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Connected Learning - Connected Credentials Project
From the web site: "a connected credentialing approach that is designed to support young people to gain skills, mindsets, competencies and values across a variety of settings." This article is just one of many on this site that focus on this topic.

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Connected Learning Alliance
From the web site: "The Connected Learning Alliance supports the expansion and influence of a network of educators, experts, and youth-serving organizations mobilizing new technology in the service of equity, access and opportunity for all young people. ​The Alliance is a project of the New Venture Fund, and supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of its Digital Media and Learning initiative."

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Connected Learning. What Is It? - 2014 article
In this 2014 article the author "talks about connected learning as a model to tap into the potential of information and online collaboration available to youth in a digital age."

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes - 2011
ThisHuffington Post article introduces a 2011 MOOC co-organized by Stephen Downes. The article provides a good introduction to connected learning and this version of MOOCs.

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Critical Thinking, Reflective Practice - articles about MOOCs
Probe, create change, reflect blog is about MOOCs, critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, etc. This link points to articles focused on MOOCs.

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Culture of Collaboration - blog
Evan Rosan is the director of The Culture of Collaboration Institute, which conducts research on collaboration, and writes about the interplay of culture, environment and technology to support collaboration.

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Curation of Posts about Open Pedogogy
This blog article by Maha Bali is a list of some some relatively recent work on the topic of open pedagogy. In one of the articles she points to, by Jim Luke, pedagogy is described as " It’s a process. It’s a method of creating a desired outcome." Keep that in mind as you look at the articles on this list.

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Data Science - Turning data into products, service
In this 2010 post, the writer examines the many sides of data science -- the technologies, the companies and the unique skill sets. Much has changed in years since this was written.

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Dave Pollard's How to Save the World Blog
Dave Pollard is one of the early leaders of the connectivist MOOC movement. He uses graphics to clarify his ideas, and has an extensive collection of articles on creativity, innovation, knowledge management and innovation on this web site.

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David B. Coe - meditations of a professional writer
David B Coe is a fantasy writer, with books like the 'Winds of the Forelands' series to his credit. In that series he wove the topic of racial profiling into the story line and hopefully stimulated readers to think more about that issue. This is a link to an article he wrote regarding how writers weave social issues into writing. Find his personal blog at:

Learn about Winds of the Forelands at

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DC Action for Children - blog
This blog integrates the data from the annual Kids Count into stories intended to make sense of the data and promote actions and policy changes. See this link also

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DePaul University student blogs - Tutor/Mentor Connection project
In 2009 and 2010 students in a first-year "coming to Chicago" class used the Tutor/Mentor Connections program locator and directory to learn about the different neighborhoods of Chicago and the level of poverty and poorly performing schools and tutor/mentor programs in each neighborhood. As they learned they shared what they were learning in these blog articles.

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Develop your own Personal Learning Network - tips to follow
W. Ian O'Byrne is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technologies at UNH. His blog offers tips that anyone can follow to build their own personal learning network.

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Developing a 21st Century Vision for Education - ETMOOC Participant
Lorraine Boulos started writing her blog during the 2013 ETMOOC event. This link points to a 2016 article."

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Digital Divide in US Education
From the web site: "This blog is dedicated to looking at the nuances of the digital divide in the United States and the implications that it has for students, teachers, and school districts."

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Edge Perspectives with John Hagel - STRATEGY @ the intersection of business and technology
This blog includes stimulating articles that "Explore emerging innovations on a broad array of edges that are rising up to challenge the core."

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EdTechTalk forum
From one of the participants in this on-line forum: "EdTechTalk is simply the number one source of up-to-the-minute educational technology information and discussion available anywhere in the world, and it's FREE!" Another participant wrote, "Educators participate in ETT to explore the outer limits of educational technology. You will find a new world full of people who enjoy sharing what they know and listening to your experiences. Everyone adds value to the community. It's like an online commune where everyone shares the bounty from the ideas generated."

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Educate for Problem Solving, Not Factories
The author concludes this Forbes article with "Let’s stop force-feeding students answers in 40-minute blocks. Let’s stop stifling creativity and innovation. If we want to make the grade, we must open our children’s eyes, ears, hearts and minds to a future of lifelong learning. The sooner the better."

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Education for Liberation Network
From the web site: "The Education for Liberation Network is a national coalition of teachers, community activists, researchers, youth and parents who believe a good education should teach people—particularly low-income youth and youth of color—how to understand and challenge the injustices their communities face."

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Education Infographics - visualizations
This blog features a collection of info-graphics that help expand understanding of education issues.

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Education Innovation Clusters - Digital Promise web site
Communities around the country are "creating “education innovation clusters” that bring together educators, startups, policymakers, investors, researchers, and community groups for powerful collaboration." This site highlights some of these.

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Education Week Blog
Education Week is one of the leading resources for education related ideas. This link points to blogs on the site.

This link ( goes to a 2008 article written the day Arne Duncan was named to be Secretary of Education in the Obama administration.

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Education, Technolopgy and Media MOOC - 2013
This on-line event connected more than 1000 learners from around the world with each other over a two month period. Visit and learn more about the potential of this type of MOOC. Borrow from the format to create your own on-line event.

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Edutopia Blogs
Edutopia Blogs and Videos share many ideas that leaders and volunteers in tutor/mentor programs might incorporate into their own thinking.

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Eldis Communities - for international development professionals
Eldis Communities platform is designed specifically with international development professionals in mind. It's free for either individuals or groups. Take a look.

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Understanding the high costs of being poor requires either personal experience, or lots of reading, along with some form of on-going connection and in...

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This Harvard Business Review article provides tips for innovation during middle of a crisis, like the 2020 Covid19 pandemic. While the article seems f...

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This is one of two cost-of-poverty reports that I've had hard copies of since the late 1990s. These show that just creating more hope and opportunity ...

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From web site: "A new study claims aldermen who have far-reaching powers to block affordable housing in the city are continuing racial segregation in ...

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The answer is "no", or "not often" according to this 2017 article in DNAInfo.  299 hits through 4/2020

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From the web site: "To ensure the health of America’s neighborhoods and communities, it is vital to understand the scope of the nation's most pr...

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From the web site:  Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI)  uses humor and storytelling to help kids ages 8-13 learn abou...

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From the web site: "Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP) is a global leader in the field of Youth Civic Engagement. ICP envisions a world where yo...

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Higher Learning Network’s mission is to empower and teach urban youth and adults how to develop their own natural gifts, talents and abilities: ...

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From the web site: "GO Campaign is dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world build a better future.  We are a you...

[Read the rest of this article...]

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