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Mapping for Justice Blog - Tutor/Mentor Connection resource

This blog, created in January 2008, shows the Tutor/Mentor Connection's use of maps and visualizations as part of an on-going strategy to build more resources and public support for volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in all high poverty areas of Chicago. The blog also points to web sites where others are creating maps that focus on poverty areas of the country.

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Mapping Latino Population in US by state
This web site has extensive demographic information useful to planners and policy makers.

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Mapping of Environmental News - Forest Restoration
This site host an interactive map of the world that you can zoom into and build your understanding of environmental issues. Great tool for activist and educators. This link points to a 2010 article about global forest restoration. Still important.

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Mapping Philanthropy - Foundation Center
From the web site:
"Philanthropy In/Sight® is the most recent offering in our suite of premier resources. In response to broad audience demand, this interactive mapping tool was designed for grantmakers, advisors, policymakers, researchers, academics—virtually anyone interested in the impact of philanthropy around the world today. Even grantseekers can use Philanthropy In/Sight to gather intelligence to craft compelling grant proposals.
In/Sight combines the Foundation Center’s rich data on grantmakers and their grants with Google maps to tell the story of philanthropy. Choosing from a wide range of customization options, users can quickly create maps that reveal patterns of giving and funding relationships as never before. Plus, users can overlay grant data with their choice of over 150 demographic, socio-economic, and other data sets to create compelling visual portraits showing where philanthropy has made an impact and where opportunities exist to fill critical needs."

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Mapping Science - Uses of Geographic Info System
From the web site: "The Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibit aims to introduce science mapping techniques to the general public and to experts across diverse disciplines for educational, scientific, and practical purposes. It is meant to inspire cross-disciplinary discussion on how to best track and communicate scholarly activity and scientific progress on a global scale.:

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Mapping Segregation in US cities - interactive resource
Interactive map enables you to look at different cities and see patterns of racial segregation.

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Maps of Interest - Google+ collection
This link points to an extensive Google+ collection of articles that point to maps and map platforms from different parts of the world. New map stories are posted daily.

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Maps4Media - helps journalists create maps
If you're trying to create a map to go with a news story this resource offers 10 maps for free. Check it out.

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Participatory Avenues - Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development (IAPAD)
This paragraph offers a sample of what you'll find on this web site: "P3DM is the method that facilitates the visualization of mainly tacit (spatial) knowledge, and increases through an intensive learning process the amount of knowledge we are fully aware of. This enhances our capacities to analyze, communicate and interact on specific issues, which got much clearer in our mind.
Cognitive maps (also known as mental maps) are internal representations of the world and its spatial properties stored in memory. They frequently represent portions of our tacit and explicit knowledge and are visualized with the use of sketch maps, transect diagrams, scale maps, drawings and physical or virtual 3-dimensional models.

Different from other visualizing tools (i.e. sketch mapping) characterized by variable levels of accuracy, 3-D modeling offers the opportunity to produce relatively precise geo-referenced and scaled qualitative and quantitative data, adding substantial value and communication power to indigenous technical knowledge (ITK)."

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Poverty and Crime Mapping links in another section of this library
This links points to another set of GIS mapping links included in the Tutor/Mentor Connection library, with more examples of how maps can be used.

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Power of Combining Maps with Data
From the web site: "This ProximityOne blog covers topics related to decision-making information resources and solutions. It is focused on the development, integration and use of geographic-demographic-economic data to help stakeholders better understand where we are now; the what, when and where things will change in the future; and how change might impact us."

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Program Locator and Map Based Youth Info - Another section of this web library
A growing number of cities and government departments are building map-based directories that people can search to locate youth services in a community. This link points to some of the sites we've found. If you compare these to each other, and to the Tutor/Mentor Connection's Program Locator, try to learn from each so you can build a strategy that not only maps information, but draws volunteers and donors to the places on the maps so they can do more to help kids.

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ReliefWeb uses maps to point to areas of need
From the web site: "ReliefWeb is the leading humanitarian information source on global crises and disasters. It is a specialized digital service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

We provide reliable and timely information, enabling humanitarian workers to make informed decisions and to plan effective response. We collect and deliver key information, including the latest reports, maps and infographics and videos from trusted sources."

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Searchable map template - resource for map builders
This site shows how map overlays can be created that enable people to search for information within specific areas that is related to specific topics. The site contains a list of additional work done by others, so is a valuable resource.

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Segregation Maps of 40 Major U.S. Cities
Using data from the 2000 census, Eric Fischer created maps of 40 major U.S. cities based on racial divides and integration.

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Stamen maps - available for use
From the web site: "Stamen is building web services and open source tools to display public data in easy-to-understand, highly visual ways. We’d love to see these maps used around the web, so we’ve included some brief instructions to help you use them in the mapping system of your choice. These maps are available free of charge."

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Syracuse Community Geography
From the web site: "Syracuse Community Geography works in partnership with community-based organizations and university affiliates to map and spatially analyze topics of concern to Central New York communities. SCG helps communities to identify and address challenges in new ways using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and other forms of spatial analysis."

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Texas Connector - map based resource supports non profits
From the web site: "Texas Connector is an online, interactive mapping tool that links needs and nonprofits to strengthen Texas communities. It provides a visual snapshot of social service needs and resources to allow funders, local and state government leaders, research, and the nonprofit community to more effectively meet Texas' growing needs. Texas Connector bridges the information gap between the areas served by nonprofits and the underserved communities of Texas."

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The Development Gateway
From the web site: This is "an interactive portal for information and knowledge sharing on sustainable development and poverty reduction. It offers users access to development information, resources, and tools, providing a space to contribute knowledge and share experiences. The Gateway helps users navigate the growing amount of information available online, and empowers virtual communities of learning to address key development issues. The Gateway offers a comprehensive database of development projects, knowledge sharing on key development topics, and much more."

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The Maker Movement - Map Maker
This is a platform where others can add themselves to an interactive map.
From the web site: "The Maker Map is an ongoing open source project which aims to create a global database of maker resources - from workspaces to incubators - which is powered by the maker community and easily searchable on any device." Join in and add your activity to the map.

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The Space Informatics Lab (SIL) at University of Cincinnati
From the web site: "SIL develops intelligent algorithms for fast and intuitive exploration of large spatial datasets which originate from remotely-sensed Earth or planetary data, or from extensive ground survey - such as U.S. Census Bureau data. Without effective tools for exploring and analyzing these big spatial datasets, the ability of the scientific community to obtain any insight from this data is limited. SIL aims to develop tools which make intelligent exploration of these vast datasets possible, intuitive, and accessible to the scientific community." Explore the various web tools on the site.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection Map Gallery (2000-09)
This site demonstrates potential uses of maps to draw volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in different neighborhoods. T/MC maps aim to pinpoint potential partners for tutor/mentor programs in these areas, such as businesses, hospitals and churches. Maps can show expressways -- demonstrating the accessibility to the neighborhood and the tutor/mentor site to all those who use it each day. This means that one day a week, someone could stop at a tutor/mentor site to serve as a tutor, a mentor, a role model, for kids who don't have as many adult friends as they need. Visit the TMC MAP LIBRARY for the REST OF THE STORY. Note. A new Map Gallery was put in place in 2009. Visit to see maps made since 2008.

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United States Map Gallery - Valparaiso University
This is extensive collection of USA maps showing demographics, ethnic distributions, and other information. All can be downloaded. The slide show with the first map shows all other maps in the collection.

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Use ARCGIS to create your own map - learn more
This gallery shows story maps made using this ArcGIS portal.

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Walk Score helps people find walkable places to live. Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Check out how Walk Score works by visiting the web site and putting your address in the address bar. It's FREE.

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