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Challenges of creating national conversation about key issues - 2013 article
For those trying to build local/national discussions around key issues, this blog article showing challenges of a failed nation-wide project (“Let’s Talk America”) can provide useful ideas to support your own efforts.

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Change.MOOC.Ca - learn about instructional technology innovations
During late 2011 different education technology researchers and instructors participated in leading weekly, self-directed learning sessions in this on-line community. The archives of each week's session are available, leading to an extensive library of ideas and experiences that anyone in the world can draw from.

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Changing Business as Usual - Follow up to 2013 NPO conferences
David Wilcox poses three Questions for Non-profit & For-profit Innovation Leaders following his participation in the 2013 Council on Foundations in Chicago, the World Healthcare Congress in Washington, D.C. and the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford.

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Charities at Work - blogs on corporate workplace giving
This is an aggregation of blogs focusing on corporate giving programs and corporate social engagement.

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Chief of Staff, DOD, Social Media Strategy - 2010 Slideshare
There ought to be something we can all learn from how the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the US Department of Defense is using social media. This 2010 Slideshare presentation outlines the DOD Social Media Strategy."

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Chronicle of Philanthropy - on-line resource
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
site has a wealth of information for non profit and philanthropic leaders. You need to subscribe to access most of these.

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Classroom 2.0 - connects more than 64,000 educators! is a social networking site devoted to those interested in the practical application of computer technology (especially Web 2.0) in the classroom and in their own professional development.

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cMOOC that would not die - the #etmooc
Alan Levine's 2015 blog article is a powerful endorsement of cMOOCs like the 2013 Education, Technology and Media MOOC.

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cMOOc vs xMOOC - a participant's experience
This is a 2013 article by one of the people I met during cMOOCs that I was part of. In the article is this quote: One of the results of this course is that I now know why I enjoy cMOOCs more than xMOOCs. Read the article and see what the writer has this opinion.

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cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences - 2013 article
Much has changed since 2013, but these differences are worth taking a look at.

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Collaborative Curiosity - blog aggregation page
In 2016 Virginia Commonwealth University hosted an on-line course focused on community engaged research. Participants were encouraged to blog and comment on each other's blogs. This link points to page where they hosted those blogs.

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Collective Impact, Complexity Resources - Non Profit GP Blog
This blog offers ideas about collective impact and for keeping non profits healthy and operating effectively.

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Communities in Schools in Chicago blog
This blog, titled NAVIGATOR, is a training resource for CIS Chicago, described as "The Navigate Training Series addresses the expanding needs of our community partners and CIS of Chicago’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality and capacity of partner-provided programs."

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Communities or Networks? What Are We Building?
This blog article offers some interesting perspective on networks and communities of practice.

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Community Management Must Be Considered a Strategic Imperative #CMAD
This site includes an infographic that shows how important the role of "community manger" is in business organizations.

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Comprehensive System of Learning Supports - on-line community
Now there is an online professional development leadership course that has just been developed through UCLA Center for Mental Health in School's collaboration with Scholastic, Inc.-- readily accessed at no cost. This resource is designed as an introduction for school leaders and staff. Each session has a narrated presentation, interviews with school leaders, questions for discussion.

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Connect Richmond: Info for a Stronger Community
Connect Richmond is a growing network of information resources designed to support the work of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and business and citizen leaders.

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Connected Learning - 2015
From the web site: "Educator Innovator and its partners support learning opportunities for teachers, youth workers, mentors, librarians, and museum educators that are open, re-mixable, and typically free or low-cost — and share the goal of more powerful and connected learning for youth."

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Connected Learning - Connected Credentials Project
From the web site: "a connected credentialing approach that is designed to support young people to gain skills, mindsets, competencies and values across a variety of settings." This article is just one of many on this site that focus on this topic.

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Connected Learning Alliance
From the web site: "The Connected Learning Alliance supports the expansion and influence of a network of educators, experts, and youth-serving organizations mobilizing new technology in the service of equity, access and opportunity for all young people. ​The Alliance is a project of the New Venture Fund, and supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of its Digital Media and Learning initiative."

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Connected Learning. What Is It? - 2014 article
In this 2014 article the author "talks about connected learning as a model to tap into the potential of information and online collaboration available to youth in a digital age."

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes - 2011
ThisHuffington Post article introduces a 2011 MOOC co-organized by Stephen Downes. The article provides a good introduction to connected learning and this version of MOOCs.

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Critical Thinking, Reflective Practice - articles about MOOCs
Probe, create change, reflect blog is about MOOCs, critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, etc. This link points to articles focused on MOOCs.

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Culture of Collaboration - blog
Evan Rosan is the director of The Culture of Collaboration Institute, which conducts research on collaboration, and writes about the interplay of culture, environment and technology to support collaboration.

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Curation of Posts about Open Pedogogy
This blog article by Maha Bali is a list of some some relatively recent work on the topic of open pedagogy. In one of the articles she points to, by Jim Luke, pedagogy is described as " It’s a process. It’s a method of creating a desired outcome." Keep that in mind as you look at the articles on this list.

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