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Saving Futures, Saving Dollars - Issue Brief
Here's some facts you can put into your funding proposals as you make a case for investment in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs. This is a link to an Issue Brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education that shows the Impact of Education on Crime Reduction and Earnings. It says, "Increasing high school graduation rate and college matriculation of male students by only 5 percent could lead to combined savings and revenue of almost $8 billion each year." Read the full report at:

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SCANS Report - 1991 education goals to be achieved by 2000
The SCANS Report for America 2000 (issued in 1991) lists ten necessary skills that needed to be included and emphasized in every curriculum. This link points to a summary of recommendations.

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School Counselor Advocy, National Office
From the web site: "The College Board's National Office for School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA) believes school counselors are critical school-based professionals who have significant impact on children's futures and are essential to their attainment of meaningful future career options and high-quality life circumstances. We work to institutionalize school counseling practice that advances equitable educational access and rigorous academic preparation necessary for college readiness for all students."

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School to Prison Pipeline - ACLU web site
From the web site: "The ACLU is committed to challenging the "school to prison pipeline," a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Many of these children have learning disabilities or histories of poverty, abuse or neglect, and would benefit from additional educational and counseling services. Instead, they are isolated, punished and pushed out." This is one of many issue areas the ACLU focuses on. Visit the web site to learn more.

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Secrets of Successful Afterschool Programs - 2008 article
From Harvard Graduate School of Education web site: "The United States is engaged in an ongoing, public discussion about how to best expand afterschool time and opportunities for children and youth, to support their learning and development across the day, throughout the year, and from kindergarten through high school. Debate continues about the range of academic, social, and other types of knowledge and skills that young people will need to succeed as workers, citizens, and family and community members in a global world.

To build the knowledge base, and to support efforts to improve quality in this field, the Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) has developed and maintains an accessible national database of evaluations of hundreds of afterschool programs. In 2008, HFRP issued a review of these studies to address two fundamental questions: Does participation in after school programs make a difference, and if so, what conditions appear to be necessary to achieve positive results?" Visit site and learn more.

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Social and Environmental Determinants of Population Health
This article is from the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. It's title is "Social and Environmental Determinants of Population Health". The introduction says "Social and environmental conditions shape patterns of population health across the world. While diseases are influenced by a number of specific risk factors and agents, socioeconomically disadvantaged men and women and those who are socially excluded from full participation in their societies are almost without exception at increased risk for whatever diseases are prevalent in their society." Read the full article.

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Social Capital - as part of career development
This article can help you expand your understanding of social capital, although it is focused on personal development within a business career, and not on network development for young people living in high poverty areas.

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Social Capital - Howard Rheingold's library
Find additional articles about social capital in this collection of links curated by Howard Rheingold.

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Social Capital and Development of At-Risk Youth
The full title of this report is Social Capital and Successful Development Among At-Risk Youth, by Frank F. Furstenberg Jr. and Mary Elizabeth  Hughes of The University of Pennsylvania. The article applies Coleman's concept of social capital to understand differences in development among youth at risk of lifelong disadvantage.

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Social Capital Blog -
This blog is written by Thomas Sander, Executive Director of the Saguaro Seminar at Harvard University. Last entry was 2014, however archives extend back to 2007.

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Social Capital Gateway
From the web site: "Social Capital Gateway (SCG) is a web site publishing materials for the study of social capital and related topics in a multidisciplinary perspective."

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Social Capital Glossary - from Saguaro Seminar at Havard
This page offers definitions of "bridging" and "bonding" social capital.

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Social Capital: Glue for Sustainability
This 2008 slideshare presentation shows value of social and networked organizations. The author says "Networks are social capital; where business value is created in relationships. Network analysis reveals the networks. CORE process identifies new market opportunities or innovation, improvises effectiveness, extends firms reach through stakeholder networks." Our aim in mentoring is to expand this network to include youth, families and non profit organizations in high poverty areas.

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Social Change One-on-One. Case for Mentoring
This is a 1996 article written by Gary Walker, of Public/Private Ventures and Marc Freedman. The case for mentoring is still strong.

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Social Mobility-Social Capital - Best places to be born in US
This article uses maps to illustrate how different levels of social capital in the place where youth were born affects their upward social mobility. This was posted on the Social Capital Blog.

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Social Network Analysis Articles
This link points to a Tutor/Mentor Connection Social Network Analysis project/work group where we are posting some additional articles to read.

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Social Networks - New Resource for Students

Networking, or acquiring a social network, is a key skill of the 21st Century. It’s how you learn, and how you connect. Read this 2002 article by Bob Pearlman, titled New Ingredient for Student Success: Social Networks, and learn more how your organization can help students expand their social networks. This web site has many more resources related to the same ideas.

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Social Networks and Social Capital: Rethinking Theory in Community Informatics
This article provides an in-depth discussion of social capital as it relates to community informatics. If you're building your understanding of social capital, and the difference between bridging and bonding, strong and weak ties, this would be a good read.

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Soros Foundation focus on Education and Youth
From the web site: "The Open Society Foundations are committed to empowering young people by supporting efforts to increase access to quality education. From early childhood to higher education, we work to ensure young people from different backgrounds have equal access to education and to promote critical thinking, respect for diverse opinions, and free and open intellectual inquiry." Visit the web site to learn more of its resources and programs.

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Spark the Learning Revolution
From the web site: "Changing the conversation from “how can we improve education?” to “how can we ensure learning for all students?” means framing the problem differently. And it means applying some revolutionary thinking to how we’re doing education now."

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Strengthening Field of Black Male Achievement 2014 - pdf
This PDF report offers a comprehensive view of what's in place now and what needs to change for the nation to provide needed supports that help more Black Males move through school and into careers. Take some time to download and read it.

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Strengthening K-16 Transition Policies
From the web site: "The Bridge Project: Strengthening K-16 Transition Policies builds on the view that reforms affecting K-12 and higher education must occur across systems in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Reforms developed in isolation from each other can lead to mismatched policy objectives and send confusing messages to education stakeholders. The overarching purpose of the project is to improve opportunities for all students to enter and succeed in higher education by strengthening the alignment between higher education admissions-related requirements and K-12 curriculum frameworks, standards, and assessments."

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Strengthening Out-of-School Time Non Profits
This is 2008 The Wallace Foundation paper, reporting responses from several experts in the OST field, who were asked to identify what they think are the key organizational, administrative and management obstacles impeding OST providers from lifting the quality of their programs and discuss how those might be overcome.

In Strengthening Out-of-School Time Nonprofits: The Role of Foundations in Building Organizational Capacity, Heather B. Weiss and Priscilla D. Little of the Harvard Family Research Project, is another paper hosted on this web site. It suggest seven possible approaches to strengthening OST organizations, including methods to ensure that OST providers become stronger partners with other groups and more adept advocates for their field. Download the full report.

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Strive Partnership - 2012 report on shared accountability - pdf
This 2012 report describes "the cradle to career efforts of the Strive Partnership in the Cincinnati area. Authors Kelly Bathgate, Richard Lee Colvin, and Elena Silva look at communities that are working to create these shared accountability systems. In particular, the authors highlight the work of the Strive Partnership of Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky.

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Student-centered learning approaches help underserved kids achieve
From the web site: "While, nationally, students of color and low-income students continue to achieve at far lower levels than their more advantaged peers, some schools are breaking that trend. A new set of case studies conducted by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, or SCOPE, at the Stanford Graduate School of Education looks at four of these schools in Northern California in which traditionally underserved students are achieving above state and district averages."

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