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CompassPoint - research on non profits
This Daring to Lead 2006 report shared "three surprising findings from CompassPoint's new national study on executive directors:
a) 30% of executives leave their jobs involuntarily (either fired or forced out); b) Executive directors plan to leave their jobs but will stay active in the nonprofit sector; and c) A key driver of executive burnout is frustration with funders." While this report is 10 years old, the challenges are the same in 2017, and perhaps greater.

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Distribution of charity dollars to poor - article
This is a thought-provoking article from the New York Times, showing how the majority of charity dollars don't actually get to the poor.  This is an issue of great importance to non profit tutor/mentor programs who serve youth in high poverty urban areas.

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FSG - Mission Driven Consulting
From the web site: "FSG is a mission-driven consulting firm for leaders in search of large-scale, lasting social change. Through our combination of customized consulting services, powerful ideas, and learning communities, we help foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments around the world accelerate progress." Browse the various sections of the site, read the blogs, add your own feedback.

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Getting Foundations to Look at Your Work -
This article, titled "Scaling the Wall: 5 Ways to Get Unsolicited Proposals Heard", points to a growing challenge of smaller social benefit organizations who are not part of the "in circle" of grant makers. The solutions proposed are overwhelming challenges in themselves.

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Next Generation of Community Revitalization: A Work in Progress
This report by The Bridgespan Group points to challenges that must be overcome for collective efforts to achieve long-term social impact:
a) short term funding
b) overstretched leaders; gaps in organization capacity
c) uneven commitment to resident engagement (stakeholder involvement)
d) unrealistic expectations about how much can be accomplished how soon
e) limited access to knowledge
f) silo-ed thinking as initiatives work separately from each other
These are challenges Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC focus on.

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Non Profit IPO - selling shares?
This SSIR shows how one non profit launched an IPO to generate revenue. It builds on the thinking launched by Dan Pallotta in his TED talk showing challenges of the Non Profit Sector. Worth following.

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Non Profit Overhead and other issues. Re-Charity blog
The author writes about the ideas of Dan Pallota and the issues that limit effectiveness of a larger number of organizations depending on philanthropic giving and charity for support of their work.

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Non Profit Starvation Cycle - The Bridgespan Group
Without supporting the infrastructure of non profit organizations on a consistent basis, few will achieve the long-term impact and results expected of them. Make this one of the topics you keep referring to as you discuss ways to solve social problems.

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Outcomes Measurement for Non Profits: Who does Analysis?
Deborah Elizabeth Finn raises some important questions about outcomes measurement and analysis in this 2012 blog article/survey.

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PhilanthroMedia - Lessons for donors
From the web site: "PhilanthroMedia was established for discerning donors who want to increase the impact of their giving. A project of PhilanthroMedia, Inc, it provides syndicated daily content to 70 community foundations via RSS feed."
This link points to a series of articles under the topic of "Ten Things We'd Like to Tell Every New Philanthropist"

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Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out
A skilled, committed, and diverse pool of next generation leaders would like to be nonprofit executive directors in the future, according to a new national survey of nearly 6,000 next generation leaders. However, the survey also finds that there are significant barriers: work-life balance, insufficient life-long earning potential, lack of mentorship and overwhelming fundraising responsibilities which may prevent many younger nonprofit staff from becoming executives
Visit the web site and download the report.

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Reducing Turnover of Chief Development Officer (CDO)
This 2013 study, titled "CDO Confidential: What CDOs Want You to Know about Retention" reveals that unrealistic expectations set by management have reduced the average Chief Development Officer (CDO) tenure to one to two years." Read the full report and recommendations on the Campbell & Company web site.

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The Philanthropic Complex - opinion
The writer of this article shares thinking about the relationships between non profits and philanthropy.

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Transforming the Anti-Social Sector - SSIR article
This article shows challenges facing the social sector as they seek to solve complex problems. Add this to your understanding of the challenges social sector organizations face and work to help overcome these challenges.

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A list of blogs about fund raising & philanthropy
This is another section of the T/MC links library. It contains blogs where writers provide great and useful advise on fund raising and philanthropy.

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A Look at the Decade Ahead - P/PV White Paper
This is a 2011 Public/Private Ventures publication, now archived on the IssueLab web site: "In this white paper, P/PV proposes a comprehensive and bold re-thinking of how nonprofits are evaluated. Rejecting a rigid, one-size-fits-all model that focuses narrowly on determining a program's success or failure, Priorities for a New Decade proposes an approach that fully engages nonprofit practitioners as partners in evaluation efforts, reflects a deep understanding of local circumstances and constraints, and suggests guidelines for evaluation and scaling that actually support on-the-ground program quality and performance."  Visit the site and download the report.

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About Glasspockets -transparency of foundations

Glasspockets is "reviewing the web sites of the largest foundations to reveal their current online transparency and accountability practices." This seems like a valuable resource for grant seekers and grant makers.

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Article - "funders’ unrealistic expectations"
"Straight Talk in Mixed Company: A Plea for Across-the-Aisle Conversations about Overhead" is a worth-reading article on the Stanford Social Innovation review web site.

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Articles on Philanthropy and Planned Giving
This page on the web site of the Center on Philanthropy at the University of Indiana offers a wealth of information for donors and non profit leaders.

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Benevity platform supports employee giving programs
From the web site: "Benevity enables companies to embed user-directed, tax-receiptable donations and corporate matching programs into their existing transaction environments, using their own brands and systems. Benevity makes it easy for companies to build authentic and impactful cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and other corporate social responsibility initiatives that increase engagement, brand differentiation and return on investment."

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
View the site and see areas the foundation focuses on to provide a path out of poverty for people throughout the world.

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Black United Fund of Illinois, Inc.
From the web site: "The Black United Fund of Illinois is a non-profit, tax-exempt federated organization and a social movement designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans through reliance on self-help at the local community level. At the root of this philosophy is the statewide goal of developing systematic mechanisms to rally resources for the African American community.

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Bridgespan Group -
From the web site: "The Bridgespan Group is a global nonprofit organization that collaborates with mission-driven leaders, organizations, and philanthropists to break cycles of poverty and dramatically improve the quality of life for those in need.

We are passionate about helping to find solutions to ensure equal opportunity and core human and civil rights. To achieve these objectives, we concentrate our efforts on four broad fields: education; children, youth, and families; public health; and global development."

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Building Public Will - Five Phase Approach (pdf)
Metropolitan Group is a full-service social change agency that crafts and integrates strategic communication, creative and resource development services that empower social purpose organizations to build a just and sustainable world. This article is one of many like this that you can find on the web site.

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CFC Fundraising - Learn All About It
From the web site: "CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raising millions of dollars each year. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. The Director of OPM has designated responsibility for day-to-day management of the program and to its CFC office."

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