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The Center For Science, Math & Tech Education at Colorado State U.
From the web site: "Mission is to serve as the focal point for program development and research aimed at fostering improvements, innovations, and reforms in science, mathematics and technology instruction and curriculum at all levels K-16."

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The Equality Trust - health impact of poverty gaps

Large income inequalities within societies damage the social fabric and the quality of life for everyone."  The Equality Trust Campaigns to gain the widest public and political understanding of the harm caused by inequality. 

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The Firehouse Community Arts Center - Chicago
From the web site: "The Firehouse offers daily arts training and mentoring to youth and young adults in a creative and nurturing environment. Youth (ages 12-25) will have opportunities to engage in workshops involving music production, dance, graphic arts, computer technology, culinary art, photography, and entrepreneurship. Providing Arts as Redemptive Transformation in education though these disciplines."

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The Greenheart Exchange - connects people from around the world
From the web site: "Greenheart Exchange is a nonprofit organization that offers cultural exchange programs in the United States for people all around the world."

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The Grey Labyrinth
At this site you'll find puzzles, riddles, and word problems that test your logic, perception, and math skills.

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The Illinois Health Education Consortium
From the web site: "The mission of the consortium is to improve health care for the underserved through community health promotion activities, health professions education and health careers development."

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The Knowledge Gateway for Health and Development
The Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform that connects people working in health and development through virtual networks and online discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange.

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The Miracle Center - Arts Incubator model
From the web site: "The Miracle Center (TMC) is a 501 (c)3 faith-based organization dedicated to providing youth from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged communities between the ages of 11 to 22 a socio-emotionally supportive environment for personal growth, creative and academic development. TMC enables young people to learn the social skills, discipline, self-advocacy and character-building tools needed to become successful students, committed family members, and responsible citizens preventing them from engaging in unwanted pregnancy, gang violence, and drugs-use."

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The Per Scholas Institute for Technology - Cincinnati
From the web site: "Per Scholas is a national nonprofit organization that breaks the cycle of poverty by providing technology education, access, training and job placement services for people in low-income educational tools for children."

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The Population Health Forum
From the web site: "The Population Health Forum's mission is to raise awareness and initiate dialogue about the ways in which political, economic, and social inequalities interact to affect the overall health status of our society. Our goals are to promote knowledge and advocate for action in service of a healthier society."

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The Scientific Imperative Of Achieving Diversity
This Forbes magazine article makes a case for stronger workplace and career diversity strategies, especially in Science, Math, Technology and Engineering (STEM) fields.

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The US Geological Service Learning Web
From the web site: "The USGS Learning Web is divided into three sections: Students, Teachers, Explorers. Located in the Student's section, the Finding a Balance environmental study project examines real world water use dilemmas. The Homework Help section features both USGS and other web resources for Geology, Hydrology, Biology and Geography. The glossary section provides a list of web links to a variety of USGS and other Web glossaries."

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Tipping the Scale Mentoring at Baptist Health
From the web site: "Tipping the Scale was launched by Baptist Health and The Bridge of Northeast Florida in 1999. It is an ambitious program Adolescent Advocacy and Intervention Mentoring Program to help Duval County students stay in school by building their strengths through two components — mentorship and employment at hospitals."

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Understanding link between poverty, place and health - more links
Visit this section of the Tutor/Mentor library for more articles related to poverty, prevention, social justice, community development, etc.

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Urban Youth International Journalism Program -WeThePeople - Chi
At-risk teens learn the basics of journalism and communications through eight one-hour workshops. Some students become free-lance writers for the Residents' Journal, which tells stories of life in Chicago Housing Authority buildings. Visit the web site and read some of the stories. Last entry was 2015.

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US 2020 STEM Education Network
From the web site: "Our mission is to change the trajectory of STEM education in America by dramatically scaling the number of STEM professionals engaged in high-quality STEM mentoring with youth. "

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Using Concept Map to Dev. Public Health Strategy
This link points to a peer reviewed article titled: "Using Concept Mapping to Develop a Logic Model for the Prevention Research Centers Program". This is a valuable tool and process that public health leaders might incorporate to expand the range of supports provided during the school day and non -school hours to help at-risk youth make healthier decisions, that lead them through school and into jobs with a resulting reduction in negative health behaviors, and a lower cost of these behaviors to society.

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This site focuses on creating greater access to safe water and sanitation for people living in poverty throughout the world.

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WeAllCode - teaches tech to teens
From the web site: "We All Code exists because we believe every kid deserves to excel in one of the emerging fields of STEM, whether they choose to pursue more education or go straight into careers in computer science. Our mission is to inspire, support, and teach these skills to help them be successful."

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World Health Organization (WHO) - data portal
From the web site: "The Global Health Observatory theme pages provide data and analyses on global health priorities. Each theme page provides information on global situation and trends highlights, using core indicators, database views, major publications and links to relevant web pages on the theme."

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World Myths & Legends in Art
This website from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts uses 26 works of art selected from its collections to explore mythology from around the world. Each work of art has a corresponding essay that includes key points; the story that inspired the work of art; background, such as history, cultural context and style; and suggested discussion questions.

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Young Chicago Authors
From the web site: "Since 1991, Young Chicago Authors has been transforming the lives of young people by cultivating their voices through writing, publication, and performance education."

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Youth Communications - New York
From the web site: "Youth Communication provides powerful, teen-written stories and professional development to help educators and youth workers engage struggling youth. Our literacy-rich training model helps teachers, after-school workers, counselors, and other professionals to connect with the teens they serve and build their social and emotional learning skills."

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Youth Technology Corps and Network
from the web site: "YTC Mission Statement - YTC is transforming teens, empowering them with the skills necessary for the technology of the 21st century. Enlisting teens as allies, YTC youth improve their skills while donating technology to their communities."

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