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Climate Crisis: Environmental Racism - recommended reading
In this blog article Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC has been aggregating links to articles related to climate change and environmental disasters around the world.

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Collaboraction Theater Company - Chicago
From the web site: "Collaboraction Theatre Company creates original theatrical experiences that push artistic boundaries in order to explore critical social issues with a diverse community of Chicagoans." Their teen program, Peacemakers, is "a group of teen artists generating their own work dedicated to telling their stories and cultivating a dialogue of hope and change." Located at 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.

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Coming up Taller - Support The Arts For Better Life
Based on the Coming Up Taller Report, calling for support of arts in education. Report PDF can be found at

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Commonwealth Foundation (Chicago) - supports youth digital learning
The Commonwealth Foundation is one of the projects funded by the Chicago HIVE digital learning initiative. It provides a variety of digital learning opportunities for Chicago youth. Browse the site to learn more.

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Community Pediatrics Training Initiative
It's goal is the establishment of pediatric residency training programs that foster a commitment to community concerns. The Initiative hopes to support the development of pediatric professionals with greater skills and interest in community-based medicine, advocacy, and the capacity to improve the well-being of all children in their communities.

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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH)
This organization seeks to change academic culture to embrace community engagement. This is a program of the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. The Collaborative is comprised of a diverse group of ten health professional schools that seek to recognize and reward community engagement as central to the role of faculty members at their own institutions and nationally. The CCPH web site has extensive resources in its links section.

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Computer Science web resources
From the web site: "Computer science skills can be used across all industries, making for virtually endless career possibilities. And it doesn’t hurt that technology professionals are some of the highest paid out there. This guide is here to help you on your computer science journey. Inside you’ll find myriad resources to help expand your understanding of this wide-ranging field of study. Whatever your level of expertise, you’ll find something of interest here – from great introductory resources, practical coding resources, study resources and lists of podcasts and blogs."

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Cool Classics! - an aftrerschool reading program
From the web site: "Cool Classics! works with public elementary school students to promote critical thinking and a love of literature. We focus on just one classic book at a time, and in 20 to 25 sessions of varied activities, we build a universe of art, culture, humanities, and thematic ideas around that book. Literally, our students are led to experience how the text of a book opens up a whole world of creative imagination, sharpening the skills one needs for succeeding in the real world."

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Create Now! An LA based program.
The goal of Create Now! is to teach children to express themselves creatively through all of the arts, including dance, animation, graphic design, ceramics, etc. This is a Hollywood, CA. based program which targets at-risk and high-risk youth and its web site has many examples of what a program like this can accomplish.

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Digital Youth Network - Chicago City of Learning
DYN is a Chicago project that supports organizations, educators and researchers in learning best practices to help develop our youths’ technical, creative, and analytical skills.

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Disparities in Health and Health Care - RWJ Foundation
From the web site: "At a time when health care providers and policy-makers are exploring new models to promote better health and improve health care, different populations experience persistent and increasing disparities in health status. " This Robert Wood Johnson report "reviews recent research on health disparities.

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Diversity in Public Health Program - UIC
From the web site: "The UIC School of Public Health (UIC SPH) is dedicated to excellence in protecting and improving the health and well-being of the people of the metropolitan Chicago area, the state of Illinois and the nation, and of others throughout the world."

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Education, Training and Research (ETR) - focus on public health
From the web site: "ETR is a behavioral health non-profit devoted to providing science-based programs and services, driven by our mission to advance health and opportunities for youth and families."

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Encourage engineering careers to students - DiscoverE
From the web site: "We are DiscoverE (formerly the National Engineers Week Foundation). We help unite, mobilize, and support the engineering and technology volunteer communities. Why? They will increase their collaborative footprint in K-12 education and celebrate with the public as it discovers the value of engineering education and careers."

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Encouraging Girls to Science, Math, Tech careers
From the web site: "The vision of the NGCP is to bring together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)."

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Engineering Learning Activities for Elementary School Grades
From the web site: "The Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) project fosters engineering and technological literacy among children. EiE has created a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. EiE lessons not only promote K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning, but also connect with literacy and social studies."

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Expressing Creativity and Learning New Skills
The YouthLearn Initiative offers youth development professionals and educators comprehensive services and resources for using media and technology tools to create exciting learning environments.

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FACES for the Future Health Coalition
From the web site: "The FACES Coalition supports a collaborative of national programs, all based upon the FACES model, which work to address health equity for all communities through the training and empowerment of young people. FACES for the Future is a comprehensive approach to student learning and well-being. Focused on transitioning youth into the health professions, FACES programs create tomorrow’s health leaders by offering health career exploration, academic support, psycho-social intervention and youth leadership development."

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Fermilabyrinth - creative on-line learning
This link points to on-line STEM learning activities provided by The Leon M. Lederman Science Education Center, located in Batavia, Illinois. Students learn about the tools, methods, and ideas of physicists studying the nature of nature at the smallest scales. The activities are challenging and fun. Students earn Einstein bucks as they complete each activity.

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Financial Education in classrooms - Pathways to Financial Success
From the web site: "Discover created Pathway to Financial Success to help bring financial education into classrooms across the country in a fun, exciting and interactive way and help children graduate understanding personal finance as well as science, history and math." View map on web site to see grantees from across the USA.

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FIRST Robotics - Mentor based STEM programs
From the web site: "The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership."

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Foresight Design Initiative - Education Initiative
From the web site: "Since 2003, Foresight Design Initiative has been consulting individuals and organizations on sustainable development in Chicago, in Illinois, and beyond. We like to think of ourselves as a nimble culture change studio. And we like to think of you as a fellow change agent. Foresight has developed a variety of education programs to support youth involvement in energy and sustainability issues.

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Gifted Life Youth Empowerment (GLYE) - Fine Arts Youth Empowerment
From the web site: "Gifted Life Youth Empowerment (GLYE) is an innovative, fine arts youth empowerment group conceived by Guy Sharp in 2011. GLYE currently offers services in the Auburn-Gresham Community and commutes youth from several communities that include the suburbs along with the West and East sides of Chicago."

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Girls on the Run - after school program
From the web site: "Girls on the Run is a life-changing, experiential learning programs for girls age eight to thirteen years old. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development."

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Girls Write Now, New York
From the web site: "The spirit of our organization is simple: every girl who’s passionate about telling their story gets a shot at exploring it. We introduce NYC public high school girls to women writers and digital media professionals from every discipline, who join Girls Write Now as mentors to pass on their craft. As mentees work with their mentors, a one-to-one relationship becomes a two-way street.'

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