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A Chicagoan’s Introduction to Civic Tech — 2018
From the web site: "This guide is a broad overview of civic tech communities & resources in Chicago to help with your role as civic leader and organizer (whether that role is ongoing or newly minted)."

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Building Our Own Internet - article
This article describes work being done in many places to create a new Internet, free of corporate and/or political control and interference. Bookmark the site and use it for future reference.

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Chicago City Data User Group - Meets Monthly
From the web site: " The Chicago City Data Users Group is for end users, business users, enthusiasts, students, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in how to use city data. Our goal to promote civic engagement, innovation, and economic opportunity leveraging The City of Chicago's data." The group host free meet-ups, usually the first Wednesday of the month, at the Microsoft headquarters in Chicago.

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Chicago City Data Users Group - web site
Monthly meetup held at Microsoft headquarters in Chicago where speakers share information about leveraging the City of Chicago's data for civic engagement, innovation, and economic opportunity.

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City of Chicago Data Portal - map of connected orgs & places
From the web site: "Connect Chicago is a loose network of more than 250 places in the city where internet and computer access, digital skills training, and online learning resources are available—for free. This data set represents all the available details for every location. The content is updated regularly by site administrators and location managers."

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CivicGraph - map of civic tech sector
This network analysis map created by a team at Microsoft visualizes the four sectors of civic technology users. A great tool for learning who else is in the field and building potential collaborations.

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ConnectDetroit - effort to close the Digital Divide (2012 pdf)
From the report: "The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation commissions independent journalists to write occasional articles reviewing its grant making and program strategies. Veteran reporters examine grant documents, conduct interviews and offer their perspective on the lessons learned and impact of Knight-supported projects in stories published online and in print." This report reviews the ConnectDetroit effort.

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Connecting Anchor Institutions - a Broadband Action Plan (2016
From the web site: "“Connecting Anchor Institutions: A Broadband Action Plan” was developed by the SHLB Coalition to provide ideas and actionable policy recommendations for government leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to address the broadband needs of anchor institutions. The ten policy papers highlight connectivity gaps and explain why broadband access is vital to communities nationwide.

The Broadband Action Plan is the foundation of the larger Grow2Gig+: Anchors Advance Communities Campaign, SHLB Coalition’s effort to make gigabit speeds for anchor institutions a national priority. This campaign is a call to action that brings together policymakers, educators, library and health care leaders, technology experts, and network builders to lead the way. It consists of the Broadband Action Plan and year-long efforts to promote specific policy recommendations. The SHLB Coalition hopes to stimulate further research, encourage discussion, and bring industries and sectors together to work towards the same goal."

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Digital Divide Technology Access Resources
From the web site: "Learn more about the changing landscape of the "digital divide" in education and beyond, and explore resources that discuss how to help all students develop digital and media literacy." This list was started in 2011 and updated in 2015.

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EducationSuperHighway - focuses on Internet access in schools
From the web site: "EducationSuperHighway is the leading nonprofit focused on upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom in America. We believe that digital learning has the potential to provide all students with equal access to educational opportunity and that every school requires high-speed broadband to make that opportunity a reality." This site is full of data showing number of kids and schools with, and without, access to Internet. Search for info for each state.

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Find ISP Providers using this mapping platform
Enter an address and look at the ISPs you can choose from.

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g0v News - platform that offers the latest trends and developments in civic tech in Asia and around the world
From the web site: "g0v News is a news platform that offers the latest trends and developments in civic tech in Asia and around the world. We aim to build a global community of civic tech enthusiasts by telling their stories, and sharing their experiences. We provide news updates, case studies, weekly digests, and interviews with the civic tech community, and by the civic tech community. is also the world’s first Chinese/English bilingual civic tech news platform.

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Global Technology Use Report - 2018
From the web site: "The Global NGO Technology Report is an annual research project that seeks to gain a better understanding of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) use technology. Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good, the report summarizes how NGOs use web and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, mobile technology, and data management and security software."

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Information technology use in metro regions - 2013 UIC white paper
This report is titled "TOWARD CONNECTED, INNOVATIVE AND RESILIENT METRO REGIONS" and is one of several white papers submitted for the 2013 UIC Forum in Chicago. This paper focuses on the levels of technology adoption in metro areas and shows a disparity between rich and poor, as well as between different cities. For those who use the Internet to share ideas, and bring people together to solve problems, this is troubling information because it show that many of the people we want to engage are not yet using the Internet in ways that would make our information useful.

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Process vs. Product: Civic innovation beyond open data and civic apps
The author writes about the growth of the Open Savannah Civic Tech group and says "Restoring trust in our civic institutions — and, in so doing, working to make local government more responsive to user needs — is not a project spec or a deliverable. It’s not something you can achieve in a sprint; it’s more like a long, continuous marathon that may or may not have a clear finish line." Good tips for similar groups throughout the world.

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The Difference Engine - pro bono web support for non profits
From the web site: "Our organization works with non-traditional entry level web developers not students and provides them with real life projects over a staggered 17 week program participation model. They work collaboratively within a team environment under the supervision and mentorship of experienced tech professionals. We offer our solutions PRO BONO to qualified nonprofit or social organizations.:

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Visualizing Social Media Universe in 2018
This article has a great visualization showing relative size of different social media platforms in the world along with data tables showing number of users for each.

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e-Democracy Forums
From the web site: " builds online public space in the heart of real democracy and community. Our mission is to harness the power of online tools to support participation in public life, strengthen communities, and build democracy. Starting with the world's first election information website in 1994 in Minnesota, today we host over 50 local Issues Forums in 16 communities across three countries - New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In addition to these "online town halls," we promote civic engagement online around the world."

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Articles and How-tos on Tech Soup site
This 2011 article about Association Management Tools is just one of many articles on Tech Soup that you can use to support your organization's work.

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Broadband Access Policy - new compendium of resources (2015)
This study "helps state-level policy makers think through their broadband policy choices while pointing to real examples from progress made in efforts from Maine to California."

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Broadband Illinois
From the web site: "The Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Springfield, Illinois. PCI seeks to advance the deployment and adoption of high-speed internet services and information technology which has resulted in enhanced economic development and public safety for Illinois' communities, improved healthcare and educational opportunities and a better quality of life for the state's residents. "

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Broadband Land - on-going series about digital divide
From the web: "For the last several months (of 2017), Motherboard has been chronicling the myriad ways communities passed over by big telecom have built their own internet networks or have partnered with small ISPs who have committed to protecting net neutrality to bring affordable high speed internet to towns and cities across the country.">br>
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Caxy, Inc - web design and development
From the web site: "Caxy Interactive is a web design and development firm in Chicago specializing in User Experience and Agile-driven software and technology development. We love helping clients break new ground, find new customers, and engage the ones they already have in unexpected ways."

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Center for Neighborhood Technology
From the web site: "The Center for Neighborhood Technology is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization committed to improving urban economies and environments across the United States. We do this through innovation and by researching and analyzing urban problems, testing and promoting economically efficient and environmentally sound solutions, and demonstrating the value of investing in sustainable solutions."

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Chicago Hack Night - meets weekly in Chicago
This Chicago group organizes a weekly event at the Merchandise Mart to build, share, and learn about civic tech. Visit the web site and see project list showing what many are working on and find links to other data user groups in Chicago.

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