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Tips for Tutors video - from School on Wheels - Indianapolis
This is one of the best, brief, tutor training videos that I've seen in many years. It's goal is to provide "tips to address some of the most common issues during tutoring from the experts themselves - our own tutors!"

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Afterschool Training Tool Kit
This site offers ideas volunteers in tutor/mentor programs can use to be more effective in working with student learners.

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Center for Teaching & Learning - Teaching Resources
This University of Washington site "promotes student learning by supporting and strengthening the UW teaching community." The site has a wealth of resources for teachers that tutors and mentors from around the country could also use.

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Crossroads of Learning - tutor training resources
From the web site: " Crossroads of Learningworks with academic learning centers, writing centers and tutoring programs at secondary, college and universities around the world, as well as with tutoring companies, non-profit organizations and individual/private tutors. These free resources are another way for us to support and connect our clients and colleagues, year-round."

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Homework help and learning resources - different section of this library
This link points to a different sub-section of this library, with an extensive list of homework help links. Volunteers should become familiar with the resources available to them on the Internet.

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International Bureau of Education - FREE training booklets
From the web site: The mandate of IBE is "Strengthen the capacity of member states to design, develop and implement curricula that ensure the equity, quality, relevance and effectiveness of education and learning systems. IBE-UNESCO is therefore the most appropriate organization to support the efforts of Member States in the implementation of the objective of sustainable development 4: "Ensuring universal access to quality education , On an equal footing, and to promote opportunities for lifelong learning." The site includes many easy-to-use, easy-to-understand booklets that you can Download, FREE.

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That Reading Thing - training resource for volunteers
This is a UK based company that offers on-line training and shares many useful ideas about reading, spelling, etc. on their web site. The training is fee based, but the on-line ideas are free.

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Training The e-Learning World -
From the web site: "This site contains resources for trainers and instructors working in the higher education, government, military, and the corporate training world. K-12 instructors will also find some materials that they can use. In our Resources section, you will find useful information on teaching online courses or workshops, as well as general e-learning links. This site also features presentations and keynotes talks by Dr. Curt Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology and adjunct in the School of Informatics at Indiana University. Dr. Bonk is President of CourseShare LLC as well as the Founder and is former President of SurveyShare, Inc."

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Tutor Training from S. Seattle Community College
The college uses this web site to train their own volunteers. However, it's open to visitors from anywhere who are looking to build their tutoring skills. It as a variety of very easy to follow on-line tutor training modules.

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