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Learning In Deed - Resource Library
EDC’s Learning and Teaching Division produces resources in the form of reports, books, Web-based tools, and multimedia for stakeholders across the education continuum. Some of these resources are developed exclusively by EDC while others are the result of collaborations with federal and state government, universities, foundations, and other funders.

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Life as a Healthcare CIO Blog
Articles and links in this blog can link the Tutor/Mentor Community to members of the health care community if enough of us follow these links and build relationships and connections.

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Little Black Pearl - Arts Education for Chicago youth
From the web site: "LBP works diligently to counter the challenges urban youth face by providing a safe environment, positive role models, and rigorous program and skill development activities and opportunities. Our 10-year history has successfully proven that it is possible to marry art and entrepreneurship through real life application of talent, interest and skills. At Little Black Pearl, youth feel safe and open to exploring, expressing and challenging their ideas and feelings through art. The combination of art and business bring out innate talents and shows youth the value of their work. They learn lifelong skills; enhance their self-esteem and benefit from the sale of their art. A wide array of works of art created by youth in programs and workshops provided by Little Black Pearl are available for purchase through the Art and Design Center."

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Lumity - focuses on teens, STEM Careers, more
From the web site: "Lumity is committed to making an impact on the lives of teens and young adults by creating transformational experiences that not only prepare them for STEM careers, but for life.

Lumity provides high schools in underserved communities with access to one-of-a-kind, student programming that focuses on essentials such as character building, critical thinking and teamwork, all of which serves as the foundation for success in life, no matter what career path a student chooses. Unlike other programs that take short-term approaches, Lumity’s four-year program supports students through each of their high school years.

Our program aims to teach and strengthen students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ability to work in a team and effectively collaborate, develop stronger inter/intra personal skills and teach valuable presentation skills."

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Making Sense of the Renewable Revolution
The environment is not the primary focus of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, yet it is of concern to all of us and offers a great opportunity for student/volunteer learning and civic engagement activities. This post is recommended reading.

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Marwin - Arts education for inner city Chicago youth
From the web site: "Marwen achieves its mission by providing free visual arts classes to under-served Chicago youth in 6 - 12 grades. Marwen also provides free college and career counseling to high school students and their families who are interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts or wish to continue their education beyond high school."

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Master Mix Academy - S.T.E.M. program called "DJ SCIENCE."
Master Mix Academy, based in Chicago, goes to a variety of educational facilities throughout Chicago to provide its dj science STEM workshops at there facility.

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Math Counts - focus on middle school students
From the web site: "The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides engaging math programs to U.S. middle school students of all ability levels in order to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving. "

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Mathematical Manipulatives help visualize concepts
This web site provides interactive Java-based mathematical manipulatives that help students visualize relationships and applications.

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Merit School of Music - Chicago
From the web site: "Merit School of Music provides instruction to more than 4,000 children each year at public, parochial, charter and private school and community centers across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana through our off-site program called Bridges: Partners in Music."

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Mindful Practices LLC - Yoga Centered Curriculum
This is a Chicago based business. From the web site: "Our Mission Mindful Practices enhances educational experiences by providing a progressive, yoga-centered curriculum to help teachers and students proactively deal with academic, personal and social challenges. We envision reflective learning communities where stressors do not impede academic achievement. Our Philosophy Mindful Practices provides professional development in yoga-centered wellness to learning communities from all walks of life. Many of our students live below the poverty line and face the myriad challenges often present in an urban educational setting.

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Minority Nurse Magazine
The magazine and web site provides resources and information pertaining to education, career development and minority health for the growing population of minority nurses in America.

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MIT App Inventor - teach youth to build own apps
If you're a youth entrepreneur, or a STEM volunteer or educator working with youth, this is a web site where youth can learn to build their own apps.

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More students should learn to code -
From the web site: " is a non-profit dedicated to growing computer programming education. Our vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. We believe computer science should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra."

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Moving in the Spirit (MITS)
From the web site: "Moving in the Spirit is a nationally-recognized youth development program that uses the art of dance to positively transform the lives of children and teens in Atlanta, Georgia. Through programs that integrate high-quality dance instruction with performance, leadership and mentor opportunities, Moving in the Spirit impacts over 200 children and teens annually, encouraging them to overcome the obstacles they face each day and realize their highest potential."

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National Area Health Education Center Organization
From the web site: "The National Area Health Education Center Organization - (NAO) is the national organization that supports and advances the Area Health Education Center (AHEC)/Health Education Training Center (HETC) network in improving the health of individuals and communities by transforming health care through education."

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National Center for Health Workforce Analysis
From the web site: "The mission of the National Center is to provide a comprehensive store of health workforce data and intelligence to inform public policies and private sector investments in the workforce arena. The Center’s work helps promote the supply and distribution of well-prepared health professionals and other workers to assure access to high quality, efficient care for the nation. The Center seeks to be the most trusted source for health workforce data and information for the nation."

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National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)
From the web site: "The National Center for Women & Information Technology is a non-profit community of more than 300 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working to increase women's participation in technology and computing. NCWIT helps organizations recruit, retain, and advance women from K-12 and higher education through industry and entrepreneurial careers by providing community, evidence, and action."

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National Engineers Week
The annual Engineer's Week reinforces connections between engineers and youth in schools and afterschool programs.
Visit this site to learn about DuPage County Engineer's Week activities -

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National Network of Libraries of Mediciine
From the web site: "The mission of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) is to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public health by providing all U.S. health professionals with equal access to biomedical information and improving the public's access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. The Program is coordinated by the National Library of Medicine and carried out through a nationwide network of health science libraries and information centers."

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National Science Digital Library
From the web site: "The National Science Digital Library provides high quality online educational resources for teaching and learning, with current emphasis on the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines—both formal and informal, institutional and individual, in local, state, national, and international educational settings."

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National Science Teachers Association Learning Center
The NSTA web site has extensive resources, training materials, networking forums, etc. that anyone interested in STEM education might want to know about.

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New Dream - Aims to Change Consumption Habits
From the web site: "New Dream's mission is to empower individuals, communities, and organizations to transform their consumption habits to improve well-being for people and the planet.

We work with individuals and communities to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of our culture, and support community engagement. We seek to change social norms around consumption and consumerism and to support the movement of individuals and communities pursuing lifestyle and community action.

New Dream’s overall goal is to change behavior, attitudes, and social norms to reduce consumption and build community."

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New ways to teach kids about math and science - How to Smile
From the web site: "howtosmile is a collection of the best educational materials on the web, in addition to learning tools and services – all designed especially for those who teach school-aged kids in non-classroom settings."

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North South Foundation - Supports Indian Youth in US and India
From the web site: "North South Foundation (NSF) is a volunteer driven non-profit organization established in 1989. Our Mission is to: a) Develop human resources by giving scholarships to brilliant but needy students in India entering colleges, regardless of religion, gender, caste or creed: b) Promote excellence in human endeavor by organizing Educational Contests for the kids in USA; c) Help people achieve success regardless of religion, gender, caste, geographic origin by giving hope to those who may have none".

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