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Integrating Arts Into Other Subjects - Adds value to learning
This article illustrates the value of arts in education programs. These ideas could also be part of non-school, volunteer based, tutor/mentor programs.

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A National Dialogue on the State of The Arts - 2018
From the web site: This is "A panel discussion hosted by the Secretary of the Smithsonian Museum and a series of interviews that tackle the big question of why the arts matter in the 21st century."

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Chicago Poetry Foundation
From the web site: "The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience."

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Global Peace Tiles Project
From the web site: "Launched in mid 2000s, the Global Peace Tiles Project is both a process and a movement. It is a way of understanding creativity, voice, and learning as interconnected processes. When working together they form a powerful experience that builds joy, confidence, and connection with others." Browse the web site to see projects done in countries throughout the world.

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Peace Tiles Project
The Peace Tiles Project was founded by Lars Hasselblad Torres in 2006 and was designed "to engage participants emotionally, intellectually and creatively in a process of "arts advocacy." This link points to the Facebook page where you can see many of the projects from past years.

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Time In - NYC arts based youth development program
From the web site: "Time In is a groundbreaking arts initiative that brings some of New York’s youngest, most at-risk public school children out of underserved classrooms in Harlem and the South Bronx, and into the world of the living arts every week of the school year as part of their normal school day. Founded in 2006, Time In transforms the lives of inner city children, as it inspires learning and engagement in a nurturing, multi-sensorial learning environment that enriches children’s lives and helps them reach their fullest potential.'

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Urban Gateways - brings arts to Chicago youth
From the web site: "Urban Gateways delivers high-quality, accessible arts experiences to young people in Chicago. From visual arts residencies to live performances and media arts apprenticeships, our programs connect youth with professional artists to encourage self-expression and social change."

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Americans for the Arts - ArtsU Virtual Conversations
From the web site: "ArtsU is an online education forum for arts professionals to gain new skills, knowledge, and connections to further their personal and organizational goals."

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Animating Arts - Fostering Civic Engagement Through the Arts
From the web site "Animating Democracy inspires, informs, promotes, and connects arts and culture as potent contributors to community, civic, and social change. As a program of Americans for the Arts, we bring national visibility to arts for change work, build knowledge about quality practice, and create useful resources. By demonstrating the public value of creative work that contributes to social change and fostering synergy across arts and other fields and sectors, we work to make the arts an integral and effective part of solutions to the challenges of communities and toward ensuring a healthy democracy."

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Art can change our future - Art Studio of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
An introduction to this web site, from its founder: "My great pleasure is to represent you a project of NGO Art Studio from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. This non-formal educational art school is founded in 1998 and since then it grown in NGO with full time members. Through our art programme, we help a young people to create better positive self image so they are much more likely to stand up to pressure from violent forces. NGO's Art Studio, training, and leadership programs provide youth with the feelings of pride and self-worth that tend to lead them to choose peace building over involvement in violent conflict.Youth with positive self-esteem tend to visualize more easily their own role in a peaceful, productive society. We encourage local philanthropy, and our main activities is educating young people trough arts to encourage this people to break the boundaries between their different cultures and understanding, to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, to promote environmental conservation and to assist the underprivileged young talented people to find their way. This project is constantly running and offers an opportunity for educational success in out of school environments it is a way to explore other fields of knowledge. This project aimed at environmental education activities in arts and development of civic society trough art and young people, or creating the opportunities for such activities awakes a desire for creativity and knowledge, arouses curiosity and develops creativity."

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Art in the Public Interest.
From the web site: "API’s goal is to support the efforts of culturally engaged artists and organizations, both by providing information to them about the field, and by providing information about the field to the broader public. Vehicles for this information have included periodicals, books, pamphlets, archives, workshops, electronic information sites and collaborations with other organizations."

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ArtCamp (Artesanas Campesinas)
This link is to an organization in Tecalpulco, Mexico where women create art that is sold vis the Internet.
Use the Google Translator feature to translate from Spanish to English.
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ArtPlace - supports creative placemaking across US
From the web site: "ArtPlace America (ArtPlace) is a ten-year collaboration among a number of foundations, federal agencies, and financial institutions that works to position arts and culture as a core sector of comprehensive community planning and development in order to help strengthen the social, physical, and economic fabric of communities."

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Arts & Business Council of Chicago (A&BC/Chicago)
The goal of this national initiative is to provide current information, ideas, and resources on how to use the arts and humanities to enhance drug and violence prevention programming, foster resiliency in youth, and implement collaboration within communities to strengthen prevention programs for youth.

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Arts Education in Chicago - ArtLook Map
Search the map for schools and arts organizations in Chicago. Hosted by Ingenuity.

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Arts Education Partnerships.
From the web site: "The Arts Education Partnership provides information and communication about current and emerging arts education policies, issues, and activities at the national, state, and local levels. Our major projects and activities include: commissioning and disseminating research about critical arts and education issues; maintaining and linking databases on state-level policies for arts education; and convening national forums around significant themes and issues in the field."

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Arts for Global Development
From the web site: "Art4Development.Net is an international educational initiative with a purpose of furthering interdisciplinary, multisectoral, cross-cultural, and creative approach in social change and development."

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ARTSEDGE - the National Arts and Education Network at Kennedy Center
From the web site: "ArtsEdge focuses on ways to support innovative teaching with the arts, and meet changing trends in education and to accommodate the ever-evolving impact of technology in our lives. The ArtsEdge collection of free digital resources—including lesson plans, audio stories, video clips, and interactive online modules—has been streamlined for easier browsing and upgraded to leverage best practices in educational media and multimedia-supported instruction."

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Borderbend Arts Collective - Chicago
From the web site: "The Borderbend Arts Collective is an arts partner at Mozart Park (one of the Chicago Park District's 500+ parks). We have been offering the "Chicago Heroes & Arts Journeys" workshop series at Mozart Park since January 2014."

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Changing Worlds - Educational Arts NPO in Chicago
Changing Worlds is an educational arts nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

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Collaboraction Theater Company - Chicago
From the web site: "Collaboraction Theatre Company creates original theatrical experiences that push artistic boundaries in order to explore critical social issues with a diverse community of Chicagoans." Their teen program, Peacemakers, is "a group of teen artists generating their own work dedicated to telling their stories and cultivating a dialogue of hope and change." Located at 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.

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Coming up Taller - Support The Arts For Better Life
Based on the Coming Up Taller Report, calling for support of arts in education. Report PDF can be found at

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Cool Classics! - an aftrerschool reading program
From the web site: "Cool Classics! works with public elementary school students to promote critical thinking and a love of literature. We focus on just one classic book at a time, and in 20 to 25 sessions of varied activities, we build a universe of art, culture, humanities, and thematic ideas around that book. Literally, our students are led to experience how the text of a book opens up a whole world of creative imagination, sharpening the skills one needs for succeeding in the real world."

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Create Now! An LA based program.
The goal of Create Now! is to teach children to express themselves creatively through all of the arts, including dance, animation, graphic design, ceramics, etc. This is a Hollywood, CA. based program which targets at-risk and high-risk youth and its web site has many examples of what a program like this can accomplish.

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Donda's House - helps Chicago youth explore creative talents
From the web site: "Donda's House was "designed to provide access to premium arts instruction to youth. Arts and music programs are routinely the first casualty in schools facing budget crises, specifically institutions in at-risk communities that directly benefit from access to safe environments and developmental opportunities."

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