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"Impossible to Justify." A Political Scientist Takes on American Philanthropy
This article is a review of a Dec. 2018 book by Rob Reich, faculty co-director of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Here's one quote from the article apart from other critics, though, is that he’s a political philosopher who brings theoretical rigor to a subject that still receives only sparse attention from academics. That deeper approach is on display in a new book Reich published in November, "Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better.".

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360Giving - studies UK Philanthropy
From the web site: "Our mission is to support UK grantmakers to publish information on who, where and what they fund in an open, standardised format to build a better picture of the funding landscape and boost its impact. We have created the 360Giving Standard so funders can share and compare this information." Established 2015.

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A Graphic Re-Visioning of Non Profit Overhead
This article focuses on the problems caused by only funding direct services and not providing core funding of organizations. It shares a set of graphics to illustrate the message.

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Bolder Advocacy - What Is Advocacy?
From the web site: "Promotes active engagement in democratic processes and institutions by giving nonprofits and foundations the confidence to advocate effectively and by protecting their right to do so." In the link I'm pointing to, advocacy is defined as "Advocacy can take many forms. In simple terms, it means making the case for your cause or mission. When we talk about advocacy for nonprofits, we usually mean making your case in a way that will change public policy to help your cause." Take some time to browse the site.

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Building Communities of Hope - Casey Family Programs
The Casey Family Programs is " committed to 2020: Building Communities of Hope, an agenda for change that draws on the strength of communities and the vision of local leaders to keep children safe and make families strong." Read the report and see some of the ideas and strategies.

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Candid - formed by merger of Foundation Center & GuideStar
The resources of two long-time giants in the NonProfit and Philanthropic world are merging in 2019 into one new organization, called Candid. As of 3/6/19 there is not yet one combined web site. Search in the Links library for each of the separate organizations. Visit the site in a few months to see how the merger is taking place.

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Charitable Giving Trends - National Philanthropic Trust
This site provide data on charitable giving in the US and many other resources for donors and non profit leaders.

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Chasing the Holy Grail of Outcomes - article by youth program leader
If you're the leader of a volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor program or different format of youth support organization, the ideas expressed in this article will resonate with you if you've been in your position for five or more years.

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Consequences of Impact Investing on Philanthropy
This article was written in 2013, but is still relevant in 2017 and beyond. As more philanthropists divert dollars from supporting organizations who don't have a way to generate consistent revenue, to revenue generating strategies, services to people in poor areas will be even fewer than are now available.

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Critique of Collective Impact - Vu Le is Right* About Equity and Collective Impact
This article comments on an article written by Vu Le, who he calls "an important voice in the nonprofit sector" because "He speaks truth to power and calls out the elephants in our collective room." This article points to a November 30, 2015, by Vu Le, titled “Why Communities of Color Are Getting Frustrated with Collective Impact.”.

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Dan Pallotta campaign to change how NPOs funded, and more
This link points to a set of blog articles by Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC which each point to work by Dan Pallotta and others who seek to revolutionize how non profits, social benefit activists, and similar organizations are supported. Look at the comments section on each blog where links to other articles are posted.

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Deaconess Foundation - St. Louis
Mission is to "Strengthen the region's capability to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth through collaborative engagement and investment with diverse partners to improve systems and sustain actions that have long-term impact on the health and well-being of children.:

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Decline in Individual Donors - 2019 article
The full title of this article in the NonProfitQuarterly is Why the Decline in Individual Donors Should Matter to Institutional Philanthropy—and What to Do about It NPQ introduces the article saying "This is the first of a four-part series from the winter 2019 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly addressing the decline of small and mid-sized donor households. NPQ considers this issue an urgent matter for the entire sector."

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Drowning in Paperwork. Distracted from Purpose
From the web site of Project Streamline: "Drowning in Paperwork: Distracted From Purpose" examined grantmakers application and reporting practices and their impact on grantmakers and grantseekers. This report formed the basis for Project Streamline and continues to be used by grantmakers to better understand the flaws in the current system, barriers to change, and principles that grantmakers can adopt to improve their practices."

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Foundation Accountability in Networked Age
The writer of this article titled "Gorillas in the midst: foundation accountability in a networked age" reflects on the power of foundations and the lack of accountability. The article offers "four behaviors that are proving necessary for any business, government agency or non-profit to maintain a social licence in this dynamic environment"

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Foundation habits that aggravate grant seekers
This 2017 blog article provides a long checklist of foundation practices that aggravate and make life difficult for grant seekers.

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Foundations, how aggravating is your grantmaking process?
In this article on Nonprofit with Balls blog Vu Le posts an extensive list of things grant makers do to make life difficult, costly, frustrating and miserable for NPO grant seekers. Fix some of these problems and you improve capacity and quality of NPOs throughout the sector.

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Four Pathways to Greater Giving - annotated version
This Bridgespan report asks "What will it take to unlock greater philanthropy among the nation's wealthiest people?". The link points to a version of the report which has been put on for reading and annotation. Join in.

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Fund Raising - Philanthropy Challenges - blog
This link points to article titled How to challenge the White Walkers of nonprofit life on the Hands on Fund Raising blog. It's one of many articles that point out challenges and that show non profits what they might do to overcome those challenges. Take a look.

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Funding Trends Dashboard - UK
This is an interesting effort to understand funding trends in the UK. The dashboard is hosted on Github. Here's it's description: "Funding Trends helps people understand grant-making data from 360Giving in a new and exciting way. Users can zoom out on the data to see the overall funding trends and then zoom in to take a closer look at dedicated dashboards for each funder for the time period 2013-17."

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Giving in Illinois- 2017 - Forefront Report (pdf)
High level over view of philanthropic giving by foundations based in Illinois. Produced by Forefront and The Foundation Center. This link points to a variety of articles on this topic.

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Go Civic Chicago - moble platform to connect people with causes
This is a "mobile, data-driven. social impact platform – that is simplifying the way companies, nonprofits and individual donors can give time, money and goods to their favorite causes." Launched in 2017 by Chicago Leadership Alliance.

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Ideas on effective philanthropy, from Center for Effective Philanthropy
As foundations and consultants write about how philanthropy can help solve complex problems, the articles from this site, and the links the articles point to, should be recommended reading.

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Inside Philanthropy - read blog articles in sections like 'Philanthrosphere'
From the web site: "We created Inside Philanthropy with a simple goal: To pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society. Every day, our team of editors and reporters is digging into how foundations and major donors are giving away their money, and why.

We believe the resources of philanthropy should be accessible to all, not just to those with the right connections, and we seek to explain the world of giving in ways that anyone can understand. If you're looking for funds to support your work, we can help.:

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International Philanthropy - Creating a Better System
Getting more money and resources from the international donor directly to the end user is what this article focuses on. There are two pdf reports included in the article. Take some time to read and reflect.

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