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Urban Systems Collaborative - Chicago
From the web site: "The Urban Systems Collaborative is an inter-disciplinary community that facilitates the integration and “smartening” of existing systems, and the creation of new systems with the intent of advancing certain individual, community and global goals (see below). The group is engaged in study, evaluation and modification of real-world information to reveal emerging patterns of urban behavior that are changing the ways that people live in cities and how these changes affect the planning, design, development, governance, and operation of cities."

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Using blogs to tell your story - 2006
This 2006 blog article is one of many that the Tutor/Mentor Connection has pointed to for more than a decade, to help ourselves, and fellow non profit leaders, learn ways to advertise and market our message to potential volunteers and donors on a daily basis. The lessons still apply.

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Virtually Connecting - What is it? Why add it to a conference?
This link provides information about what Virtually Connecting is, with a list of articles to read to expand your understanding. In one article this description is offered "Virtually Connecting seeks to enliven virtual participation in academic conferences, widening access to a fuller conference experience for those who cannot be physically present at conferences."

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Webheads in Action Communities of Practice
This page connects you with a world wide network of education, innovation and learning experts, as well as with others who are just beginning to find ways to adopt learning and collaboration ideas.

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Webquest - what is it?
From the web site: "A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. The model was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University in February, 1995 with early input from SDSU/Pacific Bell Fellow Tom March, the Educational Technology staff at San Diego Unified School District, and waves of participants each summer at the Teach the Teachers Consortium at The Thacher School in Ojai, California." Browse this web site to learn more. Visit the Webquest archive at

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What Connected Educators Do Differently - Blog
From the blog, "How do you stay current, relevant and up-to-date with the new technologies in education? What Connected Educators do Differently has answers for educators looking to start and cultivate a professional (or personal) learning network (PLN) to stay current and connected. Following are key takeaways from the book and from two other resources that go beyond the basics of starting a PLN."

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What I learned from Flipping the MOOC
This article shows more ideas about MOOCs and how to create your own.

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What I've Learned Blog - Intern with Tutor/Mentor
This blog shows how one intern spent 12 weeks with Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago, learning to use blog and network to draw attention and support to tutor/mentor programs in Chicago. Our aim is that many interns and students, at high school, and college, level, take this role. Just register on the Ning site to join in.

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Working in the Schools (WITS) Chicago blog
Working in the Schools has connected volunteers with elementary age youth in Chicago for 25 years (as of 2016). Read ideas they share on their blog.

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Working Out Loud Week - Nov 7-13, 2016
This blog describes "working out Loud" as "sharing your work as it progresses so that others can learn and can help." Find the Facebook group at

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World of Learning - ideas from STIVE network in Cincinnati
From the web site: "KnowledgeWorks is a national organization committed to providing every learner with meaningful personalized learning experiences that ensure success in college, career and civic life. With a presence in more than 30 states, we develop the capabilities of educators to implement and sustain competency-based and early college schools, partner with federal, state and district leaders to remove policy barriers that inhibit the growth of personalized learning and provide national thought leadership around the future of learning.

We help community leaders build civic infrastructure to develop accountability, deliver resources, and sustain reform within a community through StriveTogether. StriveTogether assists in the creation of a shared community vision and empowers stakeholders to organize action and investment around data and evidence."

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World Sport Chicago - blog 2013-2015
From the web site: "World Sport Chicago offers a variety of programs and events for under-served groups in the Chicago area to have access to and engage in sport. This programming supports positive opportunities for social development and individual growth."

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World-Wide community of professional educators
This is the official blog site of ASCD. From the web site: "ASCD is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 150,000 members in more than 145 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members." This web site hosts communities of educators, on-line learning and a vast range of publications.

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Zenpundit - a blog focused on history, strategy, military theory, more
From the web site: "Zenpundit is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersections of foreign and defense policies, history, military theory, national security, strategic thinking, futurism, cognition, forensic theology, cultural intelligence and a number of other esoteric pursuits." One of the writers is Charles Cameron who the Tutor/Mentor Connection has built a relationship with through sharing ideas on the Social Edge web site since 2005.

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