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Alternative School Programs
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Alternative Schools Network (ASN)
The Alternative Schools Network (ASN) is a not-for-profit organization in Chicago working to provide quality education with a specific emphasis on inner-city children, youth and adults. Since 1973, the ASN has been supporting community based and community-run programs to develop and expand training and other educational services in Chicago's inner-city neighborhoods. In addition to supporting direct services, ASN has been a consistent and effective advocate for community based services whereby the people involved are active participants in developing and running programs not passive recipients of services. The web site has an on-line Directory that you can find schools, alternative schools, and community based organizations.

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Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois
From the web site: "Since 1979, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois has offered scholarships to Chicago area children who are academically capable – all of whom come from families deeply troubled by poverty, homelessness, gang or domestic violence, drug use and other seemingly insurmountable challenges. We empower children, through education, to break the cycle of poverty that can trap families for generations."

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Campaign For Youth a program of CLASP

The Campaign for Youth is a coordinated effort continues to a) Raise the visibility of disconnected youth; b) Encourage youth issues to resonate at all levels of government and community; c) Create a collective voice, consensus and policy recommendations; d) Impact policy and stimulate action

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Disabled Youth Peer Development Initiative
From the web site: "Sponsored by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), the Disabled Youth Peer Development Initiative (DYPDI) encourages the development of independent living skills and leadership abilities of young people with disabilities."

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DREAMS Youth Build (Dedicated, Responsible, Educated, Accountable, Motivated and Self-Sufficient)
This is a New York City program that targets "young adults, ages 17-24, who are unemployed and lacking a high school diploma."

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i.c. Stars - helps future leaders future leaders develop skills in business and technology
From the web site: "At i.c.stars we provide a rigorous technology-based workforce development and leadership training program for low-income adults, developing Chicagoland’s most promising information technology talent with leadership goals and connecting them with career opportunities through our social enterprise and our partner organizations."

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Jobs for the Future - resources
Jobs for the Future has developed some extensive road maps and strategies for working with opportunity youth in the US. Browse this site and learn more.

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OAI - Opportunity, Advancement, Innovation in Workforce Development
OAI’s programs provide training for both currently employed workers and unemployed or underemployed individuals who are in need of job skills and critical worker health & safety awareness.

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Partnering to create Educational Paths to Careers (pdf)
From the PDF: "Around the country, community colleges are partnering with nonprofit organizations to launch a range of innovative approaches to educating adult learners, especially low-income adults who often require more intensive assistance to succeed. This report provides an overview of one set of programs developed through partnerships between community colleges and nonprofits. The Courses to Employment (C2E) demonstration was a three-year initiative designed to learn how such partnerships can help low-income adults succeed in post-secondary education and, ultimately, the workforce. The initiative was funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and implemented by The Aspen Institute’s Workforce Strategies Initiative (AspenWSI)."

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The CARA Program

the mission of The Cara Program is to assist the homeless and at-risk populations in their efforts to achieve real and lasting success by providing comprehensive training, permanent job placement and critical support services.

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The ROCA program, Massachusetts
From the web site: "Roca’s work is based upon the theory that when young people are re-engaged through positive and intensive relationships they can gain competencies in life skills, education and employment that keep them out of prison move them toward living out of harm’s way and toward economic independence."

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UMMA Center’s Education Empowerment (EE) program - Lake County, IL
From the web site: "We are UMMA, a nurturing community of volunteers, partners and supporters who are helping people of all backgrounds transform their lives and communities in Lake County, Illinois. At our center in Waukegan, we offer free GED classes, tutoring, basic needs support including our food pantry and clothing drives, and our CareerLink program which helps clients get into living-wage employment"

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YouthBuild Supports Youth Age 16-24
In local YouthBuild programs, low-income young people ages 16–24 work toward their GEDs or high school diplomas while learning job skills by building affordable housing for homeless and low-income people and participating in leadership development activities in their communities.
Today, there are 273 YouthBuild programs in 45 states, Washington, DC., and the Virgin Islands engaging approximately 10,000 young adults per year.

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