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American Graduate - Let's Make it Happen
From the web site: "American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen is public media’s long-term commitment to supporting community-based solutions to help keep youth on the track to a high school diploma and beyond. Supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), more than 128 public radio and television stations have joined forces with more than 1,700 partners and at-risk schools across 48 states and one territory. "

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American Graduate Champions (WTTW Chicago)
From the web site: "Through the American Graduate Champion series WTTW leverages the power and reach of public media to highlight organizations and individual champions that are working to improve educational outcomes for youth, keeping them on the path to high school graduation and future success." Browse the site to see stories and look for ways others can get involved.

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American Institute of Research (AIR) - P-12 Education and Social Development
From the web site: "We help children and youth do better in the classroom and in life by supporting educators and social service professionals, families and students, leaders and policymakers, to identify effective education programs and resources; to develop policies and services that promote well-being; and ultimately, to translate evidence into action. We work within and foster collaboration across systems—mental health/substance abuse, juvenile justice, child welfare, health, and education—strengthening their capacity to use evidence–based strategies. AIR’s merger with Learning Point Associates in 2010 demonstrates its ongoing commitment to education research, evaluation, and technical assistance. "

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AmericanGraduate - Public TV Focus on DropOut Crisis
From the web site: "American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen is public media’s long-term commitment to supporting community-based solutions to help keep youth on the track to a high school diploma and beyond. Supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), more than 128 public radio and television stations have joined forces with more than 1,700 partners and at-risk schools across 48 states and one territory."

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Animated Introduction to Robert Putnam's book "Bowling Alone"
This short animated video introduces key social capital concepts from Robert Putnam's book, "Bowling Alone". It also illustrates how third party intermediaries can create content that helps other people understand ideas of people like Putnam, or that we post on

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Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF)
Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) works to build better futures for disadvantaged children and their families in the United States. The primary mission of the Foundation is to foster public policies, human service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families. The web site has extensive resources, such as the  Kids Count Data Book.

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Anyone mapping youth network changes?
The articles in this section of the Tutor/Mentor Connection NING forum web site are about social capital and how high amounts of "bonding" social capital and/or "bridging" social capital can have an influence on youth aspirations, habits and development. The Tutor/Mentor Connection still is looking for university and funding partners to develop a long-term study of tutor/mentor programs, to show changes in a youth and volunteer's network resulting from on-going participation in a mentor-rich program. Visit the link and read more.

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Are Schools Failing Black Boys?
By fourth grade many African American boys are already falling behind in the classroom. Our report examines what?s happening, what can be done, and what it should matter to all of us.

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Assist Social Capital - building understanding of social capital
From the web site: "Assist Social Capital's aim is to increase understanding of the influence social capital has in communities, as a means to achieving positive social change and sustainable economic prosperity."

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Benchmarks: starting, operating a mentor program
From the web site: "The Australian Youth Mentoring Benchmarks were created in 2000 to provide a standard for all mentoring programs in order to have a strong, successful and sustainable program. The Australian Youth Mentoring Network encourages all mentoring programs to achieve these standards through the sharing of resources, professional development and collegial networking. The Benchmarks were reviewed in 2007 and again in 2012." Visit the web site and incorporate these into your own organizational development.

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Blog articles focusing on learning
Many people share ideas about education and learning through articles they write on their blogs. This link points to a section of this web library where I aggregate links to blogs related to education and learning issues.

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Bridges4Kids - extensive web library
From the web site: Bridges4Kids is "A non-profit parent organization providing an internet-based system of information and referral for parents and professionals working with children from birth through transition to adult life. Bridges4Kids operates a comprehensive website providing parents, educators, and others the information they need to help children who might be at-risk or have special needs. It is updated daily and includes information on child development, education issues and opportunities, and extensive disability, gifted, at-risk, parenting, and teaching resources. Choose the "search" function on our menu to search the entire site for the information you need. "

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Broader, Bolder Approach to Education
From the web site: "The Broader, Bolder Approach to Education is a national campaign that advances evidence-based strategies to mitigate the impacts of poverty-related disadvantages on teaching and learning. We work with diverse communities to elevate examples of comprehensive approaches to education so that our public school system ensures every child an excellent and equitable education".

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Building a New Structure for School Leadership
From the web site: This 2008 article is "Based on the essay "Building a New Structure for School Leadership," from Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Richard Elmore's book, School Reform from the Inside Out: Policy, Practice, and Performance (Harvard Education Press, 2004)."

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Building bridging Social Capital in a Divided Society - research
The full title of this research is "Building bridging Social Capital in a Divided Society: the role of Participatory Citizenship Education" It examines the challenges and potential of using a participatory citizenship program in Northern Ireland to build bridging social capital connecting people in the region. Ideas can be applied to other places.

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Building New Structure for School Leadership

"If our educational system is to deliver on the promise of high standards for all students, educational leadership must strive to create conditions for high quality instruction in every classroom." Read this article about Dr. Richard Elmore, Harvard University

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California Underperforming Schools - 2010 report
This report illustrates how the there are "vast disparities in achievement, particularly among chronically underperforming schools serving thousands of Latinos, African-Americans, and English learners" in California, as well as Illinois and other states.

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Can Students Learn to Learn? Metacognition.
From the article: "While some colleges have long taught study skills, some institutions are experimenting with efforts to teach much more than how to study: they are looking for ways to grow their students' metacognition." Read the article to learn about this concept.

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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching - Stateway
From the web site: "The Carnegie Statway® Networked Improvement Community is focused on statistics, data analysis and quantitative reasoning." This is a 'complex problem solving' project intended to draw participants from a growing number of education stakeholder communities. The lessons learned from building and sustaining the community of practice can be as rewarding as the actual impact on student learning.

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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching - School Improvement Resources
From the web site: "Carnegie advocates for the use of improvement science to accelerate how a field learns to improve. Improvement science deploys rapid tests of change to guide the development, revision and continued fine-tuning of new tools, processes, work roles and relationships.
Improvement science is explicitly designed to accelerate learning-by-doing. It's a more user-centered and problem-centered approached to improving teaching and learning.
As the improvement process advances, previously invisible problems often emerge and improvement activities may need to tack in new directions. The objective here is quite different from the traditional pilot program that seeks to offer a proof of concept. Improvement research, in contrast, is a focused learning journey. The overall goal is to develop the necessary know-how for a reform idea ultimately to spread faster and more effectively. Since improvement research is an iterative process often extending over considerable periods of time, it is also referred to as continuous improvement."

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Census 2000 School District Special Tabulation - ProximityOne
From the ProximityOne web site - "We develop, provide access to, and analyze "resources to create and apply insight." Our geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools can help you knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. Our demographic-economic estimates and projections can help you better understand the current situation/area characteristics and how areas of interest might change in the future. We offer geocoding tools and services to geocode address data that can then be visually analyzed in maps and otherwise to facilitate impact and geospatial analyses." This link points to a page with data mainly focused on the Census 2000 School District Special Tabulation data.

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Center for Best Practices Education - National Governor's Association
From the web site: "The NGA Center for Best Practices Education Division provides information, research, policy analysis, technical assistance and resource development for governors and their staff in the areas of early childhood, K-12 and postsecondary education. The division focuses on helping governors develop effective policy and support its implementation in the areas of: early education, readiness and quality; the Common Core State Standards, Science Technology Engineering and Math and related assessments; teacher and leader effectiveness; competency-based learning; charter schools; data and accountability; and postsecondary (higher education and workforce training) access, success, productivity, accountability, and affordability. The division also works on policy issues related to bridging the system divides among the early childhood, K-12, postsecondary and workforce systems."

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Center for Cities & Schools,University of California-Berkley
From the web site: "The Center for Cities + Schools at UC Berkeley conducts high-quality, non-partisan policy research, engages youth in urban planning, and cultivates collaboration between city and school leaders to strengthen all communities. CC+S works to advance policies and practices that create opportunity-rich places where young people can be successful in and out of school."

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Center for Evidence Based Mentoring
From the web site: "he Center is dedicated to creating the open and efficient exchange of research and ideas. In doing so, we seek to advance the production, dissemination, and uptake of evidence-based practice in ways that improve the effectiveness of practice and, ultimately, create stronger, more enduring mentor-mentee relationships."

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Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research - Portland State U.
From the web site: "The PSU Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research (CIMR) was created in 2010 to advance the field of mentoring, nationally and internationally, through innovative and rigorous research, education and knowledge sharing, and partnerships with organizations providing services." Among its programs is a Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring

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