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How to Make a City Great - McKinsey & Company 2013 Report
Since the Tutor/Mentor Connection focuses on helping youth living in big cities, reports like this should be included in the learning library of anyone who shares the same concerns.

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Il DCFS - Prevention and Child Abuse Resources
On this web site you will find timely information about Child Protection, Foster Care, Adoption, Day Care licensing and other services provided by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS).

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Illinois Early Learning Project Web Site
From the web site: "The Illinois Early Learning Project Web site is a source of evidence-based, reliable information on early care and education for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children in Illinois."

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Income Inequality - Social Mobility Research from The Equality Trust (UK) - pdf
This report deals with "the relationship between high income inequality and low levels of social mobility." See more like this at

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Income inequality is root cause of this nation's social problems
This paper shows that "income inequality, as opposed to absolute standard of living, is responsible for higher death rates, as well as numerous other social problems like crime, welfare, and poor educational outcomes."

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This site offers an extensive library of articles about social capital. The site is sort of a wikipedia-type collection of articles related to "Association, democracy and civil society, Community learning and development, Education, Ideas, Index, Social action, social change and social reform".

This map illustrates the range of articles in the library.

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Influence of Religion upon Academic Performance of Youth in Disadvantaged Communities - pdf
This 2001 report is titled: "Making the Grade: The Influence of Religion Upon the Academic Performance of Youth in Disadvantaged Communities*" The information is as relevant today as when the report was written.

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Information and resources to the parents and educators -
From the web site: "Many of the nation's top education researchers have launched new studies into topics such as how best to teach reading in the academic content areas, how best to teach writing at the high-school level, and how best to support the literacy development of adolescent English language learners.'s mission is to distill this literacy research and share best-practice information to as many people as possible through the power and reach of the Internet.

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Innovations in School Based Mentoring -
This report by Samuel D. McQuillina, John D. Terry, Gerald G. Strait & Bradley H. Smith offers some ideas for making school based mentoring strategies more effective. You can download the full report, or just read the abstract.

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Inside School Data - impact of Billionaires
From the web site: "iWatch News analyzed performance data from 10 urban school districts that received significant funding from the four billionaire philanthropists seeking to reform education. The computer analysis examined how graduation rates changed between 2002 and 2007—the most recent years for which the data is available from the nationally recognized Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. This "Back to School for Billionaires" article was written based on this IWatch News data.

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Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) - leads Coalition for Community Schools
From the web site:"The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) - a non-profit, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC IEL leads the Coalition for Community Schools, an umbrella group of more than 200 local, state, and national partners that advocate for more coordinated, efficient, and effective delivery of opportunities and supports to students before, during, and after school and on weekends. IEL is connecting community with public education to support the learning and development of young people.

IEL strives to involve the broader community with public education to support the learning and development of young people. This means helping bring families, schools, and community resources together as partners for the common good. IEL’s work helps ensure students and families have access to effective, integrated academic, youth development, and health and social services within and linked to public schools, the only viable public institution in a growing number of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern U.
Extensive policy resources hosted at Northwestern University

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Integrating Work and Learning
From the web site: "EDC is dedicated to improving education, health, and economic opportunities for people of all ages. We create and implement innovative programs that take the results of rigorous research and put it into real-world practice at scale."

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Integration of Schools based on class instead of race - article
This NPR article discusses trends in school integration based on economic diversity rather than racial and shows benefits of both.

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Investing in Social & Emotional Learning
From the web site: "SCE is invested in shaping an ecosystem of anytime, anywhere, 21st century learning to prepare youth to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and highly connected world. Through three primary programs—digital learning, social and emotional learning, and our catalyst grants—SCE connects talent and innovation with forces for positive change."

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Juvenile Justice Initiative of Illinois
From the web site: "The Juvenile Justice Initiative is a statewide advocacy coalition to transform the juvenile justice system. The JJI advocates to reduce reliance on detention, to enhance fairness for all youth and to develop adequate community based resources throughout the state.     The Juvenile Justice Initiative works to inform and educate policy makers, the media, and the general public about the alarming increase in number of juveniles held in custody, about the disparate number of minority youth in custody, and about the lack of adequate community based alternatives to detention. 

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Knowledge Works Foundation
From the web site: "As a leader in Strategic Foresight and educational transformation, KnowledgeWorks informs thought leaders and policymakers about the responsive policy environments that will ensure every student experiences meaningful personalized learning to succeed in college, career and life."

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Latino Policy Forum
From the web site: "The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago area that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making. The Latino Policy Forum conducts analysis to inform, influence, and lead. Its goals are to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies, and engage diverse sectors of the community, with an understanding that advancing Latinos advances a shared future."

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Learning and Afterschool-Karen Pittman Interview
This article is an interview with Karen Pittman, President of the Forum for Youth Investment. It's one of a number of articles about "learning and after school" issues.

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Leveling the Playing Field - Extended Learning -pdf
Leveling the Playing Field: The Promise of Extended Learning Opportunities and Supports for Youth, By Heidi Harris Lemmel and Robert Rothman is one of several articles in this pdf about extending learning in the out-of-school-time hours.

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Linking Mentoring and Social Capital:
This article explores the connections between social capital and mentoring. You can read the abstract for free, but you need to pay to view the entire PDF.

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Listening to Latinas - Barriers to HS Graduation
This report on the Women's National Law Center web site shows obstacles that Hispanic girls face that causes a high percent to drop out before finishing high school. Mentoring is proposed as one solution.

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Living & Learning in Poverty - articles & links
From the web site: "This site is dedicated to storing and exploring all available research and resources related to poverty as it impacts the lives of children and the learning of children." The site has links to many related resources. Make it part of your research.

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Locating the Dropout Crisis (PDF) 2004
This report's Executive Summary begins with "Imagine a nation in which all students, from Benton Harbor to Watts, from Akron to Baltimore, from Chicago’s South side to rural South Carolina, routinely graduate from high school ready and prepared to succeed in college or advanced post-secondary training. Imagine the social and economic implications of being able to say to any child, in any locale in the United States, “you will be provided with a high school that will educate you, challenge you, care for you, support you, and graduate you ready to compete and succeed in the world.” Still a problem 15 years later.

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Long-term study of adult well-being - implications for mentoring
In the conclusion of this report the author writes: "Our findings show that social connectedness is a more important pathway to adult well-being (as we have defined it)than academic ability. There were also notable continuities in academic and social pathways which we have suggested may reflect high stability in the social context of early development. However, academic and social pathways were largely independent of each other across development, which points to the importance of parallel investments in the social development of children and adolescents during the school years. We have suggested that development of a social curriculum may provide structure in provision of program and activities that enhance social inclusion and connection." A case for making mentor-rich non-school programs available to youth can possibly be made from this study.

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