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Centre for Contemplative Dialogue, Inc
From the web site: "Why do people find it so hard to work and relate in ways that don’t generate conflict and division? This practice offers proven ways to overcome those divisions. It supports individuals and groups in showing up in ways that make a measurable difference in the quality of life and outcomes we create. It supports building a shared approach that is effective, practical, and better allows us to do what we do best."

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Chicago Promise Zone: Policy Report on Reinventing Harlem Children's Zone
This is a report prepared by students involved in the University of Chicago’s Public Policy Studies Program. Reviews potential of duplicating Harlem Children's Zone in Washington Park and Woodlawn community areas of Chicago. If you search on the web site for "promise zone" you'll find additional reports on this topic.

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Chicago Region's 2040 Plan to improve Education and Workforc Development
This is one section of The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) 2040 plan for sustainable prosperity through mid-century and beyond.

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Chicago School of Data network of organizations
This page points to Chicago organizations using data to help citizens and leaders solve complex problems. Each link points to a web site.

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Collaboration ideas from Interaction Institute
This 2011 blog article is one of many resources that Interaction Institute offers on its web site.

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Collaborative Web Portals - White Paper from Naval Post Graduate School
This 2014 paper offers some deeper understanding of the value of web portals to help navigate the information overload caused by the Internet. As you read the paper, think of this web site as the type of web portal being described.

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Collective Action Opportunities, Challenges
This Winter 2011 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) featured article about Collective Impact, and the Strive network in Cincinnati that propelled "collective impact" into a widely followed strategy in the years since then. This article has been followed by many others. Read them all. Share this with future philanthropist. These illustrates the potential of strategies like the Tutor/Mentor Connection, as well as challenges.

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Collective Impact Forum
From the newsletter: "The Collective Impact Forum is the place for collective impact practitioners and those interested in collective impact — from nonprofits, to funders, to people in government, to business leaders, and others — to come together to share success stories, problem-solve, and learn from each other. It is an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions, in partnership with many others working to advance the practice of collective impact."

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Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier (2000 HBR article)
This article was written in 2000 before the birth of social media, Google and other internet platforms emerged. It is still relevant.

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Community Architects Networ (CAN) - Asia
From the web site "COMMUNITY ARCHITECTS NETWORK (CAN) is a regional network of community architects and planners, engineers, young professionals, lecturers and academic institutes in Asian countries. Established in 2010, the network has been supporting community-driven projects under the Asian Coalition for Community Action programme (ACCA) regarding people housing, city-wide upgrading, and recovery from disasters. We believe the role of community architects is to build the capacity of people, by participatory design and planning process to make people be their own solution."

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Community Building Tips - Before Opening a Space
This article was written to show how co-working space planners should build community before purchasing space. The steps they recommend are useful for any community organizing effort.

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Community Commons Portal - Data, tools, and stories to improve communities and inspire change.
Community Commons is an interactive mapping, networking, and learning utility for the broad-based healthy, sustainable, and livable communities’ movement. Explore the site to see map stories showing uses of maps. Sign up for webinars. Join the community.

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Community Engagement Matters (Now More Than Ever)
This 2016 Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) article focuses on the challenges and opportunities of collaborative problem solving.

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Community Issues Managment (CIM) systems
This slide show illustrates a very sophisticated facilitation process that is being piloted by the  Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES), University of Missouri

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Community Leadership Project - SF Bay area
From the web site: "The Community Leadership Project is a joint effort funded by three California foundations to strengthen grassroots organizations that serve low-income people and communities of color. The David and Lucile Packard, James Irvine, and William and Flora Hewlett foundations have long traditions of supporting diverse and low-income communities and believe that this grantmaking is critical to our missions."

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Community Participation 3.0 - a view of a possible future
This Slideshare presentation is describe as "moving from the stump to the build meaningful conversation means fielding all affected constituents, bringing them together in dialog, giving them the facts and asking the right questions".

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Community Problem Solving Toolbox
From the web site: " The Community Problem-Solving Project @ MIT, is a resource for people and institutions worldwide. The users of this site work in all three sectors--public, nonprofit (or non-governmental), and private--and across them. They work on a wide variety of issues, from housing and health care to education and the environment, from labor and economic development to crime and public safety and "comprehensive" community change. They are managers, organizers, supporters, investors, educators and trainers, evaluators, everyday citizens, and more, working in cities and rural communities around the globe to tackle important social problems and seize opportunities to promote change."

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Community Wealth. org - Engaged Universities, more
From the web site: "Few Americans are aware of the steady build-up of innovative community wealth building strategies throughout the United States. brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity. is a project of The Democracy Collaborative. Our commitment is to advance a new understanding of democracy for the 21st century." Visit the site and browse the various links.

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Complexity, self organizing, and social systems - article
This is an article posted on the Learning Change blog titled "Self-organization in Communicating Groups – the emergence of coordination, shared references and collective intelligence".

From the conclusion of the paper: "This paper has reviewed the mechanism of self-organization, conceived as the spontaneous coordination of actions performed by different agents. Such coordination helps to make the actions more synergetic, while reducing the friction between them. The result is that coordinated actions achieve their intended goals more easily and more effectively. In particular, coordination may result in an apparently unreachable goal or unsolvable problem getting within reach, as sources of obstruction vanish and missing elements are fitted in."

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Creating Collaboration takes more than technology
Article in Business Week by Evan Rosen is worth reading.  I've suggested for years that businesses should provide these collaboration tools to their employees to use in their volunteer work, where their passion to do good is hampered by the lack of time to do good work. Many may learn to use these tools through their social work and bring the experience back to their paid work.

Read blog articles by Evan Rosen at

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Creating the Future - a Systems Thinking Approach
From the web site: "Creating the Future is a collection of people around the world, supporting each other in a grand experiment designed to determine how much better the world could be if the questions we ask in our day to day lives are bringing out the best in each other."

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Critique of Collective Impact - 2016 article
This article by Tom Wolfe, titled "10 Places Where Collective Impact Gets It Wrong" expands what people should be thinking about when they decide to build community collaborations.

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Das BaumHaus - A space for people who want to make the world a better place
This is an example of a project (in Germany) that brings people together to achieve a common good. This blog supports the project:!

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Definitions of virtual communities (2002 article)
This 2002 article has an excellent set of definitions for what a community, or virtual community is. You can decide for yourself which definition works for you. This is part of a wealth of resources shared by Full Circle Associates -

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Deloitte University Press - ideas for building effective organizations
Deloitte shares its research and ideas in on-line platforms such as this one titled "As One". If you're looking to build a more effective organization or network, many of these ideas can be applied.

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