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GIS Education Community site sponsored by by ESRI
ESRI is one of the world's leading innovators in using GIS mapping technology. This page can be a starting point or on-going resource for anyone interested in GIS tools.

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GIS Society of Chicago - engages youth in geography
From the web site: "The mission of the Geographic Society of Chicago (GSC) is to advance the art and science of geography; encourage the study of geography in the schools; recognize outstanding achievements in the field; provide leadership on geographic issues; and promote public understanding and appreciation of Earth's people and places."

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Global Extinction of the Human Race?
This set of blog articles points out severe consequences for how humans have depleted the natural resources of the planet and how that could lead to a mass extinction over the next 100 years.

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Google Art Project - introduce your students, mentees, friends
From the web site: "The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and 151 acclaimed art partners from across 40 countries. Using a combination of various Google technologies and expert information provided by our museum partners, we have created a unique online art experience. Users can explore a wide range of artworks at brushstroke level detail, take a virtual tour of a museum and even build their own collections to share. With a team of Googlers working across many product areas we are able to harness the best of Google to power the Art Project experience. Few people will ever be lucky enough to be able to visit every museum or see every work of art they’re interested in but now many more can enjoy over 30 000 works of art from sculpture to architecture and drawings and explore over 150 collections from 40 countries, all in one place. We’re also lucky at Google to have the technology to make this kind of project a reality."

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GRAMMY Music Foundation - Grammy in the Schools
This program creates opportunities for high school students to work with music professionals to get real-world experience and advice about how to have a career in music. And that includes any kind of music career – audio engineer, concert promoter, electronic music producer, manager, musician, music journalist, singer, songwriter – any music career.

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Green Youth Farm Program of Chicago Botanic Garden
This is one of several programs that the Chicago Botanic Garden offers to encourage urban farming in Chicago. Browse the web site to learn about the Green Farm Program and the Urban Farm Program.

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Greenstar, Inc.
Greenstar delivers solar power, health, education and environmental programs to small villages in the developing world -- and connects people in those villages, and their traditional culture, to the global community.

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Greenstar's hub supports sharing of digital culture
From the web site: "Greenstar is working to take advantage of this capability in a radically new way: to help jumpstart business in small communities in the developing world. We're supplying the basic technology -- self-contained solar power, wireless communications and computers -- to "off-the-grid" villages. We then help the people to create and promote a website and configure it for ecommerce payments -- and seed a digital culture business."

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GRUB - Garden Raised Bounty
Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) in Olympia, WA has a powerful school-based program that works with disconnected, disengaged high school youth. Focuses on agriculture. Could be model for urban schools, neighborhoods.

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Hack Illinois - building hacking culture
HackIllinois, is a) Encouraging students to explore their creativity; b) Empowering students to create meaningful additions to the field of technology; and c) Building a community of peers and mentors through events held at different locations in Illinois. Visit the web site to learn more.

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Happiness Club, The
Located in the Chicago area, The Happiness Club's mission is to inspire and enable young people to embrace positive values, to openly express themselves with conviction and courage, to actively participate in developing individual skills and talents, and to confidently pursue productive futures as responsible, contributing members of society.

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Hopeworks ‘N Camden
From the web site: "Hopeworks ‘N Camden uses education, technology and entrepreneurship to partner with young men and women as they identify and earn a sustainable future. Together we seize the opportunity to heal and thrive in the midst of violence and poverty."

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Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership - members - circa 2002
This document shows a networking conference held in Baltimore in 2001, that brought together representatives of the 15 hospitals in the Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership Network. Tutor/Mentor Connection was a workshop presenter at this event.

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Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership - history
This PDF contains a Commonwealth Fund report on the Hospital Youth Mentoring Partnership that operated until circa 2002 and supported mentoring efforts in 15 major hospitals around the country. It also includes other information encouraging hospitals to build mentor program support strategies as a means to reduce the costs to the hospital and improve the health of the community.

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Ideas for teaching computer technology to kids
This web site is a collection of blog articles that users can access for ideas about teaching technology to kids.

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Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) - strategic plan
ICAH has been around for many years and went through a strategic planning process in 2012 to update its mission and strategy. Visit this page on their web site to learn more.

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Illinois Writing Project
From the web site "The Illinois Writing Project helps teachers build capacity and resources to employ the best of what is known about writers and writing. We offer flexible, transformative, sustainable professional development to help teachers guide students to write with thoughtfulness, skill, and enjoyment. Locally based but nationally connected, we are one of nearly 200 sites in the National Writing Project network."

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Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
From the web site: "The Computer Clubhouse Network is an after-school, community-based learning program that enables youth in underserved areas to access cutting-edge technology and become self-confident, motivated learners and leaders."

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International Child Art Foundation (ICAF)
From the web site: "ICAF serves as the leading national art and creativity organization for children in the United States. It is also the only international children's art and creativity organization in the world."

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Intonation Music Workshop - Chicago
From the web site: "The Intonation Music Workshop empowers children to become rock stars on every stage in life through innovative music education. Using donated instruments and a unique pop-band curriculum, our in-school, after-school and summer music programs provide kids age 6-17 in Chicago’s underserved communities with access to instruction and performance opportunities in a safe and positive environment, sparking for many a life-changing sense of accomplishment and belonging."

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Jeffrey Curto Photography, Digital Storytelling
This web site shows how an artist can show his work, show links to the work of others and show support to a tutor/mentor program supported by the artist. This is one way t link arts and mentoring.

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Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs (CCP)
From the web site of CCP: "We design communication solutions that solve public health problems.". Visit the web site and see the extensive work being done in public health.

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KidLink helps kids all over the world develop life skills
Kidlink is a global, non-profit user-owned organization headquartered in Sweden. Kidlink focuses on empowering youth with free educational programs to help them get control over their lives, improve their chances of getting a job, and a better life. This includes helping them to get friends, build social networks with peers around the world, and train them in the art of growing up, and living, without imposing adult views, religious or political points of view on them.

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Kids 4 Broadway - free activities
A children's theatre program motivates young people to appreciate the value of learning and discovery, while continuing to help build their self-confidence and feelings of self worth. Kids 4 Broadway has created plays which encourage students ages 7-17 to experience the magic of theatre - as they further develop their intuition, imagination and attitude skills.

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L.A. Youth Foster Writing Project- archive
From the web site: "For 25 years from January 1988 to January 2013, our organization published L.A. Youth, the newspaper by and about Los Angeles teens. Though the newspaper is no longer being published, this site remains as a legacy of 25 years of excellent teen journalism and writing. "

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