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Illinois After School Network Spring Conference - Chicago
From the web site: "The Illinois AfterSchool Network provides support to the afterschool and youth development field through professional development, leadership and networking opportunities. An annual conference is held in the Chicago region.."

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Illinois Conference on Volunteer Administration
Conference on Volunteer Administration offers valuable training and networking opportunities for all programs that enage volunteers in their work.

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Implementing Effective Youth Mentoring Program for High School Students - pdf
This paper offers idea for building effective site based tutor/mentor programs. While the paper focuses on school-based programs, the lessons apply to site based non-school programs, too.

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International Bureau of Education - FREE training booklets
From the web site: The mandate of IBE is "Strengthen the capacity of member states to design, develop and implement curricula that ensure the equity, quality, relevance and effectiveness of education and learning systems. IBE-UNESCO is therefore the most appropriate organization to support the efforts of Member States in the implementation of the objective of sustainable development 4: "Ensuring universal access to quality education , On an equal footing, and to promote opportunities for lifelong learning." The site includes many easy-to-use, easy-to-understand booklets that you can Download, FREE.

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International Mentoring Association - Mentoring Questions
From the web site: "The International Mentoring Association (IMA) vision is to be the ultimate resource for the development of human potentional through mentoring.

The IMA mission is to provide networking opportunities and share practices and research for the accreditation of mentoring programs and the development of mentoring relationships."

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Mandated Reporting in Illinois/Erin's Law
From the web site: "Erin’s Law is named after childhood sexual assault survivor, author, speaker and activist Erin Merryn, who is the founder and President of Erin’s Law, which is registered with the State of Illinois and the IRS as a 501 (c)(4) non-profit social welfare organization. After Erin introduced the legislation in her home state of Illinois, the bill was named “Erin’s Law” after her by legislators and it has caught on nationwide. “Erin’s Law” requires that all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program." Visit the web site to learn more.

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Mentoring Activities for School-Based Mentoring
This list of mentoring activities was developed by volunteers who were participants of the Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme (MATES) Juniour programme, which serves youth in New Zealand.

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Mentoring Central - research based on-line mentor training program
From the web site: "We’re committed to changing the lives of youth. We develop and deliver products and services that make mentors better mentors—and we take mentoring programs to their highest level.

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, educators, and mentoring practitioners combine science, real world perspectives, and field-tested studies. The result? First-of-their-kind products and services that are both effective and practical. Consider us your mentoring partner—your single source for training, evaluation tools, and customized services. We support and enhance youth mentoring programs across town and around the world. Some of our clients include Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the National Urban League, Mentoring USA, and the New York City Mentoring for Achievement initiative."

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Mentoring Program Resources - Mentoring Partnership of SW PA
From the web site: "The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA (TMP) helps children by delivering resources to mentoring programs throughout our region. We promote the importance of quality mentoring; present best practices and research; and deliver training, technical assistance and professional development for the staff and volunteers of local programs.

TMP's technical assistance program, Striving for Mentoring Excellence Coaching, gives partner organizations the opportunity to reflect, self-review and set goals for their programs." The site has an extensive set of resources.

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Mentoring Resource Links - Online Clearinghouse
This is part of the resource library hosted by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools. There are dozens of links in this section so spend a little time on an on-going basis learning from what is available.

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Mentoring the Mentor - 1995 article from Tutor/Mentor Library
This article, titled, We Care: Mentoring-the-Mentor for Effective Family/Professional Collaboration and Team Building was written in 1995 by Kathryn Moery, Ed.M, of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Kathryn helped organize one of the Tutor/Mentor Conferences in the mid 1990s.

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Minnesota Council of Non-profits - resource library
From the web site: "he Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) was founded in 1987 to meet the increasing information needs of nonprofits and to convene nonprofits to address issues facing the sector. It is the largest state association of nonprofits in the U.S."

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Minnesota Mentoring Partnership - resources
From the web site: "The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) formed in 1994 as a community initiative to promote mentoring for Minnesota youth. For over 20 years, MPM has been a consistent presence to mentoring organizations throughout the state and leads the mentoring movement to ensure youth and mentors have access to high-quality mentoring experiences." The web site has an extensive resource library.

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More information on mentoring, tutoring from this web library
This link points to another section of the web library with an extensive set of links related to mentoring and tutoring.

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National Center for Fathering
The mission of the National Center for Fathering is to "improve the well-being of children by inspiring and equipping men to be more effectively involved in the lives of children. In response to a dramatic trend towards fatherlessness in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering, and to develop practical resources to prepare dads for nearly every fathering situation."

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National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Resource Center
From the web site: "Established by Congress in 2000, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) brings a singular and comprehensive focus to childhood trauma. NCTSN’s collaboration of frontline providers, researchers, and families is committed to raising the standard of care while increasing access to services. Combining knowledge of child development, expertise in the full range of child traumatic experiences, and dedication to evidence-based practices, the NCTSN changes the course of children’s lives by changing the course of their care."

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National Conference on Volunteering and Service
This annual national Points of Light conference brings together leaders of business, philanthropy, government and volunteer programs. Hosted by the Points of Light Foundation and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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National Mentoring Resource Center
From the web site: "Our goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring across the country through increased use of evidence-based practices and sharing practitioner innovations." The site has an extensive set of resources, blogs, webinar, etc.

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National Mentoring Summit
Every January MENTOR hosts a gathering of mentoring leaders in Washington, DC.

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On the Road to Literacy - Annual Conference in Chicago
Whether you’re staff, a tutor, or an ESL or Basic Literacy adult learner at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level, there is always something for everyone at the "On the Road to Literacy" Conference! hosted by Literacy Volunteers of Illinois (LVA). LVA also hosts an directory of community based literacy programs in the Chicago region.

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Parent Leadership in Education blog
This blog has ideas that parents might use to build their own involvement in making public education work better for their kids, and those of other families.

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Partnership for Drug - resources
From the web site: "By bringing together renowned scientists, parent experts and communications professionals, we translate the science of teen drug use and addiction for families. At, parents can find a wealth of information, tools and opportunities to connect with other parents and caregivers who may have a child struggling with addiction."

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Points of Light - Volunteer Management Resource site
From the web site: "Points of Light helps your nonprofit find volunteers and also equips you with the skills and resources you need to use volunteers more effectively." This is just part of what they offer.

Points of Light also hosts an annual National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Find details on the web site.

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Preventing Bullying and Cyber Bulleying
From the web site: " was built by a collaborative team of educational and career experts, including teachers, professors and educational researchers, who focus their efforts on providing students of all levels with factual resources that will help them navigate the educational and career hurdles required to achieve their professional goals. This website was developed with the future and existing teacher in mind – to be a hub of educational and career tips and advice from fellow teachers and career guidance experts who have traveled on this journey themselves." This link points to a set of resources about bullying.

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Quaglia Institute Aspirations Framework - apply to mentoring program design
From the web site: "The Quaglia Institute's Aspirations Framework outlines a research-based way to recognize and develop aspirations, while trusting in the professional judgment of educators and insights of students to decide what concrete actions are best for their school. This combination of the Institute's expertise articulated in the Framework, and a school's expertise in their unique culture, cultivates a learning environment in which all students and adults are inspired to achieve their very best - personally, socially, and academically.

At the heart of the Aspirations Framework is a set of research-based guiding principles and corresponding conditions that direct the development of educational experiences, from the individual classroom to the entire school building. The Framework emphasizes relationships, active and engaging teaching and learning, and a sense of responsibility over one's own aims and goals." Visit the site and learn more.

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