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13 Steps That Help Define A Quality mentoring Program.
From the Alberta Mentoring Partnership web site: "Quality mentoring is mentoring that produces significant, lasting, positive outcomes for mentees. It is responsible, ethical, effective mentoring. Mentoring programs come in all shapes and sizes but there are some key components that help to ensure quality and that the needs of the mentee, volunteer mentor, organization and community are fulfilled." Take time to review and include these in your program planning and development.

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Article About Research on Building Mentoring Support Systems
This research paper is titled The Mentoring FAN: A Promising Approach to Enhancing Attunement within the Mentoring System and talks about building a support infrastructure that aids mentors, parents, youth and staff in organized volunteer-based youth mentoring programs.

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Growth Mindset Toolkit for Mentors
From the web site: "Developed in collaboration with MENTOR. This toolkit can help mentors understand growth mindset and how to apply growth mindset strategies to many of the challenges that youth and adults face in life."

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CARS Mentoring - Technical Assistance for California mentoring programs
From the web site: "In order to assist mentoring programs in the state of California, we provide customized technical assistance and training. The Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS) administers the Mentoring Technical Assistance contract that is funded through the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP)."

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Chronicle of Evidence Based Mentoring
From the web site: "The Chronicle is an online source for sharing new findings and ideas about youth mentoring. The goal of the Chronicle is to encourage active dialogue around evidence-based practice in youth mentoring in ways that improve the practice of youth mentoring." Browse the site to see the wide range of resources that are available.

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Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit - from Alberta Mentors
From the web site: "This Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit provides the tools, resources and support to create, implement, deliver and evaluate a quality group mentoring program for girls, ages 9-13, in your community. The Toolkit is intended to be used in a range of communities, and can be adapted to the unique values, needs, strengths and challenges that each community encompasses."

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Implementing Effective Youth Mentoring Program for High School Students - pdf
This paper offers idea for building effective site based tutor/mentor programs. While the paper focuses on school-based programs, the lessons apply to site based non-school programs, too.

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International Mentoring Association - Mentoring Questions
From the web site: "The International Mentoring Association (IMA) vision is to be the ultimate resource for the development of human potentional through mentoring.

The IMA mission is to provide networking opportunities and share practices and research for the accreditation of mentoring programs and the development of mentoring relationships."

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Mentoring Activities for School-Based Mentoring
This list of mentoring activities was developed by volunteers who were participants of the Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme (MATES) Juniour programme, which serves youth in New Zealand.

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Mentoring Central - research based on-line mentor training program
From the web site: "We’re committed to changing the lives of youth. We develop and deliver products and services that make mentors better mentors—and we take mentoring programs to their highest level.

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, educators, and mentoring practitioners combine science, real world perspectives, and field-tested studies. The result? First-of-their-kind products and services that are both effective and practical. Consider us your mentoring partner—your single source for training, evaluation tools, and customized services. We support and enhance youth mentoring programs across town and around the world. Some of our clients include Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the National Urban League, Mentoring USA, and the New York City Mentoring for Achievement initiative."

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Mentoring Program Resources - Mentoring Partnership of SW PA
From the web site: "The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA (TMP) helps children by delivering resources to mentoring programs throughout our region. We promote the importance of quality mentoring; present best practices and research; and deliver training, technical assistance and professional development for the staff and volunteers of local programs.

TMP's technical assistance program, Striving for Mentoring Excellence Coaching, gives partner organizations the opportunity to reflect, self-review and set goals for their programs." The site has an extensive set of resources.

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Mentoring Resource Links - Online Clearinghouse
This is part of the resource library hosted by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools. There are dozens of links in this section so spend a little time on an on-going basis learning from what is available.

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Mentoring the Mentor - 1995 article from Tutor/Mentor Library
This article, titled, We Care: Mentoring-the-Mentor for Effective Family/Professional Collaboration and Team Building was written in 1995 by Kathryn Moery, Ed.M, of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Kathryn helped organize one of the Tutor/Mentor Conferences in the mid 1990s.

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Minnesota Mentoring Partnership - resources
From the web site: "The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) formed in 1994 as a community initiative to promote mentoring for Minnesota youth. For over 20 years, MPM has been a consistent presence to mentoring organizations throughout the state and leads the mentoring movement to ensure youth and mentors have access to high-quality mentoring experiences." The web site has an extensive resource library.

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More information on mentoring, tutoring from this web library
This link points to another section of the web library with an extensive set of links related to mentoring and tutoring.

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National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Resource Center
From the web site: "Established by Congress in 2000, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) brings a singular and comprehensive focus to childhood trauma. NCTSN’s collaboration of frontline providers, researchers, and families is committed to raising the standard of care while increasing access to services. Combining knowledge of child development, expertise in the full range of child traumatic experiences, and dedication to evidence-based practices, the NCTSN changes the course of children’s lives by changing the course of their care."

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National Mentoring Resource Center
From the web site: "Our goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring across the country through increased use of evidence-based practices and sharing practitioner innovations." The site has an extensive set of resources, blogs, webinar, etc.

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Quaglia Institute Aspirations Framework - apply to mentoring program design
From the web site: "The Quaglia Institute's Aspirations Framework outlines a research-based way to recognize and develop aspirations, while trusting in the professional judgment of educators and insights of students to decide what concrete actions are best for their school. This combination of the Institute's expertise articulated in the Framework, and a school's expertise in their unique culture, cultivates a learning environment in which all students and adults are inspired to achieve their very best - personally, socially, and academically.

At the heart of the Aspirations Framework is a set of research-based guiding principles and corresponding conditions that direct the development of educational experiences, from the individual classroom to the entire school building. The Framework emphasizes relationships, active and engaging teaching and learning, and a sense of responsibility over one's own aims and goals." Visit the site and learn more.

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Resources to help mentors deal with trauma - self care resources
From the web site."Welcome to the UB School of Social Work's Self Care site. The resources in these pages can be thought of as a "Self-Care Starter Kit" appropriate for both students in training and for professionals already working in the field. There are also additional resources that we trust will be helpful no matter where you are on your self-care journey." This web site was specifically designed for and by social work students ­ and some of this material can be adapted easily to volunteers.

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Setting Up New Mentoring Program (and other resources)
This is an extensive library of resources and ideas related to youth mentoring, hosted by Robin Cox, a long-term leader of mentoring strategies in Australia and New Zealand. The materials on this site are intended to promote and encourage the spirit of mentoring. The aim is to create a 'one-stop' website for those interested in youth mentoring, which will provide them with links to some of the leading youth mentoring websites in the world.

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Starting a Mentoring Program pdf
This is a very good resource for programs just getting started. It's published by the EMT Group, of Folsom, California

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Starting and Sustaining a Non-School, Volunteer-Based Tutor/Mentor Program
This link points to a set of presentations available on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site that leaders can use to start mentor-rich programs, and keep them going for many years.

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Suggested mentor and tutor training books - list in the Tutor/Mentor library
This section of the library lists some books that mentors or tutors might want to read.

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The Lifeplan Institute, program of California Mentor Foundation
From the web site: "Lifeplan institute's founding was inspired by Andy Mecca's book for mentors: Lifeplan: Tools Every Teenager Needs to Thrive Not Merely Survive. Building off that work, the Lifeplan Institute developed a one-of-a-kind training program for mentees (children age 11-19), My Lifeplan: A Journey of Choices, Decisions, and Consequences. The program takes the concepts from Andy’s book (the what) and brings them to life for mentees by creating a visceral in-depth understanding of the times ahead and the action plan (the how) that will guide them on their journey through life."This link points to a series of YouTube videos that learners can view.

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The Mentor Consulting Group
The Mentor Consulting Group (MCG), located in Norwalk, CT, "offers a wide range of services to community and faith organizations, schools and districts, corporations, professional associations, states, provinces, and federal government entities seeking comprehensive guidance in planning and implementing safe and effective mentoring programs for youth and adults."

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