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Billion + Change encouraged Pro Bono involvement
This initiative encourages corporations to support pro bono and talent involvement to help strengthen infrastructure of the non profit sector.

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Closing the Skills Gap - JPMorgan Chase & Co. Initiative
Browse this web site, download the publications, add your own business to strategies that reach youth in high poverty areas with mentors, learning opportunities, part time and summer jobs and internships that bring more youth from poverty and near poverty into the workforce.

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Grads of Life - tools to help start and operate mentoring, internship, etc.
From the web site: "The Grads of Life campaign seeks to change perceptions employers have of young people with atypical resumes. The website offers the tools to connect leading employers to employment pathways, including mentoring, school-to-work, internships, and hiring."

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Ideas about strategic planning, visioning, learning
This article by Henry Mintzberg, posted in the Harvard Business Review in 1994, should serve as a primer for volunteer and leadership teams seeking to build and sustain birth-to-work, mentor-rich programs in multiple locations.

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Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
From the web site: "The mission of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth is to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. As an independent subsidiary of MasterCard, we combine data, expertise, technology and philanthropic investments to empower a community of thinkers, leaders and innovators working on the front lines of inclusive growth."

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Resources for Inner City CEOs - Anchor Initiatives
From the web site: "ICIC’s Anchor Institution Strategic Framework defines seven strategies anchors use to accelerate urban economic revitalization. Anchor organizations that intentionally engage these seven strategies will produce measurable returns for both the community and the organization." This site has a wealth of resources focused on strengthening inner cities. Take a look.

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Skills Gap in Manufacturing Sector -2015 Deloitte report
This article shows a growing skills gap in America's manufacturing sector and prescribes some short and long-term solutions. Connecting people from STEAM backgrounds to youth in organized tutor/mentor programs would be one low-cost strategy of building student aspirations for careers in these fields. This needs to be a strategy manufacturing sector leaders invest in.

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Social Media Strategies that could support corporate social engagement
If corporate CEOs make a company commitment to education, poverty, environment, etc. they can support the growing involvement of all sectors of their company, supply chain and consumer base using the ideas from this blog.

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The Empowered Employee - Forbes 2012 article
This is a look at the future. Companies that support employee engagement in social benefit activities get a more motivate employee as one who has learned new skills and has expanded his/her informal network. Companies that support this involvement with latest communications, collaboration and technology will create learning opportunities outside of the workplace that result in better applications of these tools in the workplace.

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Valuing Your Talent - RSA project aims to increase workforce skills
From the web site: "The goal of the UK based challenge, called Valuing Your Talent (VyT), is to increase the skills of the UK’s workforce, organisations’ performance, and societal value by helping employers get better at understanding and investing in their human capital. It’s based on an underlying conviction that employers and employees should better recognise their respective value, and have each others’ long-term interests at heart, as well as those of wider society. Central to this is investment in each other’s learning and development, and the ability to tackle important problems."

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Studio School - a new concept in education (2013)
From the web site: "The Studio School (based in the UK) is a new concept in education, which seeks to address the growing gap between the skills and knowledge that young people require to succeed, and those that the current education system provides. Studio Schools pioneer a bold new approach to learning which includes teaching through enterprise projects and real work. This approach ensures students' learning in is rooted in the real world and helps them to develop the skills they need to flourish in life."

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The web site says "We are a group of African-American professionals and students who are on a mission to leverage new technologies to educate and provide opportunities to those who need it most. Since there are so many things against black youth, we are For Black Youth because we feel that the African-American community needs targeted solutions to combat our unacceptably low educational, income and employment statistics. However, this site wholeheartedly welcomes individuals of all ethnicities who would like to contribute to or who can benefit from our offerings. Come join us. We will make a change."

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Advance CTE - Career Clusters Framework preparing future workforce
From the web site: "The National Career Clusters® Framework provides a vital structure for organizing and delivering quality CTE programs through learning and comprehensive programs of study. In total, there are 16 Career Clusters in the National Career Clusters Framework, representing more than 79 Career Pathways to help students navigate their way to greater success in college and career."

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Align Corporate Giving with Strategic Goals
The Conference Board web site offers many resources that non profits and business leaders might use to develop more and better volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs in areas where companies do business or seek to recruit employees. Search the site for articles like "Corporate Giving to Worthy Causes Focusing More on Meeting Overall Business Objectives"

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Alliance for Regional Stewardship
This is a "national, peer-to- peer network of regional stewards who benefit by sharing experiences and working collaboratively on innovative approaches to common regional challenges. ARS is for proven leaders who recognize the interdependencies of their regions' economy, environment, and society and are seeking practical ways to effect change as regional stewards." This is a program of The American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE).

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Ashoka - Global Association, Social Entrepreneurs
For almost 25 years Ashoka has been building a network of people and organizations who are doing great work to make the world a better place. Visit the web site to read the profiles and learn more about  how these ideas might be applied in your own efforts.

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Aspen Institute - Ideas Worth Teaching
From the web site: "Ideas Worth Teaching is a tightly curated, weekly email for business school faculty to prompt new conversations in the classroom about the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good. Its intent is to provide “drag and drop” functionality – allowing faculty to easily use the articles, cases and other teaching materials that we will be sharing in their class discussions."

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Babson College - Social Innovation Lab
From the web site: "While the Lewis Institute is dedicated to drawing forth ideas through the meetings of diverse minds, the Babson Social Innovation Lab puts those ideas into action."

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Beta Site for Business Innovation
"From Spare Change to Real Change: The Social Sector as a Beta Site for Business Innovation" is a 1999 article in the Harvard Business Review, written by Rosabeth Moss Kanter. It describes ways non profits can be innovation partners with the business community. If you're a business leader, we invite you to look at the Tutor/Mentor Connection and this web site as a potential innovation partner. This is another link that you can follow for ideas on business collaboration with non profit sector.

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Big Picture Learning - changing the way we think about education
From the web site: "Though Big Picture Learning began as a school design model, our ever-expanding organization and network now devotes its time and energy to the challenging and urgent mission of changing the way we think about education. Instead of a paradigm that judges students and sets limits for achievement, we are rethinking an education system that inspires and awakens the possibilities of an engaged population of learners, from Pre-K through higher education. All of our work, through our practices and our schools, is intended to influence the national debate about public education. We want to convince opinion leaders, parents, and the public that there are better ways to engage our children in learning."

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Billion dollar corp commitment to pro bono
Through the Billion + Change initiative, the Corporation for National Service and its strategic partners aim to support more than $2 Billion in volunteer and pro-bono investment to strengthen the infrastructure of the non profit sector.
It would be great if each of these companies had a leadership team focusing on this goals in this Role of Leaders PDF.
If your company is one of these, or is making a similar commitment, why not connect with Tutor/Mentor Connection.

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Black Data Processing Associates of Cincinnati
Visit this site and learn of the many things this organization does to help build stonger communities. The site also has a list of BDPA chapters throughout the country.

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Blended Value Framework
From the web site: "Welcome to Blended Value! This site has been created to present writings and presentations on the concept of Blended Value. My hope is that by gathering these works in one place, those new to the conversation will have a better understanding of BV and the various ways it may be applied—to expanding our understanding of the purpose of capital, how we might reconsider the nature of organizations (whether for-profit or Nonprofit) and how we need to reframe our understanding of the future of capitalism, metrics, leadership and public policy."

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Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
From the web site: "The Center is a member of the Global Education Research Network, a network of institutions focused on responsible business working together to advance research and education that will build the capacity of businesses worldwide to maximize their benefit to society."

This link provides links to other organizations that are part of this network.

This link points to research on corporate citizenship strategies:

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Business Today - Connecting College Students & Business Leaders
From the web site: "Business Today strives to build a community in which college students and business leaders can foster mutual understanding, engage in debate, and initiate action."

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