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Youth as Leaders; Service Learning
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Teen Initiate program - at The Alive Center of NaperBridge (in Naperville, IL)
From the web site: "Teen Initiate is an innovative Teen-Led Teen-Driven (TLTD) program that provides teens with support and a space to innovate and lead while empowering younger teens and tweens in the process." Browse this page to see work being done.

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The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI) - leadership development
From the web site: "CGTI empowers youth with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free life. We make this a reality by helping teens develop and strengthen leaderships skills, educate them to lead peers to reduce the frequency of substance use and other addictive behaviors, teach to advocate for positive change within their schools, communities, and local government, and encourage healthy decision making skills."

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The Innovation Center for Youth Development

Web site contains many resources aimed at unleashing the potential of youth, adults, organizations, and communities to engage together in creating a just and equitable society.

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True Star Foundation - journalism program for youth
From the web site: "We serve youth who come from single and double income homes that often have unsupervised after-school hours. The students we work with are predominantly minorities: 70% African-American, 25% Hispanic and 5% other. Teen participants get to work alongside students from various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, to express themselves in innovative ways and understand their role and responsibility as contributing adults to society."

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UpRising - Youth Leadership Development (UK)
From the web site: "UpRising is a part time leadership programme designed to open pathways to civil society and create future leaders in public life. It recruits talented young people from diverse backgrounds and equips them with the skills, experience and confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow and create positive change in their communities."

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VOYCE - Voices of Youth In Chicago Education
From the web site: "Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) is a youth organizing collaborative for education and racial justice led by students of color from five community organizations across the city of Chicago."

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What Kids CAN Do
What Kids Can Do, Inc. (WKCD) is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 for the purpose of making public the voices and views of adolescents. Since began, the site has grown by leaps and bounds. It now contains over 350 feature stories, 12 special collections, 7 additional websites devoted to special WKCD initiatives, hundreds of video clips and audio slideshows featuring student voices, and much more.

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Young People Reinventing their World - Youth and the World Bank Group
From the web site: " The World Bank Group wants to empower young people and together contribute to its twin goals: ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity." Browse the site. Learn more.

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Youth Activism Project (Alaska)

Youth as leaders is the goal of this site.  It's a meeting place for youth throughout the world.

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Youth Service America
From the web site: "Founded in 1986, YSA supports a global culture of engaged children and youth committed to a lifetime of meaningful service, learning, and leadership. With half the world’s population under age 25, our mission is to help all young people find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues. Starting in 2016, YSA will focus all our assets and outcomes on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030."

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Youth to Leaders - Tavis Smiley Foundation
From the web site: "The Foundation exists to enlighten, encourage and empower youth and expand their horizons by helping them learn goal setting, team building, project planning and decision-making. Studies show these skills provide a framework for youth to actively engage as citizens and to positively impact their surroundings."

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Youth Venture
Youth Venture's Vision is a world in which society recognizes, and young people commonly demonstrate, that youth have the ability to bring about lasting positive change in their communities. On the website are resources for young people to start their own community-minded organization. Likewise, the web allows our young entrepreneurs to connect with each other. We have forums, blogs, polls, a downloadable application, and links to other great resources for interested youth.  

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Youth Visions
International Youth Leadership Program giving youth the opportunity to travel abroad.

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If you've been thinking about starting an after-school program that incorporates technology, or are already involved in one, you may want to check out this web site. It's an online community/ Web site with resources, tools, how-to info, examples and ideas for working with youth and technology, particularly in out-of-school programs.
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