have a revenue generating model, when such a model may not be possible. Take a read.

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Fundraising and Grants Directory
From the web site: "Since 1996 Fundsnet Services has provided resources information about grants, fundraising, philanthropy, foundations and 501(c)(3) non–profits organizations to those in need of funding and research for their their philanthropic efforts and missions.

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Gaps Between Nonprofit Needs and Donor Practices
This 2008 report reveals major gaps between nonprofit needs and donor practices. Although both grantees and grantmakers claim to have the same top priorities -- more general operating support, more multi-year support and more supportive and respectful relationships with grantees -- many grantmakers have yet to adopt these practices. Amid gaps between good intentions and poor practices, the study, sponsored by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, also reports hopeful news; many grantmakers are moving toward nonprofit-friendly practices, which they attribute, in part, to more staff and board members with prior nonprofit experience.
To learn more, read the brief study overview

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General Operating Funds, admin expenses, and why we nonprofits are our own worst enemies
This article and others by Vu Le addresses the challenges non profits face, and challenges leaders to change how NPOs communicate message to funders.

Note: In 2017 the title of Vu Le's blog was changed from to NonProfit AF

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Generous Giving - Seeks to Expand Giving
From the web site: "Generous Giving's mission is to spread the biblical message of generosity in order to grow generous givers among those entrusted with much. It was launched with a vision to stir a renewed, spirit-led commitment to generosity among followers of Christ through conversation with peers."

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Giving Library videos connect donors and non profits
This site hosts videos by different non profits and is innovating ways to help donors shop on line for charities to support. Take a look.

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GMA Foundations - resources
From the web site: "GMA Foundations helps individuals and grantmaking organizations define a clear path to transformative philanthropy, and then walks the path with them as an ally and a guide." This link is to a list of publications available on the site.

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GoFundMe - crowdfunding platform
From the web site: "GoFundMe helps you easily share your story far and wide over email, text, and social media to rally support for your cause. In addition, we have a dedicated team looking for great stories to amplify and share with the media and our community."

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GoodWorld crowd funding platform for non profits
This is one of a growing number of platforms attempting to draw donors to non profits.

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Government Contracting and Grants resource
This section of the National Council of Non Profits web site provides extensive resources for organizations seeking government contracts and grants. This is just one of many resource sections on the site.

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Grants Information Center, University of Wisconsin
Visit this site and take advantage of the many fund raising resources that it offers.

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From the web site: "GrantSpace, a service of Candid, offers information and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits worldwide in need of know-how for securing funding and operating effective organizations."

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From the web site: "The Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) is a multiracial organization that promotes the connection between fundraising, social justice and movement-building. We believe that how groups are funded is as important to achieving their goals as how the money is spent, and that building community support is central to long-term social change. We provide training, resources and analysis to strengthen organizations, with an emphasis on those focused on social justice and based in communities of color."

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Great Non - Collects Community Stories about NonProfits
This site enables supporters or critics of non profits to write reviews. Take a look and make sure there are enough people supporting your non profit who post stories so the balance of reviews accurately reflects your work and accomplishments.

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GuideStar - World's Largest Source of Information About NonProfits
From the web site: "GuideStar, by Candid collects, organizes, and presents information about nonprofits throughout America in an easy-to-understand format while remaining neutral. Providing nonprofit information to a broad audience at no cost to those users is an important part of our public service, one that we pledge to continue."

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Hamels Foundation (the) - supports education in US & Africa
Foundation established by major league baseball player Cole Hamels "works both domestically within the United States and internationally in Malawi, Africa to provide educational opportunities for communities in need. Some areas we have helped serve include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Springfield, Missouri; Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas; San Diego, California; Chicago, Illinois; and many more!."

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How America Gives - A map of philanthropy and giving in America
The Chronicle conducted to examine giving data by ZIP code and by income level in every city and town in the United States. The study is based on exact dollar amounts released by the Internal Revenue Service showing the value of charitable deductions claimed by American taxpayers. It is not based on extrapolations from spot surveys or statistical models." Create your own maps and use them in advocacy to improve the flow of dollars to volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in under-served areas.

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As you or your friends do on-line shopping, sites like iGive make it possible for your favorite charity to receive contributions based on a percent of purchase.

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Impact 100 Chicago - Women Empowering Change
This organization recruits women who each donate $1,000 which is pooled to create larger donations to non profits in Chicago. Other chapters in other cities do the same.

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Independent Sector
From the web site: "Independent Sector is a nonprofit coalition of more than 700 national organizations, foundations, and corporate philanthropy programs, collectively representing tens of thousands of charitable groups in every state across the nation. Its mission is to promote, strengthen, advance the non profit and philanthropic community to foster private initiative for the public good.

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IndieGoGo - Collaborative Way to Raise Funds
IndeGoGo enables anyone with an idea - creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial - the tools to effectively build a campaign and ultimately raise money.

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Knight Foundation - invests in journalism
The Knight Foundation invests in journalism, in the arts, and in the success of cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once published newspapers. View the map on this home page to see states where they provide funding. Illinois not included.

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LA 2050 Challenge - Supports 2050 Vision of Los Angeles
From the web site: "Over the last few years, a community of civic-minded Angelenos has shared a vision for the future of Los Angeles. The goals for LA in the year 2050 – on which the My LA2050 Grants Challenge is built – are drawn from citizen visions, the LA2050 report that codifies those goals and metrics to track progress, and input from advisors and partners. Tens of thousands of you helped us finalize those goals via #LA2050Listens. Now, we want you to tell us how we can turn these goals into action." Browse the site to see the planning process, view the goals, and see how the web site helps draw volunteers and donors to all organizations who submitted proposals, not just to the winners. This is a model other cities could learn from.

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Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth
From the web site: "Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth also awards grants to support the general operations of local one-to-one tutoring and mentoring programs. This year, we will award grants to thirteen programs serving youth all across Chicagoland. Since its founding in 1995 by former Chicago Bar Association President Thomas A. Demetrio, Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth has awarded $1.7 million in grants and positively affected the lives of thousands of youth. We also recognize outstanding tutoring and mentoring programs through the Thomas A. Demetrio Award of Excellence and other named grants at its Spring Awards Dinner."

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Learning by Giving Foundation - Grant Map
From the web site: "The Learning by Giving Foundation only funds undergraduate courses at colleges and universities across the country that offer high quality experiential for-credit courses in philanthropy i.e., those that combine the study of theory with the practice of philanthropy." The Grant Map shows where they fund. It's a tool that would be great to see on every donor web site.

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