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Healthcare Anchor Network
From the web site; "The long-term goal is to reach a critical mass of U.S. based health systems strategically improving community health and well-being by leveraging all of their institutional assets, including intentionally integrating local economic inclusion strategies in areas such as hiring, purchasing, and investing. By doing so, we can powerfully impact the upstream determinants of health and help build inclusive and sustainable local economies."

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How does where we live affect how long we live?
This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation resource includes a variety of interactive maps that focus on health disparities. In this link you can enter your address and see the life expectancy for where you live and compare it to your city, county, state and overall USA. This is one of several resources on this page.

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Illinois Health and Hospital Association
MCHC is a membership and service association comprising more than 150 hospitals and health care organizations working together, since 1935, to improve the delivery of health care services in the Chicago area. Browse around and learn more.

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Knowledge4Kids - social knowledge sharing within Global health community
This statement summarizes vision of this organization: "We envision a social knowledge sharing revolution, in which health program managers and service providers at all levels around the world collaborate with and learn from each other, and adapt and use actionable family planning and global health knowledge to build stronger health systems and enable people to live healthier lives."

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Web GIS for Connecting At-risk Youth with Health Services
Read about the data-collection and mapping program at The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York City.

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$100 million UPMC commitment to fund HS grads via Pittsburgh Promise
From the web site: "In 2007, UPMC announced a $100 million commitment to help students graduating from Pittsburgh Public Schools further their education after high school. Developed by the city of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Public Schools, The Pittsburgh Promise is designed to give graduates of Pittsburgh’s public high schools the means to pursue postsecondary education, regardless of family income, at an accredited postsecondary institution in Pennsylvania.

Read more at Pittsburgh Promise

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3FOUR50 Oxford Health Alliance Initiative
From the web site: "3-4-50 is a community health improvement strategy based on evidence that three health behaviors elevate risk for four chronic conditions that together cause more than fifty percent of deaths. We know from research and experience that our health behaviors can be influenced by the environments where we live, learn, work, and socialize. Accordingly, community health interventions work best when we are able to create collective impact by providing consistent supports for healthy behaviors across settings. 3-4-50 is designed to support collaborative community strategies".

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A Hospital Tutor/Mentor Connection - Concept
This is a strategic plan, developed by the Tutor/Mentor Connection, for use by any hospital and/or teaching university, in the country.  We don't know if this is happening in any location, but we do know that different hospitals, medical centers, and/or universities are spending millions of dollars to lower the costs of poverty and to encourage young people to seek careers in medical professions. If you know of hospitals implementing this strategy, please connect them to the Tutor/Mentor Connection by adding their web site to this section of the T/MC library, or by sending an email introduction.

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Action Framework for Robert Wood Johnson Foundations public health initiatives
This web site outlines an Action Framework that illustrates how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation intends to work alongside others in the national effort to build a Culture of Health, and how different sectors can mobilize and measure progress.

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Can Hospitals Heal America's Communities? White Paper (pdf)
This 2015 white paper, co-authored by Democracy Collaborative president Ted Howard and Tyler Norris, vice president of Kaiser Permanente’s Total Health Partnerships, discusses an emerging “all in for mission” approach in which hospitals and health systems are stepping outside their walls to address the social, economic, and environmental conditions that contribute to poor health outcomes.

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Can Hospitals Heal America's Communities? Web page
From the web site: "Can hospitals and health systems heal America’s communities? This paper illuminates the possibilities and explores how “all in for mission” is the emerging healthcare model." The PDF can be found from this link.

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Chicago Area Health & Medical Careers Program
CAHMCP is cooperative project offered by the seven Chicago area medical schools and the state's three dental schools; Chicago State University, the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and several health-focused community groups who have adopted the unified mission of increasing the number of qualified minority applicants and matriculants to medical and other health professional schools.

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Chicago Health Atlas - visualize data re public health
This is a visual resource that can be used to better understand the distribution of health issues in different parts of the Chicago region.

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Community Pediatrics Training Initiative
It's goal is the establishment of pediatric residency training programs that foster a commitment to community concerns. The Initiative hopes to support the development of pediatric professionals with greater skills and interest in community-based medicine, advocacy, and the capacity to improve the well-being of all children in their communities.

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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH)
This organization seeks to change academic culture to embrace community engagement. This is a program of the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. The Collaborative is comprised of a diverse group of ten health professional schools that seek to recognize and reward community engagement as central to the role of faculty members at their own institutions and nationally. The CCPH web site has extensive resources in its links section.

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Disparities in Health and Health Care - RWJ Foundation
From the web site: "At a time when health care providers and policy-makers are exploring new models to promote better health and improve health care, different populations experience persistent and increasing disparities in health status. " This Robert Wood Johnson report "reviews recent research on health disparities.

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Diversity in Public Health Program - UIC
From the web site: "The UIC School of Public Health (UIC SPH) is dedicated to excellence in protecting and improving the health and well-being of the people of the metropolitan Chicago area, the state of Illinois and the nation, and of others throughout the world."

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Education, Training and Research (ETR) - focus on public health
From the web site: "ETR is a behavioral health non-profit devoted to providing science-based programs and services, driven by our mission to advance health and opportunities for youth and families."

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FACES for the Future Health Coalition
From the web site: "The FACES Coalition supports a collaborative of national programs, all based upon the FACES model, which work to address health equity for all communities through the training and empowerment of young people. FACES for the Future is a comprehensive approach to student learning and well-being. Focused on transitioning youth into the health professions, FACES programs create tomorrow’s health leaders by offering health career exploration, academic support, psycho-social intervention and youth leadership development."

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Girls on the Run - after school program
From the web site: "Girls on the Run is a life-changing, experiential learning programs for girls age eight to thirteen years old. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development."

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Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership - members - circa 2002
This document shows a networking conference held in Baltimore in 2001, that brought together representatives of the 15 hospitals in the Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership Network. Tutor/Mentor Connection was a workshop presenter at this event.

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Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership - history
This PDF contains a Commonwealth Fund report on the Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership that operated until circa 2002 and supported mentoring efforts in 15 major hospitals around the country. It also includes other information encouraging hospitals to build mentor program support strategies as a means to reduce the costs to the hospital and improve the health of the community.

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Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) - strategic plan
ICAH has been around for many years and went through a strategic planning process in 2012 to update its mission and strategy. Visit this page on their web site to learn more.

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Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs (CCP)
From the web site of CCP: "We design communication solutions that solve public health problems.". Visit the web site and see the extensive work being done in public health.

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Life as a Healthcare CIO Blog
Articles and links in this blog can link the Tutor/Mentor Community to members of the health care community if enough of us follow these links and build relationships and connections.

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