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The web site says "We are a group of African-American professionals and students who are on a mission to leverage new technologies to educate and provide opportunities to those who need it most. Since there are so many things against black youth, we are For Black Youth because we feel that the African-American community needs targeted solutions to combat our unacceptably low educational, income and employment statistics. However, this site wholeheartedly welcomes individuals of all ethnicities who would like to contribute to or who can benefit from our offerings. Come join us. We will make a change."

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Citizen Schools - new approach to education
From the web site: "We are building a movement around real-world learning, a pipeline of mentors, and the capacity of schools and communities to deliver a new approach to education - one that will help students develop the skills, mindsets and networks to thrive in the 21st century economy."

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JP Morgan Chase Fellowship Initiative
This initiative supports Black youth in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. The web site has quite a bit of information. Hopefully other companies will borrow some ideas and support even greater numbers of youth via organized mentoring programs.

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Knowledge Works - Innovative Education Approaches
From the web site: "KnowledgeWorks is a national organization committed to providing every learner with meaningful personalized learning experiences that ensure success in college, career and civic life. With a presence in more than 30 states, we develop the capabilities of educators to implement and sustain competency-based and early college schools, partner with federal, state and district leaders to remove policy barriers that inhibit the growth of personalized learning and provide national thought leadership around the future of learning."

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Living Classrooms Foundation
From the web site: "Living Classrooms Foundation strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as “living classrooms.”

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Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs
From the web site: "The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. These are a variety of programs to help both educators who are just beginning this journey, as well as programs for educators who are leaders in innovative education."

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National Career Academy Coalition
From the web site: "The mission of the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) is to create and support a national network of existing and emerging high school career academies."

Editor note: Career Academies mirror many of the goals of the type of comprehensive tutor/mentor program encouraged by the Tutor/Mentor Connection, and represent potential partners for such programs in many cities. Visit the LINKS section of the NCAC web site to learn more about the many different Career Academies operating in America.

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Profound Gentlemen of Color - engages Black Male Educators
This is a national organization with a Chicago branch. See this description on the web site: "Profound Gentlemen is committed to supporting boys and male educators of color in the Chicago community. In collaboration with the Chicago Teacher’s Union Foundation, we are able to provide free support services to focus in retaining male educators of color. In addition, through our educators who lead mentoring groups, we will be creating a cradle to career pipeline for boys of color. Together our efforts will strengthen a community and an everlasting impact."

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The Development School for Youth
From the web site: "The Development School for Youth (DSY) is the All Stars Project's innovative outside-of-school leadership and business training program. In partnership with businesses and caring corporate professionals DSY offers supplemental educational, social and internship experiences in a variety of workplace settings. This training prepares inner-city youth to enter the professional workforce, pursue educational opportunities and face challenges in new ways."

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UK Career Academy Foundation
From the web site: "The UK Career Academy Foundation is a not-for profit organisation, set up by leading figures from the worlds of business and education. Its aim is to provide young people aged between 16 and 18 with the curriculum and guidance necessary to build rewarding careers and fulfilling lives. It does this through the promotion of 'Career Academies', schools within schools that combine a rigorous industry validated curriculum for students with leading edge practice in education business link activity, including paid summer internships with supporting companies and one-to-one business mentoring."

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