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More than 2000 links are organized into 25 categories.  Browse the categories and sub categories to find links to web sites with information you can use to build and sustain strong organizations helping youth move through school and into jobs and careers.  Some of the links point to older pages on some web sites. Click to the "home" page to find the most current information being shared. Look for social media links and connect with these organizations in social media. Look for the resource pages and visit sites that these organizations point to. This is a huge resource and it keeps growing. As you get to know what's here, by frequent visits,  it will grow in its value to you.

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Youth as Leaders, Youth Empowerment
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All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement
All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement is a groundbreaking CIRCLE report on how to educate young Americans for political participation in a time of deep polarization.

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Camp Out for Kids - Summer Camp Opportunity
From the web site: "Throughout the years, Camp Out for Kids has sent children and youth to many different types of camps as well as developed strong relationships with other organizations that provide summer camp experiences and programming." Visit the web site to see what youth organizations in Chicago they work with and how kids can get involved.

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More Links on Service, Youth Leaders, etc.
This Tutor/Mentor resource library contains additional links to organizations focusing on service and youth as leaders in this section.

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New Ways to Work - Helping Youth to Jobs
From the web site: "New Ways to Work is a consulting, technical assistance, and training organization that helps communities build comprehensive local youth-serving systems, develop new programs and partnerships, and improve practice in the organizations that serve young people."

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The Freechild Project - Community Youth Development
From the web site: "Community youth development weaves the growth of young people as they naturally desire to create change in their surrounding environments into the development of their communities. Actively partnering youth and adults to create new opportunities, youth serve their communities while developing their own skills, knowledge and abilities." This is just one of many projects. Browse the site to learn more.

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The Support Group - Youth Empowerment Programs
From the web site: "The mission of The Support Group is to execute programs which provide the best opportunities for youth to understand the importance of excelling academically and athletically. Emphasis is placed on academic success, test-taking skills,leadership, and character building. TSG establishes partnerships with businesses, community and faith-based organizations in an effort to provide ongoing support to youth through empowerment programs."

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True Star Media - Teaches Workplace Skills
Chicago teens are enrolled in 10-week apprentice programs where they learn skills while creating the True Star Magazine, True Star Radio, and True Star Jr. Magazine.

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What Kids Can Do
From the web site: "What Kids Can Do (WKCD) is a national nonprofit organization founded in the winter of 2001 and operating until Feb. 2018. The site is an archive now, but the resources are still valuable. WKCD documented the value of young people working with teachers and other adults on projects that combine powerful learning with public purpose for an audience of educators and policy makers, journalists, community members, and students.

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Youth Crossroads (Berwyn, Il. ) - Youth Leadership Program
From the web site: "The Berwyn Youth Crossroads (YC) Leadership Program (YLP) offers local teenagers great opportunities to discover their emerging potential and put that potential to work through community service projects." Visit site to learn more.

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Youth Voices - a site for conversations.
From the web site: "Youth Voices is organized by teachers at local sites of the National Writing Project and in partnership with Educator Innovator." It is a school-based social network that was started in 2003 by a group of National Writing Project teachers. Students from around the world are posting stories on the site about topics important to them. Browse around. Get involved.

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