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Appreciative Inquiry Community International
Appreciative Inquiry Community International is a Facebook group that will "connect, share, combine and co-develop the practices based on Appreciative Inquiry and other strength based practices and aim to spread these practices."

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Better visual story telling - article
This article from "Visual Matters" site offers some ideas for enhancing your charts and data maps. Worth adding to your idea toolkit.

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Between Friends-the value of the "social graph."
This blog talks about mapping the connections between people in social network spaces like Facebook.

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Boston Data Commons - integrates visualizations
From the web site: "The MetroBoston DataCommon provides a wealth of information about the region’s people and communities through a variety of topics -- from arts and education to the environment and transportation. A resource for all those seeking to understand how the region is changing, it helps residents, stakeholders, planners, city and town officials, educators and journalists explore data and make informed decisions. We invite you to explore its data, community snapshots and create your own visualizations and reports."

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Change the World Through Culture Design - unique approach
This organization/company uses design to focus on how to change culture. Their web site says "We take an evolutionary approach to the spread of ideas."

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Concept mapping. WorldWide Maps
From the web site: "The WWMAPS project organizes cultural exchange relations and construction of structures of knowledge between students from geographically distant countries and language. The difficulties of communication and distance are both solvable through the use of concept maps, made with appropriate software and shared in a network environment. Software and network environment are both provided by CmapTools, a free program very easy to use."

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Concept maps aid knowledge modeling and sharing - CMap Tools
From the web site: "Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge in an organized fashion. Learn what concept maps are, how to construct them, and use them." The Tutor/Mentor Connection has been using CMap tools since 2005 to visualize strategy and resources available to visitors of our web sites. We're looking for partners to help map concepts of the T/MC.

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Cynefin Model - looking at complex problems
This model of complex problem solving is one that can be applied to our efforts to surround inner city kids with learning and mentoring that leads to long-term benefits for kids, industry, and communities.  This link goes to a Wikipedia definition.

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Data visualization examples from across the web created with Tableau Public.
These are examples of products created using Tableau data visualization software.

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Datainterfaces - for­mats for data-rich sce­nar­ios
From the web site: "DataInter­faces is a research lab­o­ra­tory that merges the com­pe­tences of com­mu­ni­ca­tion design, complex sys­tems sci­ence, and com­puter sci­ence in the cre­ation of inter­faces between data and people."

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Demonstration of use of concept maps
This site is one of the largest non-commercial training and development sites on the web. In this section the site uses a concept map to help visitors navigate the information on the site.

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Evidence Showing Value of Visual Portfolio Mapping
This article shows research done that provides "empirical evidence that visualisation directly and positively impacts business outcomes."

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Examples of data visualization from 2012 Global Voices Citizen Media Summit
This blog and the audio provide many ideas for using visualization of data to share ideas.

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Global Priorities Flow Chart - how to get involved?
Want to make a difference in the world? Where to start? This flow chart offers a lot of ideas to consider.

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How to Mind Map in Three Small Steps - article
This article about Mind mapping is one of many resources on the site. IM's mission is described as "We believe that innovation should be treated as any other management discipline—one that is learned and used as a sustainable strategy for creating long-term value. We also believe knowledge is most valuable when it is shared. IM’s mission is to provide relevant, inspiring and actionable knowledge to businesses and individuals looking to increase their innovation capabilities."

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Human Alliance - integrates network analysis
This talent development company integrates network analysis into its work and has many articles on the site that demonstrates this potential.

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Idea Mapping Guide -
This on-line book by Jamie Nast offers a comprehensive guilde to creating visualizations of ideas and strategies. If you're learning to create mind maps or concept maps, or teaching others, this would be a good resource.

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Information Visualization wiki -
From the web site: "The InfoVis:Wiki project is intended to provide a community platform and forum integrating recent developments and news on all areas and aspects of Information Visualization."

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International Network for Social Network Analysis
This is a web site for researchers interested in social network analysis (SNA). We can learn much about SNA by browsing the various sections of this site.

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Knowledge Visualization
This blog show some interesting visualizations with links to other web sites. Last updated in 2006. Articles still relevant.

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Kumu - a powerful cloud-based visualization platform
Kumu is building an interactive network mapping platform and plans to launch a 'free' community platform that many users could participate in.

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Learning Theories Mind Map
This map points to a lot of ideas that could be used in innovating strategies for helping kids learn and prepare for adult responsibilities. It's also a good example of visual communications.

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Making Connections blog shares Systems Thinking Ideas
From the web site: "The “Making Connections” blog was created so we can easily share our experiences and ideas and learn from each other. Links to tweets, forums and other online discussion will also connect us to the broader Systems Thinking community."

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Mapping complexity using KUMU
This article titled "Wicked Solutions: Major Influences" offers tips for using KUMU to map complex relationships.

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Mind Maps Used for Bible Study - blog
Browse through articles on this blog and see how concept maps/mind maps are used to outline passages in the Bible and create deeper understanding. Hope to find people in faith communities using mind maps to visualize strategies for helping the poor climb out of poverty.

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