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Extended Learning: 2012 Interview with Karen Pittman
From the article: "Karen Pittman is President and CEO of Forum for Youth Investment and is known nationally as the leading advocate for youth development. Many credit her with launching the youth development movement and being an important thought leader promoting policies and systemic approaches to supporting young people's development, including the Ready By 21 initiative."

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Extensive school data sets- National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics has extensive education datasets, dating back to the 1970s. This data table shows "Percentage of the population 3 to 34 years old enrolled in school, by sex, race/ethnicity, and age group: Selected years, 1980 through 2014". Browse the site and look at other data sets.

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Forum for Youth Investment - 'Ready By 21' community building
Ready by 21 is a Forum for Youth Investment project, helping state and community leaders improve the family, school and community supports available to young people, in order to help all children and youth get fully ready for college, work and life.

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Forum for Youth Investment - Big Picture Approach
From the web site: "The Forum for Youth Investment helps leaders get young people ready for life. The Forum works with state and local leaders and leadership groups to fundamentally change the way they do business for young people. To make broad-scale change that lasts, community partnerships must address the complex and interconnected challenges that impede progress. They need to take a Big Picture Approach to community change.

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Global Family Research Project (formerly Harvard Family Research Project)
From the web site: "The Global Family Research Project is an independent, entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that supports all families and communities in helping children find success in and out of school. We connect research, policy, and practice to support a community of people dedicated to advancing children’s learning and development. We foster collaboration among child- and family-serving organizations so they can create equitable learning pathways across time and place. We strengthen knowledge and skills through technical assistance, professional development, and evaluation.:

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How to Make a City Great - McKinsey & Company 2013 Report
Since the Tutor/Mentor Connection focuses on helping youth living in big cities, reports like this should be included in the learning library of anyone who shares the same concerns.

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Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern U.
Extensive policy resources hosted at Northwestern University

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Juvenile Justice Initiative of Illinois
From the web site: "The Juvenile Justice Initiative is a statewide advocacy coalition to transform the juvenile justice system. The JJI advocates to reduce reliance on detention, to enhance fairness for all youth and to develop adequate community based resources throughout the state.     The Juvenile Justice Initiative works to inform and educate policy makers, the media, and the general public about the alarming increase in number of juveniles held in custody, about the disparate number of minority youth in custody, and about the lack of adequate community based alternatives to detention. 

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Latino Policy Forum
From the web site: "The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago area that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making. The Latino Policy Forum conducts analysis to inform, influence, and lead. Its goals are to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies, and engage diverse sectors of the community, with an understanding that advancing Latinos advances a shared future."

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Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Mathematica conducts high-quality, objective research to support decisions about our nation's most pressing social policy problems. The web site hosts much of this research, with topics on welfare, health, education, nutrition, etc.

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MDRC - Building Knowledge to Improve Social Policy
From the web site: "MDRC is committed to finding solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing the nation — from reducing poverty and bolstering economic self-sufficiency to improving public education and college graduation rates. We design promising new interventions, evaluate existing programs using the highest research standards, and provide technical assistance to build better programs and deliver effective interventions at scale. We work as an intermediary, bringing together public and private funders to test new policy-relevant ideas, and communicate what we learn to policymakers and practitioners — all with the goal of improving the lives of low-income individuals, families, and children."

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National Governors Association Center for Best Practices
From the web site: "The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) develops innovative solutions to today's most pressing public policy challenges and is the only research and development firm that directly serves the nation's governors."

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National Indicators of Children's Well-Being
From the web site: "The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics (Forum) is a collection of 22 Federal government agencies involved in research and activities related to children and families. The Forum was founded in 1994 and formally established in April 1997 under Executive Order No. 13045. The mission of the Forum is to foster coordination and collaboration and to enhance and improve consistency in the collection and reporting of Federal data on children and families. The Forum also aims to improve the reporting and dissemination of information on the status of children and families.

The Forum's annual report, America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, provides the Nation with a summary of national indicators of child well-being and monitors changes in these indicators over time. In addition to providing data in an easy-to-use, non-technical format, the purpose of the report is to stimulate discussions among policymakers and the public, exchanges between data providers and policy communities, and improvements in Federal data on children and families."

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Poverty and Prevention Resource Links in this web library
This link points to another section of the T/MC library which has links to poverty, crime and justice articles, which relate to the reasons schools perform poorly and youth drop out before finishing high school.

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Regional Indicators Project and Chicago MetroPulse - Planning Resource
From the web site: "The Regional Indicators Project and its MetroPulse website are a joint project of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and The Chicago Community Trust (the Trust). Together, CMAP and the Trust have developed a comprehensive system of key indicators for measuring and tracking regional quality of life over time in the seven counties of metropolitan Chicago. The project is designed as a tool that can be used by policy makers, community leaders, media and the general public to gather objective data that can inform their work.

An indicator is a quantitative measure that describes an economic, environmental, social or cultural condition over time. Examples include the unemployment rate, infant mortality rates, number of new business start-ups, or air quality indices."

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Saving Futures, Saving Dollars - Issue Brief
Here's some facts you can put into your funding proposals as you make a case for investment in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs. This is a link to an Issue Brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education that shows the Impact of Education on Crime Reduction and Earnings. It says, "Increasing high school graduation rate and college matriculation of male students by only 5 percent could lead to combined savings and revenue of almost $8 billion each year." Download and read the full report.

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Strengthening Field of Black Male Achievement 2014 - pdf
This PDF report offers a comprehensive view of what's in place now and what needs to change for the nation to provide needed supports that help more Black Males move through school and into careers. Take some time to download and read it.

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Strengthening Out-of-School Time Non Profits
This is The Wallace Foundation Knowledge Center. "Find hundreds of free reports, videos, tools, infographics and other useful material about school leadership, the arts, learning and enrichment, and other issues."

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The Aspen Institute Policy Research
From the web site: "The Aspen Institute mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues." Browse the site to see the wide range of resources.

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The Broad Academy - Leadership Training Model
From the web site: "We are a team of education experts and professionals who are steadfast in our belief in the power of public education and devoted to the twin goals of excellence and equity for all students and communities.

The Broad Academy brings together game-changing leaders who challenge, support and learn from each other as they develop innovative strategies to tackle some of urban public education’s greatest needs."

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The Brookings Institution Research Topics
From the web site: "The mission of the Brown Center on Education Policy, housed in the Governance Studies program at Brookings, is to produce quality, independent research that impacts the efficiency of schools and the lives of all students. Brown Center experts use the best tools available from the quantitative social sciences to bring data-based evidence to bear on education policy discussions in a timely manner. Thus, the Brown Center occupies a unique niche by bringing scientific sensibilities and methods to the issues of the day in education policy."

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The Economic Benefits of Reducing Violent Crime - Case Study of 8 Cities
From the web site: "This report presents the findings and conclusions of a yearlong project to examine and analyze the costs of violent crimes in a sample of eight major American cities and estimate the savings and other benefits that would accompany significant reductions in those crimes. This analysis draws on data pinpointing the incidence and location of murders, rapes, assaults, and robberies."

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The Global Achievement Gap
This article talks about a book by Tony Wagner, titled The Global Achievement Gap. It challenges our best schools to re-examine the skills they teach.& I encourage you to use this to challenge schools in poverty, and non-school tutor/mentor programs, to apply this same thinking to what they are doing to help disadvantaged kids compete.

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The James Irvine Foundation - What We're Learning
From the web site: "Grantees, employers, thought leaders, and other stakeholders across California identified areas with the most (and least) potential for impact to increase economic opportunity for Californians who are working yet struggling to make ends meet. We share syntheses of their input from these 2017 convenings in an effort to further our collective understanding of ways to help all Californians create a better life for themselves and their families."

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The Perspective of Inner-City Youth (article)
The study Enhancing Their Likelihood for a Positive Future: The Perspective of Inner-City Youth, is based on multiple, detailed surveys of 1,700 urban Philadelphia middle and high school students. The survey questions were created by small focus groups of students who were asked to generate, prioritize and explain their own solutions for achieving a positive future. The survey results revealed that though adults considered violence and teen pregnancy to be the biggest problems affecting youth, all the students surveyed gave highest importance to solutions that promoted education or increased job opportunities. The survey results also showed that inner-city youth believe supportive solutions, such as job training, better books for school, and positive connection and interaction with adults, would do more to enhance their chances for a positive future than would attempts to reduce "negative" behaviors or disruptive surroundings.

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