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Invisible Children blog
This is an organization based in the US who work to support children in Africa. This description is from their web site: "Half our work happens on the ground in Central Africa, and the other half happens in the United States. In Central Africa, all of our programming is a partnership between Invisible Children and LRA-affected communities. We focus on long-term goals that enable children to take responsibility for their futures and the futures of their countries. Our programs are carefully developed initiatives that address the need for quality education, mentorships, the redevelopment of schools, and financial stability. Our work in the United States focuses on advocacy and inspiring America’s youth to “do more than just watch.” We believe that by uniting our voices we can use the systems, influence, and resources of the United States to expedite an end to the conflict."

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Jayne Cravens on (Volunteerism, Nonprofit Tech, etc.)
From the web site: This site offers "Resources and consulting and training services for mission-based organizations (not-for-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society and public sector/government agencies, departments and initiatives)." Tutor/Mentor Connection has been following the author since the early 2000s.

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Kidnected World - creates on-line learning experiences for kids
Kidnected World "seeks to connect the world’s kids to reimagine the world together". This is the description on the web site: "This entire world will change in a generation. We believe that if you connect the young global citizens who inhabit it, they will turn it into one of unprecedented imagination, understanding, respect and discovery. We exist to build the tools and spaces where this kind of connection is possible and tied to tangible impact for good—supporting the kids who will create this future with the means and confidence to make it a reality."

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Knowledge Café - Process hosted by David Gurteen
From the web site: "One of the best ways to make sense of an issue or challenge and ultimately make better decisions and to innovate is to bring a diversity of people together in open conversation, in dialogue.

The Knowledge Café is the ideal tool to achieve this." This is a process facilitated by consultant David Gurteen.

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Knowledge Metric in Education
The writer focuses on future of schools as places where youth are learning to "ask better questions and learn when to apply knowledge, not just what knowledge to apply".

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Knowledge Mgt. Interactive Value Creation. More.
This blog written by Esko Kilpi has many stimulating articles about knowledge management, social networks, etc, under these sub heads: Complexity, Digital Work, Interactive value creation and Social Media.

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Learn how to grow your nonprofit - Care2Blog
From web site: "Learn how to grow your nonprofit through Donor Recruitment, Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media with Care2’s team of expert nonprofit professionals."

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Learning Change - focus on collective action and on Systemic Change.
From the blog: "This is an experimental set of eight Resource blogs, that together with a dialogical and collaborative Service platform, are part of the infrastructure of the Learning Change Project to support and empower a community of change agents on Systemic Change."

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Learning from Public On-line - Educon 2012 reflection
This writer reflects on Educon 2012 discussions related to the "idea of learning online in public". Visit the blog to read the full article. Learn more about Educon at Browse the blog to read more current articles.

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Learning is Change Video Blog - ETMOOC project
During the 2013 ETMOOC Ben Wilkoff demonstrated the use of video as a form of blogging. This could be done by youth and volunteers in any tutor/mentor program on a weekly basis. Browse the blog to see current articles, videos, podcasts, more.

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Learning Theory - comprehensive cMap visualization
The cMap aggregates all known learning theories in one map, with links that enable anyone using the map to dig deeper into each different theory.

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Learning with 'e's My thoughts about learning technology and all things digital.
This "Inspire to Learn" article is one of many that you may want to read on Steve Wheeler's blog. He is I'm Associate Professor of learning technology in the Plymouth Institute of Education at Plymouth University in the UK.

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LearningTimes on-line community
From the web site: " is a free community for education, training, museum and library professionals. Members have access to a wide range of opportunities to interact and network with peers from across the globe."

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Life Directions mentoring blog - 2012-14
Life Directions operates in Chicago and has a unique tiered mentoring strategy involving adults, older youth and younger youth. These articles were posted between 2012 and 2014.

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Life-long-Learners - ETMOOC articles
These are articles written by Brian Metcalfe during the Jan-March 2013 ETMOOC. Browse the site to read current articles.

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List of resources to support non-profit innovation - 2012
The Social Velocity website has been aggregating and sharing links to resources non profits can use to innovate better programs and services. This is from 2012. Browse the blog for more recent articles.

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London School of Economics - Impact Blog
The LSC hosts several categories of blogs. This one focuses on issues related to social impact. Spend some time browsing the articles.

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Make Readiness for Life a Civil Right - K. Pittman
In this Huffington Post article, Karen Pittman, a long-time youth advocate, says "Readiness is not just a universal goal for America's youth. We must position readiness as one of the toughest civil rights issues of our time. I'm committed to doing what it takes to fulfill that right." Read more.

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Making Learning Connected - MOOC
This is a MOOC that started in June 2013 and has continued each year through 2016. Focus is on connectivity and learning. Join in. Use #clmooc to connect on Twitter.

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Maximizing use of Twitter as an educator, mentor leader, organizer
The articles on this blog show ways tutor and/or mentor program leaders and supporters can use Twitter to educate more people on the values of mentoring, the challenges of building and sustaining great programs in more places, and the roles donors, business, political leaders, media need to take.

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Mentoring Kids to Careers - Debategraph Discussion Outline
Debategraph is a platform where you can outline discussions in threaded segments and create a visual map of the idea you are discussion. Visit this link and see how we've mapped a wide range of information related to the topic of "mentoring kids to careers". You can add to this and/or create your own thread and link it to this or others hosted on this platform.

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Mobile Phone Marketing Blog
Non profits can enlist youth and volunteers in mobile marketing campaigns and perhaps open new sources of revenue and support. However, there is much to learn. This site can help.

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More about cMOOCs. "Whenever you arrive is the perfect time."
This is a blog article written by Kevin Hodgson, a 6th grade teacher from Western Massachusetts, who is also one of the co-organizers of a Connected Learning MOOC that started in 2013 and has repeated through 2016. It captures the spirit of this type of MOOC.

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National Writing Project - Digital IS
From the web site: "If digital is how we write, share, collaborate, publish, and participate today and into the future, what does that mean for the teaching of writing and connected learning? The NWP Digital Is website is a forum for exploring that question and we invite you to participate."

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Network for Good Non-Profit Marketing Blog
Network for Good site has extensive resources for nonprofit organizations and donors. Includes daily articles on how to reach more people, engage more supporters and raise more money.

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