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UK Department of Education Web site
From the web site: "The Department for Education is responsible for children’s services and education, including higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills in England. The department is also home to the Government Equalities Office. We work to provide children’s services and education that ensure opportunity is equal for all, no matter what their background or family circumstances."

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Undetanding "Culture of Poverty" - article
This 2010 article does not specifically mention the term "social capital" but statements like "growing up in areas where violence limits socializing outside the family and where parents haven’t attended college stunts verbal ability, lowering I.Q. scores by as much as six points, the equivalent of missing more than a year in school.' are examples of communities with limited "bridging" social capital.

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University of Minnesota Extension - Civic Engagement
From the web site: "Drawn from best practices and research, Extension's model of civic engagement guides leaders and community members in addressing public issues and solving public problems. By bringing together experience, information and diverse perspectives in a respectful process allows communities to reach decisions that are more thoughtful, broadly supported and ultimately sustainable. To help leaders succeed, Extension offers workshops as well as long-term cohort programs that help groups plan for successful community engagement." This is one of several focus areas.

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Untapped Potential: Filling Promise of BBBS
Imagine how you'd feel if you just found 250,000 new volunteers 

That's how I felt as I read this Civic Enterprises report, titled "Untapped Potential: Filling the Promise of Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Bigs and Littles they Represent.  If you're a current or former BIG, I encourage you to read this, and add your talent to our efforts.

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Urban Institute - data and reports
From the web site: "The mission of Urban Strategies Council is to eliminate persistent poverty in the Bay Area by working with partners to transform low-income neighborhoods into vibrant, healthy communities. We leverage research, policy, innovation, collaboration, and advocacy to achieve equity and social justice." This link points to a page with reports produced by the Institute.

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Urban Institute - Economic/Social Policy Research
From the web site: "Founded in 1968 to understand the problems facing America’s cities and assess the programs of the War on Poverty, the Urban Institute brings decades of objective analysis and expertise to policy debates—in city halls and state houses, Congress and the White House, and emerging democracies around the world. Today, our research portfolio ranges from the social safety net to health and tax policies; the well-being of families and neighborhoods; and trends in work, earnings, and wealth building. Our scholars have a distinguished track record of turning evidence into solutions."

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USDOE Mentoring Resource Center
From the web site: "Our goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring across the country through increased use of evidence-based practices and sharing practitioner innovations." If you are involved in youth mentoring this web site should be in your resource tool kit.

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Using data to influence policy - what we know and don't know
With so much emphasis on providing evidence and data to support your work, so donors provide the dollars to do it, this article is an important read, showing challenges, shortcomings and opportunities.

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Veto Violence - Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
From the web site: "VetoViolence is your comprehensive source for violence prevention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created this tool with you in mind. Our goal has always been to educate and empower communities to stop violence—before it happens. Over the years, we’ve continued to share research, trends, and best practices gathered from all over the country. People just like you have shared ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our resources and more effectively support local community prevention. We listened, and that’s why we’ve launched this new version of VetoViolence. This customized, user-focused site is unlike anything else out there."

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Violence in America and social capital - 2012 article
This article reaches a conclusion that "The clear implication is that social capital followed by income inequality are the primary factors that influence the rate of homicidal aggression."

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Voices for Illinois Kids - Kids Count Report
From the web site: "Voices for Illinois Children is an independent advocacy organization that champions strong public policies and investments for all children in our state. Among its services is publication of an Annual Kids Count report, which you can download from this link.

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What Works Wisconsin – Effective Programs and Resources for Children, Youth and Families
From the web site: "What Works, Wisconsin is a project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Human Ecology and the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Family Living Programs. Initiated in 2004, the What Works project focuses on distilling the latest scientific knowledge on effective policies, practices, and programs, including “evidence-based programs,” for youth and their families, schools, and communities. In addition to disseminating this information to practitioners and policymakers, the What Works staff provide technical assistance on program design, improvement and evaluation. Through publications, presentations, workshops and individualized technical assistance, the What Works team provides practitioners and policymakers with the tools to develop effective programs and evaluate and improve existing programming based on state-of-the-art knowledge of what makes programs effective."

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Who Gets to Graduate?, article by Paul Tough
This is a 2014 New York Times Magazine article that discusses different rates of college graduation for wealthy students than poor and minority students.

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Wiley Online Library
From the web site "Wiley Online Library hosts the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. It delivers seamless integrated access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, almost 10,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases."

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Woodlan Children's Promise Zone. Policy Report
This web site contains research by the Chicago Policy Research Team (CPRT) in the undergraduate Public Policy Studies Program at the University of Chicago which has worked in partnership with the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community (WCPC)to conduct an early-stage exploration and evaluation of WCPC programs. You can download a PDF showing results of the WCPC from the site. Here's the link.

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World Life Expectancy Map
The Site’s purpose is to stimulate meaningful research on life expectancy through leading Academic Institutions worldwide, while displaying the data in ways the less informed visitor can understand and use.

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XQ Institute - focuses on improving high schools in US
From the web site: "The XQ Institute is in service of parents and pioneers, entrepreneurs and teachers, business leaders and administrators, youth and education experts—who are joining a movement to rethink America’s schools. Together, we can use our knowledge, rigor, and creativity to create a new model for school itself." This is a project of the Forum for Youth Investment, which also leads the Ready-by-21 Initiative.

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Yes, You Can - guide to starting youth mentoring program
This resource, "Yes, You Can: A Guide for Establishing Mentoring Programs to Prepare Youth for College--October 1998" is now an archive. However, the ideas for building and sustaining a volunteer-based youth mentoring program are as relevant today as they were in 1998. Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC comment: Only the public commitment to fund and provide leadership on a continuous basis is missing.

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Youth Development nstitute - University of Minnesota Extension
From the site; "The backbone of positive youth development programs is research. The Extension Center for Youth Development conducts and shares out-of-school time research and evaluation with policy makers, stakeholders, program leaders, youth work practitioners, decision makers and researchers to address important issues related to the field of youth development."

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Youth Development Programs - History
From the web site: "Youth development programs seek to improve the lives of children and adolescents by meeting their basic physical, developmental, and social needs and by helping them to build the competencies needed to become successful adults. Examples of youth development programs include community service, mentoring programs, and neighborhood youth centers." This web site provides historical perspectives, and references to other reading and research that would be valuable to leaders and funders.

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Youth Mentoring: Bridging Science with Practice - 2006 pdf
This link points to a JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY article titled INTRODUCTION TO THE SPECIAL ISSUE: YOUTHMENTORING: BRIDGING SCIENCE WITH PRACTICE, written by David L. DuBois, University of Illinois at Chicago and Jean E. Rhodes,
University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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Youth Programs and Non Profit Support Resources hosted by Education Northwest
From the web site: "The Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest is a full-service, innovative regional center to support best practices at youth serving organizations. For nonprofits and community-based organizations serving youth, we provide professional development and a wide range of capacity-building support through the Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest. Services include training and technical assistance, research, and consultation for mentoring, tutoring, and out-of-school time programs."

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