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Action Research Resources - supporing action AND research (2002 paper)
From the web site: This is "A paper originally prepared for the seminar "Doing good action research" held at Southern Cross University, Monday February 18, 2002"

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AllTransit - master data resource to understand public transit
From the web site: "CNT has created a robust, one of a kind database consisting of stop, route and frequency information for 805 transit agencies in regions with populations greater than 100,000 as well as a large number of smaller regions and agencies."

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An Overview of Social Media Research Tools - 2019
From the blog: "Twitter and other social media platforms represent a large and largely untapped resource for social data and evidence. In this post, Wasim Ahmed updates his recurring series on the Impact Blog, to bring you the latest developments in digital methods and methodologies for researching Twitter and other social media platforms."

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An Understanding of Competitive Intelligence
This article on Wikipedia provides some understanding of the strategy of "competitive intelligence". One section states "Marketing research is a tactical, methods-driven field that consists mainly of neutral primary research that draws on customer data in the form of beliefs and perceptions as gathered through surveys or focus groups, and is analyzed through the application of statistical research techniques. In contrast, Competitive Intelligence, CI,  typically draws on a wider variety (i.e., both primary and secondary) of sources, from a wider range of stakeholders (e.g., suppliers, competitors, distributors, substitutes, media, and so on), and seeks not just to answer existing questions but also to raise new ones and to guide action."

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Annenberg Network of Networks
From the web site: "ANN, the Annenberg Network.supports a variety of efforts designed to develop social network theory. One key strategy to developing new theory is the exploration of information-based communication networks that are the foundation of a new social form called the network society. Another useful approach takes the form of exploring multiple existing social theories to identify new implications for social networks that accrue from combining multiple theories at multiple levels. A third technique is to apply a theory developed to explain other phenomena to information and communication networks, as in the case of evolutionary theory. ANN also undertakes empirical research projects to test these network theories."

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Appreciative Inquiry - What is it?
This is one of several definitions of appreciative inquiry on this web site: “Appreciative Inquiry [is] a theory and practice for approaching change from a holistic framework. Based on the belief that human systems are made and imagined by those who live and work within them, AI leads systems to move toward the generative and creative images that reside in their most positive core – their values, visions, achievements, and best practices.”

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Boston Indicators Project
From the web site: "Boston Indicators is the research center at the Boston Foundation, which works to advance a thriving Greater Boston for all residents across all neighborhoods. We do this by analyzing key indicators of well-being and by researching promising ideas for making our city more prosperous, equitable and just. To ensure that our work informs active efforts to improve our city, we work in deep partnership with community groups, civic leaders and Boston’s civic data community to produce special reports and host public convenings." Note: The T/MC has followed this site since mid 2000s. Great resource.

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Build Initiative - data indicators - 50 state chart book
From the web site: "For planning and policy purposes, state leaders need accurate information about the well-being of their youngest children and the services being provided to them. This information should include data pertaining to the population of children in the states as a whole and to different racial and ethnic groups. While available information can not sufficiently answer all questions state leaders may ask, administrative data sets, national surveys and census data provide a basis for understanding the current well-being of young children across health, social, developmental and economic realms – and for examining disparities that exist by race, ethnicity and income level.

The Fifty State Chart Book provides the available information compiled in a way that enables comparisons, by race, ethnicity and income level, both within and across states, of differences and disparities in well-being, service use and environmental conditions. The nineteen indicators in the Chart Book span various domains of well-being and offer a holistic picture of how children from different racial and ethnic backgrounds are faring."

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Building a Collaborative Business - Making Better Decisions
This is a review of a 2012 book by Morten T Hansen, titled "Collaboration How Leaders Avoid The Traps, Create Unity And Reap Big Results." The book outlines "the opportunities and barriers to building a collaborative culture and the kind of initiatives and solutions he recommends to getting it right."

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Carnegie Mellon Center for Center for Organizational Learning, Innovation and Knowledge
From the web site: "the center brings together researchers from different disciplines, including psychology, organizational behavior, information systems, operations management, economics and strategy to advance our understanding of the psychological, social, cultural, organizational, technological and economic factors that affect knowledge creation, retention and transfer in firms."

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Center for Cyberlearning Research - graphics and complex thinking
From the web site: "New technologies change what and how people learn. Informed by learning science, cyberlearning is the use of new technology to create effective new learning experiences that were never possible or practical before. The cyberlearning movement advances learning of important content in several different ways." Visit the web site to learn more.

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Chicago Metro Pulse Community Indicators Resource
This is a resource of the Regional Indicators Project serving the Chicago area. Created to support effective decision making and map progress toward goals of region's 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

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City - Resource for Chicago, Illinois and all other states
From the web site: "By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of government and private sources, we're able to create detailed, informative profiles for every city in the United States. From crime rates to weather patterns, you’ll find the data you're looking for on" The site also hosts a forum which has thousands of users.

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Civic Apps (for Chicago) built with Open Data
This site shows apps built by volunteers who connect weekly at the ChicagoHackNight event held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Browse the list. Many include maps.

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Co-Intelligence. What is it?
From the web site: "The term "co-intelligence" refers to a shared, integrated form of intelligence that we find in and around us when we're most vibrantly alive. It is also found in cultures that sustain themselves harmoniously with nature and neighbor." Visit the site and read more.

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Community Indicators Consortium Project List -
This is a comprehensive list of "indicators projects" in the US and the world. Each project is a "community information" resource that covers a wide range of issues important to each community.

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Community Indicators of the Greater Rochester (NY) area
From the web site: "A community indicators program of Rochester Area Community Foundation, ACT Rochester provides an objective assessment of the area's nine-county region's performance on key indicators of well-being. The robust website creates a "one stop shop" for data and analysis, over 100 indicators, as well as links to more than 300 community initiatives and resources. Center for Governmental Research conducts the research and analysis provided on the site. More than 200 local organizations and many individuals provided input and guidance into the design of ACT Rochester.:

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Conceptions of the Global Brain - Historical Review
This article from the LearningChange web site describes "The “Global Brain” as a metaphor for an emerging, collectively intelligent network that is formed by the people of this planet, together with the computers, knowledge bases and communication links that connect them."

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Conneticut Data Hub - a WEAVE user
From the web site: "The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a public-private partnership that advocates for the public availability of open and accessible data to drive planning, policy, budgeting and decision making in Connecticut at the state, regional and local levels. We are a user-driven organization, serving nonprofits, advocates, policymakers, community groups, and funders in using data to drive policy and improve programs and services."

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Creative Problem Solving
From the web site: "Our vision is to unlock the creative genius in everyone. The Creative Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization of leaders in the field of creativity theory and practice. Every day, principles fostered by CEF programs are helping someone, somewhere in the world, develop new products, make business operations run more profitably, restructure organizations and agencies to become more effective and less encumbered, reinvigorate economies, make improvements in our schools, revitalize communities, and replace ineffective methods and systems with new, more workable ones."

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Data Common - Massachusetts resource
From the web site: "The DataCommon provides a wealth of information about the Massachusetts’ people and communities through a variety of topics -- from arts and education to the environment and transportation. A resource for residents, stakeholders, planners, city and town officials, educators and journalists explore data and make informed decisions.

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Data Scientists Central - hub of information
This link points to an article titled, "10 Modern Statistical Concepts Discovered by Data Scientists: It is just one of many resources that people interested in data visualization will find on this site.

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DataHaven: Community Knowledge Center serving Connecticut
From the web site: "At DataHaven, our mission is to improve quality of life by collecting, interpreting and sharing public data for effective decision-making. We have served Greater New Haven and Connecticut as a nonprofit organization since 1992, working with many partners to develop reports, tools, and technical assistance programs that make information more useful to local communities."

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Defining What Knowledge Management is. Blog
Add this to your collection of articles if you're trying to understand knowledge management and apply it to supporting the growth of needed social services in high poverty areas.

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Digital Research Tools
From the web site: 'The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software."

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