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Building Networked Improvement Communities in Education. Getting Ideas into Action
How to connect researchers and practitioners in on-going process of improvement that scales to reach thousands of locations and millions of educators? That's the question this essay focuses on. This essay focuses on an alternative social organization needed to structure and guide the varied and multiple associated efforts necessary to sustained
collective action toward solving complex education improvement problems.

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Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change

The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change" from the Centre for Social Innovation (Canada). This article describes how a larger network of organizations are united by common purpose, with thin infrastructure and bureaucracy, and lots of flexibility and freedom of action by individual members and groups of members.

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Exploring the Role of Boundary Spanning in Distributed Networks of Knowledge
This paper talks about communities of practice, knowledge sharing, network building and the key role of people who the paper describes as "boundary spanners". If we can demonstrate to business leaders that volunteer involvement in non-school tutor/mentor programs is a way to help build communities of practice that connects people from within a location and across many locations we may open a new door to leadership involvement and financial support.

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Feedback Labs - support for non profits
Interesting resource to support collaboration and interaction. Take a look.

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For The Sake Of ALL - St. Louis Org Supports Community Learnking
This St. Louis based intermediary uses its web site to draw people into deeper learning about community issues. Featured in article posted on Community Commons web site:

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Healthier Together Initiative - Florida
From the web site: "Healthier Together, is a community-driven, multi-year, placed-based, funding approach developed by Palm Healthcare. This strategic initiative convenes neighborhood leaders and residents, listens to their needs, and provides financial support and resources to help the neighborhood make positive, healthy changes. Explore this site to learn more about the solutions targeted neighborhoods are creating to address complex health issues. Get involved!"

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Holacracy - a new way of running an organization
This web page describes ways to empower more people in the organization in ways that improves productivity and efficiency. The ideas could apply to a network of organizations, not just to work within a single organization. Add to your reading list.

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How online communities are faring in 2016
Building and sustaining effective on-line communities requires an investment of resources, talent and time. This article shows some of the lessons being learned from surveys of on-line communities.

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Ideas about networks and leadership
Phil Willburn is a full-time faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership and also a network scientist. His blog provides many ideas regarding the role of leaders and their relationship to these networks.

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Ideas for building collaborations and networks - Converge for Impact Blog
I connected with this group via a 2015 article posted on Stanford Social Innovation Review, titled "Network Entrepreneurs: The Most Impactful Leaders You’ve Never Heard Of". This is one of many insights they share on their blog.

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Infogagement - Citizenship and Democracy in Age of Engagement - pdf
This 2014 report describes the intersection of open government/civic tech, democratic participation/inclusion, and journalism. For those who seek to build support for those in poverty this report should stimulate innovation in ways we connect.

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Leadership for the future - Otto Scharmer article
This article starts with "“We are collectively creating results nobody wants”, says Otto Scharmer (famous for Theory U). That’s why leadership should help people to see the whole system. It is time to change our organizations and institutions, and bust three leadership myths. Make your difference and start with this blog post!"

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Loomio supports group discussion and descion making
Bringing a group together and facilitating discussion and decision making can be enhanced by on-line facilitation and decision support tools. Loomio looks like a tool that many might use. Try it out.

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More articles about social network analysis
Since 2007 Tutor/Mentor Connection has been sharing links to articles about social network analysis and social capital on its NING community group. Since it's possible we may not continue this site, due to rising costs, I've moved these articles to a blog article on Wordpress.

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Movement Labs - Facilitates growth of social movements
From the web site: "The Movement Netlab is a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. We are comprised of movement-based activists, organizers and researchers whose goal is to help develop powerful conceptual and practical tools that help facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the most dynamic, emerging social movements of our time."

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New Ways Of Thinking and Working to Achieve Prosperity
This article by Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities since July 2007, includes a quote saying "The road to the future requires that we move from a geographically bounded and named strategy, community development, to one that reflects the needs and realities of the twenty-first century, prosperity development."

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The role of narrative change in influencing policy
It's 2017. Have you heard the term "Narrative change"? This article attempts to describe and create an understanding of what this is. If you're trying to influence people to change behaviors, practices or policy, this seems to be relevant.

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Tracing and Understanding Networks as Political Process
The author writes about understanding networks as part of a strategy to influence political action. This is blog of author of "Knowledge and Praxis of Networks As a Political Process"---- Yannick Rumpala from the University of Nice, in Nice, France.

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Using Systems Thinking to Explore Amplifying the Voices of Community Members
This is one of a series of article on the Pathways to New Community Paradigms blog which offers a deeper exploration into Collective Impact using blog articles and concept maps. If you're interested in collective impact, community collaboration or related ideas take time to visit the blog and the KUMU maps that are pointed to in each article.

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Assets and Opportunity Network - focus on financial security
From the web site: "The Assets & Opportunity Network is a movement-oriented group of service providers, advocates, researchers, financial institutions, policymakers and others who are working to implement strategies and advocate for policies that help people become more financially secure. The Network builds service delivery capacity to drive effective programs and products and advocacy capacity to increase engagement in the policy process and, ultimately, deepen our collective impact. And it connects stakeholders to one another nationally in order to create stronger alliances working for an opportunity economy that works for all."

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Assets for the Good in Groups - Luther Snow site
Luther Snow and friends are currently working to develop an online networking and resource site for the sharing and development of Asset Mapping and related positive strategies. Visit his web site to see the group grow, and to learn from this network of experienced leaders.

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Austin Coming Together - Chicago West Side Collective Effort
The goals of this group are "Collaborate to improve education and economic development outcomes in Austin; Build trust through effective communication, transparent operations, and commitment to action; Promote unity by valuing and respecting any individual or entity that shares ACT’s vision."

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Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council
From the web site: "The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston. Our mission is to promote smart growth and regional collaboration. Our regional plan, MetroFuture, guides our work as we engage the public in responsible stewardship of our region’s future."

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Building a Civic Infrastructure - Matt Leighninger on Slideshare
This site hosts a variety of SlideShare presentations describing weaknesses of current forms of civic engagement and ideas for improvement.

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Building a Culture of Empathy - videos and articles
Until someone not living in poverty or distressed circumstances "walks a mile in the other person's shoes" he/she does not have the empathy and understanding needed to help solve that person's problems.

T/MC NOTE: Volunteer involvement in a tutor/mentor program is a strategy go increase the number of people who empathize with issues of high poverty and who become more willing to commit time, talent and dollars to helping people in poverty overcome their challenges.

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