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Eldis Communities - for international development professionals
Eldis Communities platform is designed specifically with international development professionals in mind. It's free for either individuals or groups. Take a look.

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eLearning Space
eLearning Space was launched in 2001. Here's introduction from their web site: "The goal for eLearningSpace is to help learners, teachers, parents, and mentors create a unique place for learning and earning on the Web. By using, sharing and evaluating the usefulness of the eLearning resources available at eLearningSpace youth can learn things they need to know to do well at school, and they can also earn things they want to own. Things like CDs, computer software, brand-name apparel, etc., plus things of more lasting value; U.S Savings Bonds and tuition credits toward college."

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Emerging Technologies in Education - 2013 ETMOOC Participant
These are articles written by Sherry Hegstrom during the 2013 ETMOOC.

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EngageForGood - good advice for NPOs
From the web site: This site offers wealth of "employee engagement, social good and cause marketing examples, campaigns and resources that will help provide a solid foundation on which to build your own social good initiatives, or perhaps some inspiration to infuse your next cause marketing campaign with the critical consumer and employee engagement it deserves.

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Experience Institute Studio - Chicago
From the web site: "We believe experiences can drive deep learning - to gain the skills to shape your own future, the agency to meaningfully engage in your community, and the confidence to tackle the world's most pressing problems.

We are continually developing new professional development offerings, curricula, and learning products that build educators’ capacity to facilitate high-impact experiential learning opportunities for their students." Visit this link to learn more.

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Extreme Learning -
From the web site: "Extreme Learning is defined as using technology for learning purposes in novel, unusual, or nontraditional ways. This includes learning with technology when in various locations such as a park, plane, train, subway, boat, or car. It can also include interactive learning activities when climbing a mountain, visiting a local company, riding a bicycle, working in a war zone, or taking a vacation on a remote island." Visit the web site to learn more.

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Femi Memorial Outreach - Chicago youth org blog
Femi Memorial Outreach uses its blog "to reach out to students, families, and those devoted to learning about public education in the city of Chicago".

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Ferguson Syllabus and the Power of Social Media
From the web site: "This article is the first part in a multi-part series about participants in the Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities conference. This series features public intellectuals in the academy discussing digital literacy issues."
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FIO Partners Perspectives
This non-profit consultant firm shares a variety of ideas on their blog that can be used by nonprofit organizations, those who fund them.

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Four Skills to Teach Youth During First week of School
This is one of many articles on this site that parents, volunteers and teachers might want to read.

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Get In Chicago blog articles
Get In Chicago is a $50 million anti-violence commitment focused on a few Chicago neighborhoods. Read the blogs and add your own ideas.

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Getting to Clarity of Purpose - thoughts on leadership and education
This writer, John Bennett, Jr., joined the Connected Learning MOOC in 2014. This link points to articles he's written about the #clmooc since then.

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Gift Hub Blog - Ideas about philanthropy
The author, Philip B. Cubeta, has been writing about philanthropy for many years and offers stimulating comments to spur thinking.

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Give till it feels good. The Torah Perspective
Give Until It Feels Good - The Torah Perspective On Giving offers advise that many of us in the non profit sector should embrace. We create opportunities for others to take a role in helping make a brighter future for others.

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Global Citizenship Charter School blog
This link points to a blog of the Global Citizenship Charter School in Chicago. The school integrates blogs and web learning in all of its lesson plans. With each student profile on the blog is a link to their on-line portfolio.

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Global Trends in Education - wiki
From the wiki: "In January 2012 one hundred educators from around the globe were invited to Austin, Texas to mark the tenth anniversary of the New Media Consortium Horizon Project, and reflect on no less than the future of education. A Communique from the event listed 10 Major Trends that are having an impact on education globally."

Visit the wiki and learn what the trends are. Add your own ideas.

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GOOD is Network - Project Literacy
From the web site: "Literacy may start with words and reading, but that's not where it ends. Over the next few months, as part of Project Literacy, GOOD and Pearson are teaming up to find out what our future would look like if we could put literacy within everyone's reach. We’ll learn how words help our brains make sense of the world—and what that means for millions of people here and abroad who live without written language. We’ll hear about vital new literacies for our digital age and discover surprising solutions for illiteracy from designers, scientists, artists, and other thought leaders. And we’ll find out why literacy so often leads to success—personally, economically, and for society as a whole."

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GR8 MATES Youth Mentor Program Blog
This blog was written by Robin Cox, a veteran mentoring leader and consultant, based in Australia. While it's now an archive, it's still full of great ideas that leaders of other tutor/mentor programs can draw from. You can now connect with Robin on Google at

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Grad Nation Action Center - An Americas Promise project
America's Promise launched in early 2014, with a goal of it becoming the "premier online destination for users seeking to learn about, connect into and act on behalf of the GradNation movement."

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HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory)
HASTAC is an "alliance of humanists, artists, social scientists, natural scientists, and engineers, working collaboratively" Members have been "meeting virtually on the HASTAC website as well as at gatherings across the country ever since to reconsider how we conduct research, how we organize knowledge, and how we think, learn, communicate, interact, grow, change, and experiment in the face of changes happening faster than we ever imagined possible."

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Henry Mintzberg - Rebalancing Society and other articles
Henry Mintzberg is (2013) Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University. He has "worked for much of the past twenty years, in collaboration with colleagues from Canada, England, France, India, and Japan, and now China and Brazil, on developing new approaches to management education and development.

Articles like, "Rebalancing Society...radical renewal beyond left, right, and center", offer new ideas for planners and innovators who are working to create a world of the future with equal justice and opportunity for all."

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How Should We Rebuld US Education System? Forbes article.
Sam Chaltain Nikhil Goyal and Rahila Simzar offer ideas for revisions to US edcation system.

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How to create a MOOC - the CLMOOC
This 2014 article includes a video and some great graphics to show how others might create their own MOOC to connect learners and leaders. This is one of many great education related articles by Kevin Hodgson on this blog.

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How to do Fund Raising Right, Starting Now
This blog has been around since 2009. The author says "I post almost every work day, on topics ranging from donor demographics to creative tips for fundraising professionals. I believe there's a marketing revolution going on, with visionary marketers winning big by radically putting their customers first; it's high time for nonprofits to join that revolution. I also talk frequently about online fundraising, because we know so little about this important and growing channel."

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How Turn Slacktivists into Activist w/social media
This 2010 blog article has good suggestions for how non profit leaders can increase social media’s impact on the volunteer and donor cycle. The ideas are still relevant.

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