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Yes, You Can - guide to starting youth mentoring program
This resource, "Yes, You Can: A Guide for Establishing Mentoring Programs to Prepare Youth for College--October 1998" is now an archive. However, the ideas for building and sustaining a volunteer-based youth mentoring program are as relevant today as they were in 1998. Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC comment: Only the public commitment to fund and provide leadership on a continuous basis is missing.

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Youth Development nstitute - University of Minnesota Extension
From the site; "The backbone of positive youth development programs is research. The Extension Center for Youth Development conducts and shares out-of-school time research and evaluation with policy makers, stakeholders, program leaders, youth work practitioners, decision makers and researchers to address important issues related to the field of youth development."

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Youth Development Programs - History
From the web site: "Youth development programs seek to improve the lives of children and adolescents by meeting their basic physical, developmental, and social needs and by helping them to build the competencies needed to become successful adults. Examples of youth development programs include community service, mentoring programs, and neighborhood youth centers." This web site provides historical perspectives, and references to other reading and research that would be valuable to leaders and funders.

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Youth Mentoring: Bridging Science with Practice - 2006 pdf
This link points to a JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY article titled INTRODUCTION TO THE SPECIAL ISSUE: YOUTHMENTORING: BRIDGING SCIENCE WITH PRACTICE, written by David L. DuBois, University of Illinois at Chicago and Jean E. Rhodes,
University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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Youth Programs and Non Profit Support Resources hosted by Education Northwest
From the web site: "The Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest is a full-service, innovative regional center to support best practices at youth serving organizations. For nonprofits and community-based organizations serving youth, we provide professional development and a wide range of capacity-building support through the Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest. Services include training and technical assistance, research, and consultation for mentoring, tutoring, and out-of-school time programs."

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