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Peace Tiles Project
The Peace Tiles Project was founded by Lars Hasselblad Torres in 2006 and was designed "to engage participants emotionally, intellectually and creatively in a process of "arts advocacy." This link points to the Facebook page where you can see many of the projects from past years.

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People's Climate Movement - March & Mobilization
This is the coordinating site for Climate Change activism. It also is an entry point for anyone who wants to become more involved in climate change actions.

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Project SYNCERE provides STEM programming to youth in under-served Chicago communities.
From the web site: "Project SYNCERE works directly with school districts as well as local universities and community organizations to deliver its engineering focused programs. Through our vast partnerships we are able to impact students during the school day and during out-of-school time. Our innovative problem-based curriculum has been inspirational in changing the way science and math is taught in a number of schools. Through our hands-on approach to educating students we have been able to create a spark for them and show them that science and math is fun, cool and rewarding. The program has helped to raise students’ grades and increase their interest in the STEM fields."

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Reasoning Minds - on line math programs for elementary and middle school
From the website: "Reasoning Mind is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that develops effective and engaging blended learning programs for pre-K through middle school math. With Reasoning Mind, students are engaged, teachers are empowered, and technology is leveraged to provide a first-rate math education. Explore our offerings below to find out which program is right for you."

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Teach Computer Science in Libraries, Youth orgs - Google igniteCS
This Google learning initiative was described in a dmlcentral blog article, saying "In its quest to make computer science education free and accessible to everyone, Google is expanding its igniteCS program. The initiative pairs volunteer computer science undergrads, who serve as mentors, and younger students, who learn from them. Libraries now are being recruited as sites to host the growing program." Take a look. Maybe this could be offered at your local library or youth center.

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The Center for Planetary Science
From the web site: "The Center for Planetary Science is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to inspiring young children from underserved and low-income communities into becoming the next generation of scientists. Our vision is to bring astronomy to all those who aspire to be future scientists! The Center, moreover, conducts astrophysical research for publication in peer-reviewed journals – including gamma-ray pulsars and black holes."

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The Hidden Genius Project - Oakland, CA
From the web site: "we train and mentor black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities."

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The Trust for Public Land (US) - Climate-Smart Cities Program
From the web site: "The Trust for Public Land works to protect the places people care about and to create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities, where 80 percent of Americans live. Our goal is to ensure that every child has easy access to a safe place to play in nature. We also conserve working farms, ranches, and forests; lands of historical and cultural importance; rivers, streams, coasts, and watersheds; and other special places where people can experience nature close at hand." The Climate-Smart Cities Program is one of the feature projects.

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Time In - NYC arts based youth development program
From the web site: "Time In is a groundbreaking arts initiative that brings some of New York’s youngest, most at-risk public school children out of underserved classrooms in Harlem and the South Bronx, and into the world of the living arts every week of the school year as part of their normal school day. Founded in 2006, Time In transforms the lives of inner city children, as it inspires learning and engagement in a nurturing, multi-sensorial learning environment that enriches children’s lives and helps them reach their fullest potential.'

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Urban Gateways - brings arts to Chicago youth
From the web site: "Urban Gateways delivers high-quality, accessible arts experiences to young people in Chicago. From visual arts residencies to live performances and media arts apprenticeships, our programs connect youth with professional artists to encourage self-expression and social change."

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Web GIS for Connecting At-risk Youth with Health Services
Read about the data-collection and mapping program at The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York City.

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Zooniverse - people powered research of the universe
From the web site: "The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in many fields across the sciences, humanities, and more. The Zooniverse creates opportunities for you to unlock answers and contribute to real discoveries." Browse the site and look at different projects, where thousands of volunteers have been involved.

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Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) - Chicago Chapter
From the web site: The Chicago Chapter of the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) is a professional association representing the interests of engineers in Chicago from all fields of practice."

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$100 million UPMC commitment to fund HS grads via Pittsburgh Promise
From the web site: "In 2007, UPMC announced a $100 million commitment to help students graduating from Pittsburgh Public Schools further their education after high school. Developed by the city of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Public Schools, The Pittsburgh Promise is designed to give graduates of Pittsburgh’s public high schools the means to pursue postsecondary education, regardless of family income, at an accredited postsecondary institution in Pennsylvania.

Read more at Pittsburgh Promise

Hits:  2588 Report Broken Link - climate change movement intermediary acts as an intermediary, gathering information about climate change movement throughout the world and sharing it on their web site. As a hub of information it's a valuable resource.

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3FOUR50 Oxford Health Alliance Initiative
From the web site: "3-4-50 is a community health improvement strategy based on evidence that three health behaviors elevate risk for four chronic conditions that together cause more than fifty percent of deaths. We know from research and experience that our health behaviors can be influenced by the environments where we live, learn, work, and socialize. Accordingly, community health interventions work best when we are able to create collective impact by providing consistent supports for healthy behaviors across settings. 3-4-50 is designed to support collaborative community strategies".

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A Hospital Tutor/Mentor Connection - Concept
This is a strategic plan, developed by the Tutor/Mentor Connection, for use by any hospital and/or teaching university, in the country.  We don't know if this is happening in any location, but we do know that different hospitals, medical centers, and/or universities are spending millions of dollars to lower the costs of poverty and to encourage young people to seek careers in medical professions. If you know of hospitals implementing this strategy, please connect them to the Tutor/Mentor Connection by adding their web site to this section of the T/MC library, or by sending an email introduction.

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ACE Mentor Program - archetecture, construction, engineering
ACE’s mission is to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering and construction through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry. This is a good example of how industry can connect and mentor young people who might become future workers.

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Action Framework for Robert Wood Johnson Foundations public health initiatives
This web site outlines an Action Framework that illustrates how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation intends to work alongside others in the national effort to build a Culture of Health, and how different sectors can mobilize and measure progress.

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Advanced Technological Education (ATE Central)
From the web site: "ATE Central is a freely available online portal and collection of materials and services that highlight the work of the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) projects and centers. These National Science Foundation funded initiatives work with educators from two-year colleges to develop and implement ideas for improving the skills of technicians and the educators who teach them. ATE Central is designed to help educators, students, and the general public to learn about, and use materials from, the entire depth and breadth of the Advanced Technological Education program."

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Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA)
From the web site: "AUA is a coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in the Chicago area, from home- and community-based growing to market gardens and small farms. Our goal is to make this website a comprehensive hub for projects, activities, information, resources, and opportunities in urban agriculture." View the Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project page to learn about projects throughout the city.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers - student outreach
From the web site: "AIChE is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering professionals" Browse the web site and see variety of resources to support students.

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American Physical Society web page
APS is a leading voice for physics education and supports physics educators at all levels through its programs, publications, and resources.

Visit the policy and advocacy section for articles that you can use in your own program development. 0ne article talks about strengthening the science education of future teachers and addresses the pressing national need for improving K-12 physics education and recognizes that these teachers play a critical education role as the first and often-times last physics teacher for most students.

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Animating Arts - Fostering Civic Engagement Through the Arts
From the web site "Animating Democracy inspires, informs, promotes, and connects arts and culture as potent contributors to community, civic, and social change. As a program of Americans for the Arts, we bring national visibility to arts for change work, build knowledge about quality practice, and create useful resources. By demonstrating the public value of creative work that contributes to social change and fostering synergy across arts and other fields and sectors, we work to make the arts an integral and effective part of solutions to the challenges of communities and toward ensuring a healthy democracy."

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Art in the Public Interest.
From the web site: "API’s goal is to support the efforts of culturally engaged artists and organizations, both by providing information to them about the field, and by providing information about the field to the broader public. Vehicles for this information have included periodicals, books, pamphlets, archives, workshops, electronic information sites and collaborations with other organizations."

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