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Read Right - an innovative reading solution
From the web site: "Read Right is more than a solution for mild to severe reading problems (including dyslexia). It is a revolutionary approach to rapid reading improvement!" Visit the site and learn how Read Right is revolutionary.

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Read Right from the Start on the COX Campus - teacher resource
From the web site: "Read Right from the Start is a FREE on-line professional development resource provide by the COX Campus of the Atlanta Speech School. It recognizes the impact of language on children from the moment they are born. RRFTS provides courses for infant and toddler teachers as well as preschool and pre K. We are actively developing courses for kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers."

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Noodle Tools - Support For individual inquiry and collaborative research
From the web site: "NoodleTools is a responsive, user-friendly research management platform with baked-in wisdom accumulated over years, and a proven track record across thousands of schools and universities. NoodleTools gives students a systematic but flexible framework for navigating the tangled web of research. Students develop expert critical-thinking skills, gain confidence, and replace patchwriting and plagiarism with synthesis."

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Adventures in Writing
This Web site contains information on helping students with writing, a mentoring page offering to work with students on-line with their writing , and a web place to publish "worthy" and appropriate materials.

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Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute
From the web site: "The CSSS INSTITUTE provides teacher and tutor training services, private courses for students in summer and after school programs nationally, and publishes the internationally renowned study skills curriculum entitled The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Course. It is taught publicly by schools, colleges, federal and state grant programs at 3 grade levels (6-8th: 20 hour edition, 9-11th: 30 hour edition, and 12-15th: 10 hour edition, entitled Ten Tips for Academic Success, available in English and Spanish). These editions include 4 components; Student Workbook, Teacher Manual, Transparency and Listening Tape Set."

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Curriki - Free Education Resources and Curriculum
From the web site: "Curriki’s mission is to eliminate the Education Divide – the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not – in the U.S. and worldwide. It’s online community of educators, learners and committed education experts works together to build and share quality materials that benefit teachers, parents and students globally."

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Education Expert blog - Dr. Stephen Jones
Dr. Jones is an educator with more than 30 years of experience, which he shares in books, a blog and as a consultant to schools.

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Education World Resources and Community
From the web site: ", a resource that includes:
* original content, including lesson plans, practical information for educators, information on how to integrate technology in the classroom, and articles written by education experts;
* Web site reviews;
* employment listings.

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Imu: A tool for tracking student progress
From the web site: "Imua is a tool that empowers education organizations to track student progress and help guide them toward achieving their educational goals" Browse the site and learn more.

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Leap Learning Systems
From the web site: "LEAP (Language Empowers All People) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to research-driven language and literacy development in low income communities. LEAP’s programs are proven to accelerate self-confidence and fulfillment in children, parents, and educators." LEAP serves youth in low-resource classrooms across Chicago.

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Learn That Word - free tutoring and rich online resources
From the web site: " Parents, educators, English learners, and writers started LearnThat Foundation in 2004. We were united by endless hours spent practicing vocabulary and spelling, either by ourselves or with our children, often with disheartening results. Since we couldn't find an effective solution, we set out to create it." Browse the web site and see how you might get involved.

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Life Skill Excellence - The Virtual Academy
From the web site: This site offers a variety of "Dynamic Interactive Programs for Young People on Real-World Readiness, Excellence, Motivation, Responsibility, Life Skills, and Leadership."

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Life Skills Curricula and Staff Training
From the web site: "ARISE Life Skills lessons engage youth and get the message through. What to watch for after the lessons? A new sense of well-being, engaged, motivated, positive attitudes. Visit the web site to see the extensive library of evidence-based soft skills materials ARISE has developed over the last 30 years to teach these valuable skills to kids of all ages."

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MentorMob Edu - Lesson Paths blog
From the web site: "LessonPaths' online learning platform allows anyone with a passion for what they do to curate websites, videos, blogs, and more into Learning Playlists." The LessonPaths platform seems like a unique way to support on-line learning. Try it out and let us know of your experiences. Note: this site is transitioning to the MentorMob Edu name.

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Micro Society focuses on student engaged learning
From the web site: MicroSociety Institute is a full service professional organization working with schools in some of the Nation’s most at-risk communities." MSI offers a unique a MicroSociety school model which is offered at schools and non-school locations. Visit the web site to learn more.

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Pivot Learning Partners -Beyond High School
From the web site: "Pivot Learning is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to revitalize our public school systems so that all students have the opportunity to succeed in college and career. We partner with education leaders at all levels and provide them with the knowledge, skills and support proven to strengthen educational systems and transform teaching and learning." The Beyond High School project was launched in 2017.

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Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy - Chicago
From the web site: "If you're considering a career in massage therapy, you've already identified one of the fastest growing areas in health care. But where can you get the best possible training? The Soma Institute, the only school in America to offer a diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy. We have developed a unique curriculum that redefines the discipline of massage therapy and sets a new standard for this exciting field."

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Start a Tutoring Business
From the web site: "The Wealthy Tutor provides resources to help you improve your tutoring skills and start a tutoring business. Resources include tutoring guides, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and templates.

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The Tutoring Business - articles to learn from
This site provides a collection of articles providing tips and strategies to help you improve your tutoring skills and run a successful tutoring business. This link points to an article titled "Tutoring: Accelerated Learning for Tutoring"

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